Donut Baroo!

It’s National Donut Day! Let’s go!


Photo 1 from Interwebs: Photo 2 from All-Mighty Clothing’s Flickr.


Flashback Friday

Mummy isn’t sleeping, darling. She’s just resting her eyes.
Circa 1914. “Puppies in rocking crib.” Found on Shorpy. “From the timeless genre of “humorous scenes of puppies and kittens dressed as humans and posed in human domestic situations.” Photo by Harry W. Frees, Route 3, Rayersford, Pa.”

Friday Haiku: Your Turn

Every Friday when we do these, there are a lot of great reader haikus in the comments, and some are, um, quite frankly, better than ours. [Cough, cough.]


Here’s the plan. Do your own Friday Haiku for this image, in the comments section. We’ll re-post around Noon PT as Friday Haiku Part II (or something,) with one of the haiku comments!

Write your own haiku
And it may show up right here
On Cute Overload

Mallard Duckling at SF Bay Center
Photo by Cheryl Reynolds. Submitted by Andrew H. of International Bird Rescue. Read more about this duckster’s story here.

Mmmmmm, Corgis

Wouldn’t you just like to lean down and SNORF right there in the middle of that warm pile of puppehs? Admit it. You would. We ALL would. That’s why we’re here, right?

Basket of Corgis in Bozeman MT submitted by Libby on

But I Don’t Wanna Go to Summer Camp!

The cabins are cold and there’s scary noises at night and I always get picked last for baseball and I hate canoeing and there’s that really gross counsellor who smells like onions and I wanna stay with yooooooooou!

Via lorenkerns.

Valley Possums, Whateverrr

…at first she was like, and then I was like Oh My God, and then she was like fer sure! You know?

Kim Barker for Coast & Canyon Wildlife. NO WAY!

Recipe For Fun

Take one bottle cap.
Add one Maru.
Place both in bathtub.


Hamjet Clear For Take Off

The manual here says I am supposed to “check flaps.” I…don’t know what those are.

Herbie the flying hamster, from Katie.

Livin’ La Vida Opie

I’m a Scottish Fold

With eyes of gold

I’m big and bold

Lo and behold

My tail can’t be controlled. OK who lol’d?

“A few photos of my cat, Opie, who is a Scottish fold, and a video with him chasing his own tail…not sure what happened between them that day but there was a rumble and no winner.”  –Monique S.

Flower Power

Remember what Flower Power looked like back in the 60’s? (Without having to go to Google Images.) You know—the Dead, the Airplane, Haight-Ashbury, a sit-in at Berkeley, free speech, power to the people. The Man is keepin’ us down. “Look what’s happening out in the streets- got a revolution, got to revolution.”

Can you dig it?

Tigrou, the coolest cat on earth. From Camille G.