Breaking News: Red Panda Birf

According to the WashPo, The National Zoo has the first-born Red Panda cub at the zoo in over a decade.

Nork!!! [The sound I just made looking at this Cute Overload Xtreme Red Pandy Close-up]


The Daily Mail is reporting that all it takes to have your very own Panda is:

- 1 grumpy-looking Chow Chow
- Black and White fur dyes
- A lot of free TIME!!

This Is Why You Always Use Dryer Sheets

Yes, it’s another one of those heartwarming “cute animal adopts balloon” stories we like to run all the time. Warning: Image at  0:39 may induce nightmares.

A Humiliating Science Fair…On a Couple of Levels

Hey, do you wanna tell this bozo that moussing our fur and then pressing us against each other ain’t gonna produce a charge? ‘Cause if we don’t say anything, this moron is gonna try to use us to hotwire a car.

At least he didn’t try to make fire. Photo from pyza*’s


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! [pause] Brrrrr!

Sender Inner Alyssa B. says Mushi does not like being wet. ;)

Lady, there’s a hairball in your dryer

[Repair guy voice] No lint trap is gonna be able to catch that.

Michael W. says this is typical for Wampum the Pom.

It Will Look Great Next to the Bedazzled Sculpture of Clifford

“I love the poster…but I’d like it printed on black velvet, thanks.”

Forwarded by Meriem H., and the original post is here.

Run Along and Play, Don’t Mind Me…

… it’s a mother’s joy just to watch. I’ll just sit here quietly on this bench, and think about what sweet children you are, and how I was in labor for eight hours, and how I gave up a career as a systems analyst, and how I used to have a waistline, and…

Photo credit: Mondmann

Wisecrack that Whip!

Want to tell off your boss? Need to put that snotty waiter in his place? If you’re too timid to do it yourself, call the humiliation experts at Tongue Lashing, Inc.! Once our trained abuse agents whip them into shape, they’ll know they’ve been licked!

Pthpthpthoto credit: ellenm1

Settle Down.

Maybe next time you don’t give both the baby and dog an Entenmann’s raspberry danish…

Forwarded by Courtney F.


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