OK, Let’s Make Sure OK is A-OK

When the sky falls, When it crumbles,

We will stand tall, Together.

Face it all, Together.

Red Cross, Central Oklahoma Humane Society, Oklahoma Disaster Relief, Salvation Army, Food Bank of Oklahoma

And more.

Rudy Rebecca S., Ground Squirrels, Corgnelius at Izismile, Lyrics by Adele.


THIS JUST IN: Small Miracle In Moore, OK

Just watch.

Thanks to all the Cuteporters who sent this in.

We’re Rootin’ for You, Lulu

Hope you find some truffles in there!

Lulu really takes the cake, SanctuaryOne.org

Have A Merri One!

CO would like to wish Merri a happy 10th birthday today! One doggeh that loves to DIG IN. “Some photos from the last winter. This is Merri, an English Spr(o)inger Spaniel. He is 10 today, the 21st! I took them in Espoo, a city in Southern Finland. Much love from your loyal fans, Doomchild & Merri.”






Christmas In May

On a Toebean Tuesday, no less! “Well hello Cute Overlords! This is my kitteh, Christmas. She’s named for my fiancé’s favorite Bond girl.” -Alicia R.


I’m Walkin’ on Sunshine!

Woah oh! I’m walkin’ on sunshine! Woah oh!
And don’t it feel good! Hey! Alright now!

“Hello, I have a photo submission for your consideration! Pretty much illustrates the dictionary entry for “pounce,” no? The dog’s name is Jacques, and my sister had just adopted him via animal rescue. She had wanted to name him after a marine scientist, but she realized that he wasn’t quite brilliant enough for that, so she went with the explorer.” -Larry B. (Lyrics by Katrina & The Waves)

So Many Choices, So Little Time

Lately all I can do is sit here and plan my next move. Do I backpack across Europe? Should I start that novel? Maybe finish my MFA in Interpretive Dance? People told me I could do anything, they just didn’t tell me what.


But I need to distinguish myself somehow. I just seem to blend in here.

Photo by Jessica Carpani for Frontier.

THIS JUST IN: Severe Tornado In OKC

There’s been severe damage and 51 deaths reported after massive tornado activity in Moore, Oklahoma, which is in the Oklahoma City area. CNN reports the tornado was two miles wide. CO hopes everyone in the area is OK, including this little guy. Maeghan Hadley of 1 Day Ranch Rehab and Rescue Center is shown helping out.

According to the Red Cross, the best way to help tornado victims is to donate on the Red Cross site or text REDCROSS to 90999.




First 2 photos from SFGate.com, taken by Sue Ogrocki, AP. Other photos from the One Day FB page.

And It’s Called a “Pineapple,” You Say?

Looks kind of unwieldy, don’t it? I mean, it’s too large to fit in a pocket, but even if it did, you’ve got all these pointy things to deal with. Good luck with it, don’t get me wrong here, but I don’t think it’ll catch on with the youth market.

Via zeevveez.

X-Men: Whipper The Budgie

Yes, Whipper is really and truly a budgie.


But…how can thees be, you ask?

According to this article, he’s a…mutant. You know, like Cyclops and Professor X. Let’s head over down to Winton NZ to learn more.

“Seriously- how cute is that.” Cuteporter Fernanda sent this in from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Image from The Budgie Cage.