These emails came zooming in RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WORLD TURTLE DAY SO WHAT’RE YA GONNA DO. Well, post ’em, of course. Before we go any furthur- let’s clear one thing up.

Turtles live in an aquatic environment.
Tortoises are primarily land-dwelling creatures.

That’s it. Now on with the show.

First up is Cuteporter Rebecca, who sez: “Here we find Elliott, the African spur-thighed tortoise, enjoying an exciting snack of wheat grass and yellow squash in honor of World Turtle Day. He’s fun little dude. Note the hilariously demanding look at the end.”

“Elliott is 13 years old and weighs almost 30 pounds. He enjoys grass, baby carrots, yellow squash, and more grass. On a good day he will eat his hay, but he’s often naughty and refuses it.”

Then we have Emily R. “I saw your post on Turtle Day and I thought I should send you this picture I snapped of a turtle-tortoise thing (I don’t really know the difference *blushes*) in Croatia a few years ago. I nicknamed ‘her’ Terencia (hence the picture name) and I think her markings are just beautiful.”

Terencia Turtle - Croatia
Yo Emily! More on the diff between turtles and torties here.


THIS JUST IN: Oh I’m Sorry—

You were talking to ME?

Submitted FAST by Frîncu M.

What’s Up, Dok?

“We put together a montage of little elephant Dok Mai’s adorable moments at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are travel bloggers who are based in Chiang Mai and love animals (and your website too). I go to ENP about twice a month just to be with the elephants there and I’ve fallen in love with Dok Mai so lately I’ve spent most of my time with her.” -ขอบคุณ to Cuteporter Ligeia.

Turtles and Tortoises and Terrapins, Oh My!

Everybody flap your flippers!


Today is the 14th World Turtle Day, the annual holiday founded in 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue!

There are so many ways to celebrate! Starting with giving turtles a helping hand.

Or two.

Or three.

Play connect the dots. Baby tortoises love this game.

Tongue twister competitions! Spiny terrapin-spiny terrapin-spiny terrapin.

Slow down for turtles.

See who can say, “AWWWW”, the most:

Another great way to celebrate is to donate to your favorite save the turtles organization!


Australian Western Swamp Tortoises, Asian Spiny Terrapin, Green Sea Turtles, Egyptian Tortoise, American Western Pond Turtle,  Zooborns and the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Wild World O’ Cute

traveler-photo-contest-logo_65913_160x120 Look at these great photos (#1-5) as seen on My Modern (Others from NG site.) They’re all part of the 25th Annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, going on now. Click the logo at left to enter (you’ll need to set up a National Geographic account, or log in with an account from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, etc.)





Hanging Around - 2013-05-13_205912_spontaneous-moments.jpg


1. Photo and hover by Gary Migues/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
2. Photo and hover by Adam Lichtcsien/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
3. Photo and hover by Petra Bensted/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
4. Photo and hover by Richard Sidey/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
5. Photo and hover by Peter Stanley/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
6. Photo and hover by Mary Gretchen Kaplan/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
7. Photo and hover by Francisco Mingorance/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Waiting For Iron Man

Maddie is just gonna sit right here until the show 17 or 18 hours.

Spotted on the excellent Maddie On Things site.

People, Meet Iota

That’s “Eye-Owe-Ta.” Iota would like you to throw the ball.

Now would be a good time. Does that work for you, Iota?



From Sylvain G.

You Knucklehead, You!

“This is my sensitive boy ‘Knucklehead.’ (Like the motorcycle engine, not because he’s a dummy.) He’s getting ready to take a trip down the catwalk wearing his new (& first ever) bandana.” -Cuteporter Mudbug.


Clover is Sittin’ Pretty

Clover’s back! And better than ever! But, where did she come from?

“I came home one day two summers ago and discovered this little foundling in my fenced backyard. 10ish weeks old, scruffy, no tags, no collar, no chip. Attempts to find from whence she came failed. No one was looking for her, and I finally decided she must’ve been looking for me. She’s called Clover because she popped up in the backyard. And because she’s lucky.”

(“How did she get over the fence?)
The universe sends you a border collie, you don’t ask questions. But . . .I have another, older border collie. My theory is some kids brought home this puppy and when she started to exhibit puppy piddly behavior the parents decided it wasn’t for them. “Give her to that lady down the street; she’ll know what to do with her.” Six-foot fence, but there were no locks on the gates. The other theory is that one of my friends made her acquaintance and thought she’d make the perfect addition to my household. I’ve grilled the likely suspects over the years, but no one has ever fessed up. Attached is another photo of her during that phase when she was figuring out whether she would have floppy ears or pointy ears. I was always a little disappointed she didn’t decide to stick with one of each.”

– P. H.

I’m Sorry, Baby (smooch!)

I didn’t mean to make fun of your tattoo. It’s very hip and edgy, really.

Via Bagsgroove.