Wheeeeeeeee(‘re Really Tired)!

To keep themselves amused during naptime, Marcie and her brother Stan would often dream about riding roller coasters together.

Via jurvetson.


A Minute Twelve Of Chewie Chewing

Sneef? SNEEF? Erp.

Ah don’t know what these green things are. And ah don’t WANT to nose. Mmmmmmmm, CARROTS.

As seen on the Po Of Huff.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

but if you try and try and try and try and try and try and try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

Sender-inner Jessica B. says, “This pup is not mine! This video is not mine! But this video is too cute not to share!”

U OK There, Kid? Should I Call Security?

A little girl carrying a stuffed sea lion takes a tumble at the National Zoo, and someone is more than a little concerned.

Jane P. spotted this video on CBS News.com. Originally posted by Ariel M.

Swimmers, Take Your Mark…

Aware of the competitive advantages enjoyed by the sea otters on the opposing team, Norbert put in lots of extra practice laps before the upcoming swim meet.

Via Ed Clayton.

Hey, Up Here U Guyz!!

They’re giving us the hairy furry eyeball! (See hovers for Creditos.)




Home Alone Two

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“My friend Raeann H. and her daughter Makenzie S. took these pictures of bebeh boids hatchingks at their house. It’s pretty amazing and these bebehs are the very definishe of ugly/cute at the same time. The photos are dated to show the progression. Enjoy!  P.S. – Note for nuffers: no boids were harmed in the process of taking these photos. The Mom observed carefully but did not dive bomb photographers or reject bebehs.” Your faithful sender inner, Erin C.

Attack ON the Killer Tomatoes!

Just goes to show you, peeps: When Earth is overrun by enormous not-actually-vegetables-but-really-fruit from another galaxy (oh, and it’s coming, believe me), your only hope will be an army of sproinging kitties.


A Cow or a Cloud?

Next time you look up in the sky and see a bovine shaped cloud, thank a fluffy cow.

Next time you get frothy milk for your foamy coffee, thank a fluffy cow.

Next time you meet a big teddy bear in a cow pasture, thank a fluffy cow.

“After some Googling, it seems these fluffilicious cows are bred/sold by Matt Lautner Cattle.  Unbearably adorable. Don’t you just wanna hug and snorfle them?” -Kim L.

I ReallyReallyReally Want This Ball

I just can’t seem to get to it.


This is most irritating.


So close, yet so far…



Discovered by Carol W. See more of little genius Io here.