Yeah, Thanks for the Cat Door, Genius

It really comes in handy. Nice job with that. (rolls eyes)


Whar’s muh vittles? Ah want an extra-thick porterhouse steak, a pastrami sandwich, a couple bratwurst, a turkey leg (hold the feathers), and a bacon salad with dressing on the side. Oh, and a cheeseburger for dessert.

That there shore is a cute pit’cher, Onkel Al.

From The CO Mailbag: Slugs ‘R’ Us

Dear Cute Overload:

I am a bit concerned over your lack of….slugs. Yes, slugs. While we don’t have quite the “Squee Factor” of say, “Kodie,” no doubt you will agree we have a certain slimy Je Ne Sais Quoi, no?

Sammy McSluggersons

Sammy McSluggersons photo from Diana C. “I am sending you a pic of a tiger slug, amazing little things crawling around in Ireland.”

An Owl Burrito To Go, Please

These little fellows are called Saw-Whet Owls, at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center’s clinic. The clinic nurses ’em back to health when they have medical needs.


Rachel G. spotted this on The Animal Blog.

The Return O’ Kikuma & Silvey

Through extensive detailed scientific investigation and all sorts of CSI and Hawaii 5-0 crime lab stuff, we’ve pawsitively determined that this IS Kikuma, thus avoiding another ID kerfuffle. [More likely because it says the NAME on the video clip. -Ed]

Sender-Inner AT: “Was totally gobsmacked [GREAT word- we need more gobsmacked posts. -Ed] to see all the pictures in one go LOL.

“Also one of your commenters brought up an old one I forgot I uploaded for the breeder 2~3 years ago. And, um, I forgot the password and couldn’t access the old account lol.”

“Um, this is Silvey. She’s the easiest to recognize because she’s exactly as her name describes: Silver. Silvey is Kikuma’s aunt. Literally. She’s so tiny she makes Kikuma look like The Hulk. Under 4″ tall at nearly 6 years old.”




LOL thanx again AT LOL.

I Think I Can…I Think I Can…

Just gotta make it over the rock, and then it’s OCEAN CITY! Take it away, Parry Gripp!

Spotted on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Twitter feed.

Philosopher Bunny Struggles with Truth

The days pass like shadows, creeping up walls until all is darkness and night. I pace from room to room, endless as the dim twisting corridors of my soul, seeking answers that do not come. From the other room I hear her call to me, like a desperate angel, powerless to break the chains that bind me to this world of woe.

“You gonna finish these carrots or what?” she softly asks.

Or what, I muse to myself. What… indeed?

We take you now to sender-inner Elizabeth S. at our Too Much Information desk: “Here is a picture taken recently of my bunnies Plushie and Twinkie. They’re brother and sister and absolutely inseparable. We had to separate them before they were spayed and neutered. Plushie would try to break out of his cage to go and see her. He was successful… TWICE.”

Who is Being Amused Here Really?

At first, you think I am amusing to you.

As if I were mere entertainment!

But also you are amusing to me.

Whether you laugh with me or at me, I still made you laugh.

This amuses me as much as a very amusing thing.

Josh N. wins again with this grey puffmonster from Wonder Cat Rescue.

When You Care Enough to Send a Lizard

When you can’t be there, celebrate those special moments with GeckoGram™ — your personalized message, hand-delivered by our staff of geckos.

“Aloha,” says Susie G. “This is one of our little house pets here in Hawaii Nei. This guy’s just a baby. House gecko, or ‘mo’o’ in Hawaiian.”

Theirs is but to Make Us Le Sigh

Ours is not to wonder why.

Kelly G. writes, “This is my adorable Sharpei, Roscoe, sleeping with my cat, Little Brittle (formerly known as Itty Bitty). This is proof that cats and dogs can live together in harmony. By the way, I rescued Brittle after my brother found her meowing outside of his bedroom window last winter. She was abandoned by her mother and had to be bottle fed until she was big enough to eat on her own. Now she’s part of my furry family and BFF’s with the best dog friend a cat could ask for.”


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