Congratulations, Fuku, you won!

As of Monday, 10PM PST, the clear winner in the Holiday Hat-Off is none other than famous kitten Meme’s father  兄:スコのふ (Also know as Fuku) from the author 飼い主の hana by photographer 同居人@桜子.

Congratulations, Fuku!

[Who me!?!]

You won. You may take a bow:


See more of the famous Meme and Fuku here! And of course on The FaceBooks and Twitt-ta-ru. Hai!

Holiday pupcakes are almost done

Der teh der. Will juuuuust take a moment.

Ding! Tanguera, they’re…ready?

On the Seventh Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Seven swines a-swigging!

Thank you for the pig nog, Amy Loves Yah

We Wish You a Puppy Christmas

Welcome to the living room of the Perfect family, so named because they are about to get the perfect gift: Santa’s jumbo box o’puppies!


We just heard thru the PR grapevine there will be a Westminster Kennel Club dog show soon at Madison Square Garden. All the pros will be competing to win, and you can too. Enter a photo now to compete! Don’t forget the hair/ear spray! Photo by Chad Batka.

Holiday Hat-Off

Hats off to these cuddular ani-pals. WHO WORE IT BEST? You decide.

Contestant 1: Lovebird Santa

Contestant 2: Meme the kitten’s Dad’s reindeer antlers:

Contestant 3: Beluga Santa! He looks so natural:

Contestant 4: Balbinka the Peeg doffs his fedora:

The Story of BALBINKA
And finally, Contestant 5: The saddest puppeh in all the world:

Santa's Little Helper

Lovebird Santa sent in by Ant at AQFL, Famous Japanese Kitten Meme’s father, who is also PDC (Pretty Darn Cute) in a reindeer hat via 飼い主の hana, Beluga Santa via The Daily Mail, Balbinka the Guinea Pig by the famous Pyza*, Saddest basset pup ever by Hannah19. Aghhhnn.

If Wishes Were Fishes…

Not only is the Cute Overload 2012 page-a-day calendar among top ten best selling on*, it’s also among the top ten most wished-for as well. Have you got a friend with Cute Overload on her wish list? Then take the plunge and give the gift of Teh Qte! There’s still one day left to order with standard shipping!

[So….. close!]

[Almost there… Ehn!]

This moment of longing brought to you by Pieter & Renée Lanser.
* Top ten and most wished-for as of 12/19/2011

On the Sixth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Six deer a-playing reindeer games!

Playing with play doe is fun! Red deer by Peter T. Don’t miss previous episodes:

Plankittening 2

Sender-Inner Julie R. *just* caught her kitten planking on dee cowsche:

At least this kitten has skills…

At least she’s better at it that *these* hoodlums!

This Year, Give the Gift of Mayhem!

Shopping for that hard to please person on your gift list? Surprise them with a furry friend from! Just imagine their faces when they open your package and out pops their very own bundle of mischievous mayhem, rooting through cupboards, knocking over trash cans, ripping the sofa, and so much more.

A raccoon from shows your finicky loved ones that you care enough to give gifts of distinction, and not boring items like sweaters that happen to be XL when they wear an L, and they act all insulted like you think they’re fat when it’s just that you were really busy this year and had to shop at the last minute and didn’t know what size they wore and anyway it’s a lovely pattern so would it have killed you to wear it at least once to be nice and not rolled your eyes like that?

Well, let’s see how snotty you get with a raccoon tearing around your living room, knocking over those stupid Hummel figurines that you never let me touch when I was a kid even though I promised to be careful! Oh yeah — that boring sweater’s looking pretty good now, isn’t it? Isn’t it, you pompous, ungrateful old…

Erm… I seem to have wandered off a bit there. Anyway, order now!

Mayhem captured by Flickr users Eli HodappHunterJumper and Benny Mazur.


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