Those TPS Reports Will Have to Wait

Really needed to address a complexity of very important work issues requiring immediate attention and resolve today, and then some kid with floppy ears comes along.

“This is Diva, the little goat with a big personality.”, says Tracy R., “It is rare to get a shot of her with her mouth shut!”

Stubbular Family Foto

Let’s give a big CO welcome to the Stubbular clan. Left to right, Max, Mom Martha, Dad Michael, Minny, and..Henry. (Mom and Dad got stuck for an “M” name.)


Zartan, the Man-Ape!

Raised in the backyards of deepest Scranton by a family of wild patent attorneys, Zartan swings through the neighborhood, sounding his mighty call for extended deadlines with regards to 37 CFR § 11.6(c) filings!

Via ghatamos. (Yes, this is a female orangutan. Please pardon the literary sex change.)

Milestones in Music History

It was fifty years ago, with the release if the hit single “Please Squeeze Me,” that the world first met those lovable lop tops from Liverpool — John, Paul, George, and Flopsy — The Bundles.

Via orajoo.

Always with the Kissing

And always with the sloppy.

“Don’t let the look on his face fool you, he really does love puppy kisses [from Vinnie].” – Aileen M.

It’s Toesday!

Enjoy this bowl of toebeans as a part of your balanced breakfast.

Here is “Percy Pickle – well, his toes, at least. He’s one of the kittens I’m currently fostering for Challenger’s House, a local no-kill shelter. I blog about my foster kittens at, and the picture was taken by me, Robyn A.”

In Which We Consider The Bambi Factor

1340169752It is widely assumed that every prosh bebeh deer image is Bambi. This has been so ever since Walt Disney rolled out his movie way back in ’42, and scores of kiddies were traumatized when Bambi’s mom got whacked.

Nevertheless, after extensive research, we have determined that there is absolutely nothing, repeat nothing wrong with the “Every prosh bebeh deer image is Bambi” hypothesis, and we 100% endorse this concept! (PS- Enjoy this tune from the 1942 Bambi soundtrack, “Love Is A Song.”)





Photos 1 & 2 from Martine G. Photos 3 & 4 from JoAnna Y.

Charmed, I’m Sure

Attention: You are about to watch an ostrich dancing to Celtic music played on a tin whistle. You may experience a temporary feeling of disorientation, as if nothing in the universe makes sense. This is normal. Turn off the Internet and go outside.

I’m Grateful for this Grate


I Got Your Back

I am terrible at ironing, but I will always look out for you.

Photo by Vadim G., Associated Presses


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