I Organized it Myself

Everything is placed according to my perfectly impeccable logic. For example, the earbuds are next to the flip-flops because the cords are two feet long. The stapler, calculator and kid’s writing tablet, that’s my office supplies section. And the dishrag is next to the catnip bag because they rhyme.

Yee-up, you are looking at the next assistant manager of this place. This is the kind of bold, innovative thinking that gets a fellow noticed around here.

Via djprybyl.

I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

I’m gonna just enjoy my food coma right here.

Satisfied FaceHance!

“Abbie McFlooferson is a VOKRA rescue who loves her tuna bed.” – Sharon D.

Hoo R U…Hoo Hoo, Hoo Hoo?

Lot of Barn Owl Baroo-ing goin’ on here.

Submitted by Glenna M. Title by P. Townshend.

Only You…

can remove this tiny hat from my head.

Olive, you would look fetching in anything! Right, Elizabeth K.?

Stuck Inside During The Snowstorm?

Not all of your friends are.

Ava G.: “I wanted to send a picture of my cat Abel and her friend Charlie, who visits her every morning!”

They Got Kevin!

I told you there were crocodiles in these waters, but did anyone listen? Noooooooooo! Anyway, I call dibs on his skateboard!

Via Bev Goodwin.

Red Pandas in the Morning,

tail-ers take warning,

Red pandas at night, tail-er’s delight!

Bright-eyed PeoplePets,  and bushy-tailed Fiskfisk.

I’ll ‘Av Me A Dish O’ Guinness If Ya Please

East London’s White Bear pub is most accommodating to its furry patrons. As long as they pay up.

Thanks to Nat S.

I’m Getting Behind in My Work

I’d better turn this situation around or I’ll be the butt of jokes around here.

Guess what? PIGGEH BUTT!
Ah, that’s better. Now I can show my face again.

Helloooo, helloooo, hellooooooo...
Via Randi Deuro.

My New Bed

It’s got a lid on eet and everything!

Wurlitzer (honest) The Kitteh, c/o Jennifer V.


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