I Pink Therefore I Ham

Psssssst, they’re cracking down on muddy butties, pass it on!

They’re the tock of the town, Orin Zebest

True Tales of Hollywood Horror!

For generations of moviegoers, she was the embodiment of hope.

When all seemed lost, her high, lilting voice and cheerful demeanor parted the clouds of woe and taught us all a simple truth: There’s no place like home.

But now, for the first time, shocking evidence reveals the tragic true story of what happened to Glinda, the Good Witch.

The sad, sad proof was brought to you by carterse.

Hark! A Carrot Being Peeled!

Recently washed, judging by the sound of the dripping water… Somewhere within a six-block radius… Definitely a carrot, too short for a parsnip; seven, maybe eight inches… Rougher texture on one side, possibly damaged in handling… Peeler is stainless steel, with plastic handle…

Expert bun reporting brought to you by antaean.

Welcome to the Share-A-Tum® Hotel

We promise to make your stay as comfterbuhls as possible and we offer complimentary nuts on your pillow.

Time to check out Coast and Canyon Wildlife!

Rhumba on a Roomba

Prairie dogs. Roomba. Bossa Nova. Five minutes. Nineteen seconds.

It’s… it’s… beautiful.

Step 1: Approach Kitteh Belleh

STEP 2: Attempt snorfing of stomachular area:

STEP 3: Witness either Smile or Claw swipe [Ffffft! Fffffft!]

This Snorf-a-thon Lesson brought to you by Sender-Inner Lindsay E.

Compurrter Dating Service

After your roborub, would you like to play a game? (pulls chess set out of front compartment)

Maybe it’s looking for Oreo’s snooze button, meddygarnet .

Bunway Airlines You Are Cleared for Take Off, Over

Do not stop for ear skritches, this is a non-stop flight, Over.

Maartje V. will be your pursor for this flight. Carrot service begins when we hit 20 thousand feet.

Let’s check in on the porch wallabies

Remember the wallabies on Maddie B.’s back porch?

They’re back again, looking as prosh hungry as ever.

More wallaby action over at Maddie B.’s blog.

I Officially Approve of the New Water Bowl [English Accent]

Yeeeeeees! THIS will do. [displaces water with ‘tocks]

His Majesty is pleased thanks toSir Phillip “Ant” Pi.


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