Twilight: Breaking Dawg, Part 2

In the final chapter in the saga, Edward accidentally bites Jacob, transforming them both into were-vam-wolf-pires, or something or other like that.

Via cuatrok77.

From The CO Update Desk: Misao & Fukumaru II

‘Member a few days ago, we told you about photographer Miyoko Ihara and how she’s been taking pix of her grandmother Misao and kitteh Fukumaru for the last 13 years. We found another picture on that website that we had to pass along. I mean, have you ever seen a Maru cake?

See more of this dynamic duo in the book, Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat. 最高の幸運者の両方に! (Best of luck to you both!)

Now, Back to Creationism for Dummies

Welcome back, junior deities! We got some complaints saying that last week’s show, in which we made a duck-billed platypus, was too advanced, so this week we’ll keep things simple by making this lovely dachshund.

Before baking, your dachshund may look a little flat and have kind of a wild-eyed look. But don’t worry; he’ll soon plump up and take on that sad expression the breed is known for, like the example on the right.

Now, that’s an intelligent design, Nicole H.

SS Bunny Barge

Tugboat bunny to Captain: Time to tow you in, SS Iron Bottom. You are listing to one side!

Miss Kim H. had a bunny, the bunny had a bell (singsong)…

Max, Can Ya Spare A Twinkie?

Now that Hostess is shutting down, there’s a mad rush for Twinkies- and you can’t find them!

At least we know who snagged them all.

Photo by Paul B- get more of Trinket here.

Caturday Cliffhanger

Wha-wazzat. I fleetlingly glimpsed something. I shall freeze and stare for a while.

Where did it go? Was it just my imagination? Are there alien creatures invading mai house?

I must investigate. Against insurmountable odds I shall sssquuueeeeezzze!

Almost there. Oh the suspense is terrible!

There it is again! Sooo, we meet at last, mythical creature thingy!

And suddenly, at the very last second …

(Suspenseful music! Dramatic pause! FADE OUT)
And now we go to the break.

Smilla will be back (maybe, maybe not) after this word from our sponsors, Henrik and Jenny J.

Commence Operation Snorfersnorfs

Stand aside or prepare to be snorfed! It’s feedin’ time!

Today is a good day to be snorfed by, The Telegraph!

Whip It! Whip It Good!

No one knows Nosevember like an elephant, and this one has sniffed out the coolest toy ever — a jump rope. Ca-rack that whip!

Swim Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Any ordinary dog can play fetch-the-stick.

A really ambitious dog will play fetch-the-mizzenmast.

We like the cut of this pup’s jib, Gordon Tarpley.

Encore! Top Twenty Nosevember Schnozzles 2.0

Presenting Version 2.0 of Terrific Nosevember Honkers submitted by You, our Peeps. Keep those nose-tacular submishes coming! WE WANNA SEE SOME SCHNOZZ-NOZZLE ACTION HERE.

Want to see your ani-pal in a Nosevember post? Send us a photo to use here! Just two weeks to go ’til the end of Nosevember! The bigger the image, the better! No thumbnailz allowed—we want maximum schnozzle action!

No more disclaimers n’ disclosures—let’s rock!

1. “Greyhounds RULE Nosevember!”

Quote and pup Blink by Karen A.

2. Get the Fünk OUTTA here

Tobias Fünk kitty from Katie B.!

3. Dill The Kitteh featuring Super Extreme Close-Up!

By Meg M.

4. Cav Borderline Baroo

Cavalier Prosh Fix supplied by Celine C.


Tori B: “Brynna likes to put her nose into everything!” Really?

6. Cosmo: Got Nosicles?

From Hana L submitted succinctly: “Cosmo the Borzoi for Nosevember Schnozzles!”

7. Finchy Finchersons

Finch’s hoomin is Billie J., who thinks The Finchster “is pretty darn cute!” Copy that.

8. Sir Nigel Tiberius Whiskerfield

Jane N. wins the award for best kitteh name evah. P.S., she adds “I am obsessed with Cute Overload. Obsessed.” No prob.

9. Max Close-Up Allowed By Law In All 50 States

The Magical Kitteh Merlin, sent een by Robert S.

10. Our Lil’ Buddy

“Please consider my sub-mee-shons of my dog Buddy, who I lost last month to kidney failure. He was a sweet boy who lived a year after his diagnosis.” Sorry to hear of your loss, Yumiko T.

11. Got Teef?

Kelly L fills us in: “This is one of my very favorite pictures of our calves from Primrose Farm in Saint Charles, IL. I think it is pretty HURRDURRTASTIC.”

12. “My Dude Winston”

Winston was zapped our way by Nicholas E.!

13. Let The Sunshine In

I.J sez: “Here’s my little ratbag Sunshine! She’s a Dumbo Rex and her hobbies include climbing Mount Wardrobe, eating candle wax and flirting outrageously with the boy rats in the cage next door.” WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD.

14. Eli The Collie On Alert!

Melanie C: “I love how the sky can be seen through his nostril. LOL”

15. Izzy From The Windy City

Maggie S. tells us “Izzy gets shy with her regular greyhound nose (and it gets chilly here in Chicago), so sometimes she lays like this with her paw over her face to keep warm.” Maggie, can’t you buy one of those new Schnozzle Warmers?

16. Outrageous Prosh Bambi Snoot Right Heyeh

JoAnna Y. sent this super-prosh critter in.

17. !FIRST! Wild Burro

A unique submishe from alert reader Tom H.

18. You Nose A Fly’s Gonna Zip Een There!

“This is Fly By Night,” sez The Delightful Miss Fee. Wheeeee.

19. Beaks Still Count, People!

Siobhan S reports: “Okay. Here is our macaw, Harley, playing under a quilt. Daddy Bird (AKA my hubby, Aaron) lifted the covers for a peek and a pic.”

20. The Intellectual Look

Janne tells us: “I’ve submitted photos of my Spanish Greyhoundess Alba before, because I think she’s mighty cute, but now that Nosevember is here, I feel obliged to try again!” Snorf.


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