Toby has a Vision

Ahem, (pushing up glasses) did you know, …a greyhound can see as far as a half a mile away? So then, greyhounds will make great seeing eye dogs …right?

Everybody say awww, “Toby is a 5 year old Sheltie mix with an amazing personality. He let us dress him up in some prop glasses and was kind enough to pose for us a few times.” Andy G.


Caturday Quiz

Who was President Bill Clinton’s vice-president?

Tipped off by JN.

Bet This Never Happened To Arnold Palmer

Oh, you want this BALL to go in the HOLE? I don’t THINK so.

“I was moping here due to a rained out yard sale, and stumbled upon this anerable video of a fox stealing and then playing with a golf ball.” -Video by Petsami; from Cuteporter Sylvia.

Does My Nose Deceive Me?

(sniff, sniff) Do I detect the gentle aroma of leek and cabbage, in a delicate, savory broth? And could that be, dare I hope, chicken? (sigh) And all I get is cat food.

Via Hajime Nakano.

Exclusive: Private Island For Sale

Haven’t you always dreamt of owning your own private getaway?

“Right after my sister unpacked Jacques’s newly-arrived bed.” -Larry B.

But I Don’t WANT To Go For A Walk

Is my body language not plain enough for you?

Submitted by Allie; from Corgi

Welcome to Graceland Stables

Where even the horses cultivate an authentic Elvis sneer.

Via aaronmcintyre.

Sometimes U Feel Like A Nut

..and sometimes you don’t. WAIT, I feel like a nut all the time. BWAH HA HA HA HA gimme that.


“Some people call this a bird feeder- I prefer to think of it as my own personal anti-gravity yoga equipment.” -Karen K.

Ear Hairs, Not Just for Ol’ Men Anymore

Wow, our definition of folicularly challenged, no long fits.

Clear your schedule for the rest of the day before you visit Josh Norem’s website, The Furrtographer.

Invasion of the Brain Eaters!

It was on a tranquil Sunday morning when Myron Saspoot of Squid Nuts, Oregon noticed strange behavior in his dog Pembroke. Overnight, Pembroke developed a sudden interest in differential calculus and a craving for banana pancakes. Saspoot wondered if the strange object attached to Pembroke’s head might provide the key to solving the mystery…

Via intrepid00.