Kitty In Green

I sleep comfy-cozy
In a blanket of green.
Getting plenty of rest
Gives me a healthy sheen.

Wish we could all be this adorable when sleeping, Laurie C.

We’re So Happy We Wet Our Pandas!

Wait for it! Double soggy bottom panda diaper droopage!

Twin baby pandas, Kai Hin (boy) and You Hin (girl) at Shirahama Adventure World Zoo, Japan

And They Called it Puppy Looooove…

Unfortunately, Carl and Belinda’s first attempt at French kissing was a disaster.

A mouthful of cuteness from Flickr user Soggydan.

Wait, What Was Step Three Again?

Congratulations, rocketeer! Just follow these simple instructions, and your X-500 Mega Rocket will be ready to hurtle into the cosmos!

  1. Attach stabilizer fins (a) to first-stage fuselage (b)
  2. Load fuel canister (c)
  3. Insert cat (d) into second-stage nose cone unit (e)
  4. Attach first-stage unit to second-stage unit
  5. Light fuse (f)

“All Carbon” by Flickr user Steve Jurvetson.

Who’s a Little Crabby?

You are! Yes, you are! Good morning Little Crabby!

Hey you kids! Get offa my beach before I pinch ya!

Krista C, found the little horseshoe crab on Cedar Key, FL, and she says, “Look at his little Telson!” Krista, what’s a Telson?
Tiny crab by Christian B.

A Video guaranteed to blow your head clean off

This behbeh McOttersons is all: “I can hold the bottle myself THANK YOU VERY MOSHE!”

Cuteporter Brinkersons is on the scene!

Morning Routine

Hi there. Noodle the Hedgehog here. Welcome to my morning.

Let’s take a little walk.

This is my table. It’s by my window. This is where I keep my magic tube.

Well, I have to go now. I’m about to observe all of time and space through my magic tube. Sure enjoyed sharing my morning with you.

Jesse M. is owned by Noodle and Molly is Noodle’s photographer.

Ballet Ballet Hedgehog

Following upon the sensational success of her previous performance, Boogie Boogie Hedgehog takes up the tutu!

Encore, Amelia! Sender-inner Christine S. says you can buy the tutus at

Sleep in the Round

Rule of Cuteness #46 rolls up again, showing us that two animals sleeping in a yin-yang position is an endless mandala of adorableness:

Another Rule of Cuteness illustrated by Mendhak.

Let’s check in on: Sloth Action!

Not surprisingly, the sloths are still:
– Hanging 4 (toes at a time)
– Moving slooooooowly
– Always “smiling”

Thanks, Sloth Action! & Brinke G.


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