Close Encounters Of The Furry Kind

I’m gonna stare this little thing down, as long as I can.

“Riley and Hammy meeting for the first time. Riley kept trying to give him little kisses!” -Cuteporter Dani B-B.


Ali, Cat of the Basket

Alley cat abra! Alley cat zam!
I am the new genie. You may have three wishes. What do you desire?


Nice Kicks There, Maymo

Ya gotta have the latest shooz, otherwise all the other kids in school are gonna tease ya, right?

Mucho Maymo heah.

When Did Fox News Take Over Facebook?

Look at all these baby fox pics! Talk about your complete coverage. It’s like, something from those kinds of people…

You know, the people who take 600 photos of their kids each week,

8751336913_7d234dac2a_z (1)
And write a caption for every single picture,

And share them all online,

with their friends, family, everybody,

And tend to over share everything.

You know, just like those people on Facebook!

FB Status: Foxy

A Mom and Dad fox are socially networking at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Sender-inner Wendy M. says, “This is why I want to work for Facebook: Facebook overrun with baby foxes.” Photos: Robert Beiber, Claudia Ceia, Jon Park, Ryan Rosario, Roberto Grijalva, Tina Li, Renee Glenn.

Could We Try Another Pattern?

I can pretty much nail the colors, but I kind of have a problem with bicycles. Can you wear something with sailboats, maybe? Or how about skateboards?

Via Ray Bouknight.

Yo Digger, Let Me Check Your Molars!

Take a look People! Bonedigger is a five year old lion, and Milo is a seven-year old Dachshund. It seems that Bonedigger was born with a bone disease, and as a result, Milo took him under his wing paw. Get all the deets here.




All photos by Barcroft USA, and submeeted by Fleurdamour and several keen-eyed Cuteporters.

The Old CO Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Tips

When planning your flower garden it’s so important to consider where to place the puppies. We’ll help get you started.

Puppies are ideal for creating a stunning centerpiece to add instant charm and a sense of playfulness to your landscape.

Puppies do very well in any spot but for best show-stealing results they really should be put right in the middle.

Puppies are instantly eye-catching and let gardeners express their inner unbridled natureglow buttercupdrops flutterbyglitter yadda yadda.

Next: Which Compost is Right For You?
Brutus, 8 week old chihuahua mix, first day in new home, by M. Schmidt. Little Lou Lou enjoying a day at the park, being a little flower, by Teresa S. Dog (Newfie?) in flowers, by Christine K.

Mom Taxi, Rainforest Division

“Remember, you have flycatching practice today, so I’ll pick you up at three.”

Via Kate Quinton for Frontier.

Just Take the Picture Already!

No, don’t fiddle with any of the settings, just push the button! I can’t keep this smile on my face much longer, so snap it up, willya?

It’s Taro the Shiba Inu, whose owner notes that “he’s actually just got something stuck on his tongue and was trying to get it unstuck. The pic was just taken at the exact right moment to get that expression.”

Simon Says…

I want my tail AND I WANT EET NOW!

“This is my kitten Simon. He’s seven weeks old, fits in a bowl, and he just discovered his very own tail! So like any good kitten, he tries to chase it.” -Lincoln S.