Top Five Things Missy Shitepants Is Dreaming Of

Yes, that’s her name. But what can she be dreaming of as she takes ADVANTAGE of her hoomin’s lap? Photo submitted by Lisa H.

[Cat taking advantage of a hoomin- newsflash. -Ed]


Step Aside, Hoomin…

..and let the Big Dog Eat.

Benson The Mighty Bulldog (and his ‘tocks) c/o Shelby O. of Baltimore, Maryland.

Meerkat Mania At The Oakland Zoo

A bunch mob of these little guys just checked into life at The Oakland Zoo, and Cuteporter Simone P. wanted to make sure we knew about it! (Note- it appears the video has no sound. They should try this!)


Photos from Justin Sullivan/Getty.

Your Turn

Sender-inner Daniela recently took this cartoonish photo when she caught her “little tigers in the kitchen” and was inspired to write her own caption:

“Emilie is screaming: MUUUUM! Luise is sitting on the table, again!
and Luise explains: NO! I am NOT. I am sitting IN THE BOX.”

We found that quite funny! Do you agree? Or, do you have one of your own?

Luise, black and white, female cat, European shorthair, 11 months and Emilie, brown and black, female cat, European shorthair, 8 months, both live with Daniela and her fiance’, in Dresden (Saxony).

A Stray at the Races

Here’s the lineup for the fourth race at Hollywood Bark. Bury That Bone is on the inside, followed by Hydrant Go Seek, Stop Doing That To My Leg, Midnight Collar, Leash Resistance, I’m Serious Stop Doing That, Suppertime Blues, Ken-L Racer, and at forty to one, Look I’m Not Telling You Again It’s Creeping Me Out.

And here’s a late substitution: That Itch in That Place You Can’t Reach has been scratched, and instead jockey “Peewee” Martinez will ride Labridoodle Dandy…

Via eblaser.

It’s Worth a Try!

They say, according to ancient legend, rubbing the happy corgi’s belly brings good luck!

Machete, the happy corgi, smiles upon you! Sent in by S. Raelynne Becerra.

Why You, I Otter…

Say, what’s the big idea of taking me from my mommy and poking and prodding and flashing me with that light thingy? Just for that, I shall unleash my Squeak of Furious Rage! There, that’ll show you.

This Week on Feline Intervention

Two Face gets arrested for disorderly behavior.

Harley is found passed out in a box of “junk”.

Finley and Hobbs sleep together.

Hooligans brought to you by the interwebs, Jenny and Cici.

I’m Havin’ A Ball!

You wanna have a ball with me?

Seen on The Webs.

Bloody Hot In The Outback, Mate

I’ll be stuffed! Thanks for stoppin’- I was right stonkered. Say cobber, a coldie would work just fine, but I’ll have a go with this water bottle.

And maybe a little something to eat while we’re at it, eh?

First video spotted on Buzz. Oz translation guide here.


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