The Queen Is Not Pleased

“Royal Tax Collector! Why have my subjects not paid the 100 mousie heads per household, as I have commanded? Someone shall pay dearly for this outrage!”

Photo credit: RowdyKittens

Behold, the Power of Chocolate

According to science, chocolate contains potent neurotransmitters that can elevate one’s mood. But shape it like an Easter egg, wrap it in foil, and introduce it to a pair of kittens, and it can drive them crazy without their even eating it.

Hello, I’m Your Avon Representative…

“I was passing through the neighborhood, and… Well, I was kind of near your neighborhood… All right, to be totally honest, I was on the interstate three miles away with the windows rolled up, but all the same I thought you might be interested in our line of fine fragrances, maybe get you a deal on the bulk rate.”

Avon Lab played by Cooper! Customer played by Pierre! Sender-inner played by Summer H.!

The Strong, Silent, Ceramic Type

Y’know, ain’t nothing better in life than that one true friend. Like me and Hubie here. He don’t talk much, but he’s always here for me. Sometimes we just sit here for hours, watchin’ time go by. Got nothin’ to say, got nothin’ really needs sayin’. He knows what I’m thinkin’, an’ I know what he’s thinkin’. We’re tight like that.

Photo credit: L Church

‘Sleepy Head’, Definish of

So, tie-tie!

Head! getting heavier!

[Honk-shu action]

Boston Terrier Zzzz’s brought to you by the food, life and sometime puppy-bloggerAlexa C.

Iger’s on Line Two

Tenrecs are apparently a sweet lil’ mix of otter/hedgehog and mice-like creatures with Jersey-shore spiked haircuts. You can tewtelly see these two newborn Tenrecs in the next Disney movie getting into trubs:

Sender-Inner Katherine B. saw these sweet lil’ dudes over on ZooBorns.

The Flop


The Difficulty rating on these dives must be at least a 2.3.

Pup Flop:

Kitten Flop:

I love how the Corgi keeps paddling with paws out of the water, Clare H. Kitteh flop sent in by Warrior Rabbit.

Pa-Sickie II: Honeydew Boogaloo

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the power of honeydew melon popsicles so amazing, they can transform kitties into pups with a 2/3 success rate.

From Barbara S., “DaChickenLady”

PS: The swimming pool’s a smart idea, ’cause them popsicles is messy.

Consternation and Befuddlement!

After a relaxing brandy in the members’ lounge, Lord Mumphrey left the exclusive Cat and Mouse Club for his rendezvous with Miss Penelope Hoosterwooster.

Emerging into the gaslit evening, it dawned on him that the check clerk had given him the wrong hat. “This can only mean,” he mused, “that somewhere, a mouse is attempting to hail a carriage from within the confines of a size seven bowler.”

Via HuffPo via Buzzfeed via Reddit via

Grand Opening of The Boxxy Fold Rehabilitation Center; Cardboarda Non Grata

We’re witnessing an epidemic. Is Maru to blame? We’re not sure. What we do know is that these kitties need serious treatment, and thankfully this rehab will cater to their specific needs:

1. The Fatties

2) The Oddly Lanky

3) The Contortionists

4) The Think-Outside-the-Box Guys

Curl up, Alicia B.


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