Is There a Light at the End of This Tunnel?

Let’s hope so, ’cause the hamster at the other end isn’t very bright.


And They Call It Muppet Love…

Um, Beaker? You wanna go somewhere a little more….private?

“My name is Catarina M. and I am from Portugal! This is my 2 year old extremely cute cat, we call her “Rosinha”, it means “little rose/pink”, because of her little pink nose, ears and paws!”

Sometimes, Words Get In The Way

Just a look will do.



#1: “Cinnamon (the dog) and Ava bond over weighing the same.” From Aunt Minoo.
#2 From The Interwebs.

Liddle Iddy Biddy

“The other day while taking photos of our Hedgehog I thought of your site! Me and my gf have a Hedgehog named Biddy that we enjoy taking on road trips/adventures. We made a hash tag on Instagram that we use every time we post a photo of him.” From Cuteporter Thomas U.






The Obedience School Graduate

After the ceremony, Marvin stood by the river and thought about his future. “Oh, honey, I’m so proud,” said his mother at last. “When that nice man called your name, I almost cried. But, uh, were you supposed to do that to his leg?”

Via Yuichiro Haga.

Close Encounters Of The Chiquita Kind

Gyoza here. Hoomin left this on the table. Hideously tortured it by peeling back its skin and ingesting most of it. Then left the carcass to wither and die. Must investigate this, though imminent peril may await. Will I suffer the same fate?


Wish me luck- I’m going in.

Spotted on MSN Now via YT post by cattycatzcatz.

Them Summer Days, Those Summer Days

Out of school, yeah
County fair in the country sun
And everything, it’s true, ooh, yeah, yeah
Hot fun in the summertime…

Lyrics by Sly Stone. Submitted by Anonymous.

The Deer Whisperer

Let the comparisons to Bambi begin!

“We were unpacking the car from a trip when this fawn stumbled across our yard and into Maya’s arms. The fawn had a good sense about Maya and followed her every step. They were inseparable. Maya knew it needed its mother, who we believe was off eating and recuperating from the birthing, so she led it back to the woods. We have not seen the fawn since.”

-Cuteporter Brad H., whose daughter Maya obviously has a bright future working with animals.

The Deer Whisperer from Brad Herring on Vimeo.

Music: “Yes I Know” – The Black Lillies.

Slip Slidin’ Away

When a kitty flops over on the floor, sometimes it’s best to let it slide.

“You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away.” Via Fuzzy Feelings

Sorry About That, Grasshopper

Last Friday, we had a Grasshopper Haiku and forgot to include this little maniac. Our apologies.



“Check out this little fellow sitting on my hand and arm. I found him on the neighbor’s swing set when my daughter was there playing. After I held him for a moment I released him to continue his life on the dogwood tree.” -Cuteporter Andrea D., who used a Nikon D3000 for these super shots.