Welcome Chinese New Year!

Today marks the start of Chinese New Year! This happens to be the Year Of The Snake.

So let’s have a little snake-a-bration shall we?

This snake is OBVIOUSLY trying to hug the monitor—But he has no arms…

So he’s all: “Ehn!” [head curls around monitor in lieu of arms]

Meanwhile, this little McSnakersons is all: “Now I’ve never been one to fear much of anything, but if I’m a 500-pound, 33-foot anaconda, then HOW FREAKING BIG IS THIS LADY????”

Then there’s this guy: “Hmmmmm,” [slither slither] “I enjoy surfing Cute Overload, [Hits Enter key with head] but sometimes it’s not enough! I want more. MORE!” [slither slither]

“What’s this I see!? A daily, paper version of the site? That corresponds with days of the week!?

“Brilliant! If I flash my beady eyes it may distract folks long enough for me to steeeeeeeal eeet” [Tears off page with mouf, proceeds to eat whole]

If Mr. McSnakersons isn’t your deal- then HOW ABOUT SOME CHINESE CRESTED PUPPEHS!

Nice Hawaiian shirt mousepad and anerable snake-a-tude, Lesley C. Since this behbeh snake doesn’t have fur, please expect major Nuff action on this one… Does your home come with a bean stalk, Alana M.? Photo by Trish H. Grey-banded baby snakersons brought to you by Lesley C. Get your free Cute Overload 2011 calendar with every accepted photo. Submeet your photo tuhday! Chinese Crested Pups from The InterTubes.

The Cutest TV Dogs Evah

Yahoo! TV put up a leest of “The 10 Cutest TV Dogs Ever.” What do you theenk- are they missing anyone?








Somebody gone done me wrong. (howls a little ow, owww, awooooo)

8250020693_d55f13248f_b (1)
How could you do this to meeeee?

8371576442_378aa32933_b (1)
Gee, thanks for the guilt trip, Zoe and Stephanie H.! And Stacey T. says, “Our new bebe kitten is known to her subjects as Princess Tigerlily. She has mesmerizing eyes that put you in a hypnotic trance and make you obey all her commands.”

Nomming Elbows IS As Fun As Eet Looks

O HAI! Kuzma The Kat is back! Last time he was going for the brush, and this time, K-Man wants him some prime elbow ACTION. (Except at :15, when he gives us his WHY ARE U HERE glance.) Go, Kuzma, GO!

From Michele W.

GET OFFA MY LAWN! [Scream in old man voice]

Rita R. sent this in. “We are wintering in Florida and my husband watched this drama unfold.”


Look Into My Paws…

I’d only seen a mini version of this clip. Josh Norem sent a full-length version with the PS, “The classics, they still hold up today.”

So true.

Is There a Dotter in the House?

Do you suffer from a cute fatigue? When a cute fatigue strikes you, listen to your dotter. Take two eyebrow dots and call us in the morning.

Warninks: Eyebrow dots are known to cause feelings of dizzyness, excessive mindless babbling and may remove you from this plane of existence. But, that’s a small price to pay.

Michelle C.’s pup sez: “Hi, My name is Monty and I live in Dublin! I’m 18 weeks old and I personally think I’m the cutest cavalier!!!”

Coati Pie

Do you know the coati? These little darlings are in the raccoon family and can go down trees head first.

Usually lots of lady coatis hang out together in what is called “bands” (We’re coming to your town! We’re gonna party down!)

Gentlemen coatis hang out by themselves (I’m Mr. Lonely).

Alex T. takes a snorftastic photo.

We’ve Found Nemo—He’s Headed To Boston And NYC

Boston, New York City and the northeast USA are in for some heavy winter weather with Winter Storm Nemo. (When The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is headed your way- there’s trouble.)

While some of our animuhl friends may love the snow, there’s also a serious side to the weather for ’em, like making sure they are well taken care of! So read this and then hunker down!

[Sounds better than “Batten down those hatches!” Who has hatches? -Ed]




Creditos: Videos of Ella The Wheatie from Laura C. Photos: 1) Hank’s photograph by Gary, submitted by Angela. 2) Clifford from Kelsey S. 3) Chibi Da Yorkster from Tiffany L. 4) Sophie sent in by Leah.

Life Imitates Otter

These two were made for each otter!

Via an otter Redditter Altbaby


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