Dear Diary…This Is Too Much- Must Pee On The Bed

When life seems hopelessly…er, hopeless, that’s about all there is left to do.

The Sad Cat sequel, from zefrank1.


Hakuna Mah Tatas

It’s our bra free philosophy!

Busted! “My best friend’s cat taking a nap.” Sara Ö.

Stay Furr-sty, My Friends

970771_605428959467844_772653617_nThis is Hamilton The Hipster Cat. Quoting “He is….the most interesting cat in the world.”

Hamilton was having a hard time getting adopted at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, because he was a bit on the nervous side.

His new hoomin Jay S. saw something others didn’t, and now Hamilton is rockin’ the Interwebs. You know, Instagram, Facebook, the usual!



Photos from Ham’s Instagramster.

UPDATE: Cat Boarding, Now With Animated .GIF

U can try this at home. Needed:

Kitteh (1)
Box (1)
Skateboard (1)

No batteries required.

From Cuteporter John.

UPDATE! Ceejoe wanted an animated .gif. What Ceejoe wants, everyone gets.


Suddenly, Penguins in Dashikis

To welcome a delegation of African leaders to Japan, the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise park held a parade of penguins of African origin dressed in colorful tunics. So far, there’s no word if they’ll be coming to America.

Miami Marlins Adopt-O-Mania

On Sunday, June 2, the Miami Marlins did not bat 1000. They batted 102! That’s how many furry friends found forever homes thanks to the Miami Marlins Ayudan (Spanish for “help”) Team of community outreach volunteers, along with the Humane Society, Animal Services and The Cat Network! That’s some major league teamwork, peeps.

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Go Marlins! Look who’s on the Home Team now!

Read more here: Marlins Park hosts 3rd Annual Adopt-O-Mania.

Needs Ketchup

These hoomins are tasty but could do with a condiment or two.

From a blog whose name we can’t print. Nice work, though.

They Said It Would Never Last

Their friends said the relationship never had a chance. Doomed from Day One, they said. Just “be friends,” they said.

Against all odds, these two kooky kids have made it work. #Loveconquersall.

Submitted by Will M. Starring Liz (the lizard) & Zephyr (the kitty.)

Feel The Burn! Let’s Go!

Doc says I gotta take off a few pounds. It was all the Krispy Kremes.

From Cuteporter Tracy.

Wanna Hug A Panda?

Yeah, I want it that way. Absolutely.

From Sky News.