Kitteh Wipers

Earlier today we saw PUP HOLDERS for your car, and now we find these Kitteh Wipers! These mount on the roof of your car, just above the windshield, and you can also position them to clean the driver’s side window too. They also have a detachable feature, as you see at the end of the video. Currently available only in (natch) Japan, look for them in the Canada, USA and Europe later this spring at fine automotive stores everywhere.

(Shiro & Friends.)

TGIF: Guinevere

output_3K2i4oOriginal photo of Guinevere at San Francisco Animal Care & Control by The Furrtographer, who will be assisting C.O. on something Grumpy next Saturday. (Whoops: did I just say that out loud?)

Hank Wins “Dog Of The Year” Award

Remember Hank The Ballpark Pup? The little guy who wandered off the streets of Phoenix last spring and into the Milwaukee Brewers training camp? He’s had a huge year, and it’s gotten even bigger.

Hank has just been chosen as [*Note: Warning: Paris Hilton is in this link’s clip-Ed.]Dog Of The Year” at the “World Dog Awards” (who knew there was such a thing?)

Here’s Hank accepting his, er, “Golden Hydrant Award,” last night.


*Screengrab from, and Hank solo photo from Yahoo! News. Thanks to Phil T.

Pup Holder

If this isn’t a standard feature on ALL cars EVERYWHERE- it SHOULD be.

(Thanks for the headline, Reddit.)

Oh Sure, I’ll Eat THAT II

This monkey decides he’s gonna have whatever SNIFF? SNIFF? is inside this bag. And he ain’t sharin’ it with no darned seagull, ‘neither.

(Boing! Boing!!!)

Oh Sure, I’ll Eat THAT

Ever wondered how a Blorpy Ham Ham can stuff all that…er, STUFF into his/her cheeks? The Beeb takes us inside…(say in a deep voice in a huge echo chamber:)



Friday Haiku: Ermine or Stoat?

Either name will work
The both like to vote vote vote
Whenever they can

[*Note- Speakers up, please. -Ed.]


Vinny, The Wandering Wombat

This…is Vinny. According to Yahoo News/Australia, he wandered off (a walkabout?) from Goldfields Wildlife Rehabilitators in Coolgardie Western Australia, on Friday the 9th. But he’s back after a two-day trek. Quoting Yahoo, “As we speak he’s lying on his back, sound asleep on the floor enjoying the breeze,” Rowena Walker said. “He came home and just drank and ate for an hour … and then he went straight to bed and has been sleeping ever since.”

Vinny the wombat appears pleased to be back home. Picture: Rowena Walker

Thanks to Claire M.

Someone Knitted Crocheted Little Santa Suits?

kamakura_knitted_birds_0945So, on this street, there are some sidewalk barriers or guardrails or..whatever. And they make little birds to go on top of them. Nice little whimsical touch, right? Then someone decides to MAKE LITTLE SANTA CLAUS SUITS FOR ‘EM. Yes, it’s Japan. Again.

“One of my other favorite blogs has posted some amazing cuteness which you just have to see,” says Cuteporter pk1154.

“Not only do the Japanese make barricades that come with little sculptured birds, but someone was thoughtful enough to make them wee knit caps and cloaks for winter!”

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Bootsy?”

Boosty 1“No, and I’ve been looking all over for him. I told him we had to go to the V-E-T. Boots can’t spell……can he?”




“Hello, you posted some photos of Missy-Moo and her other sheepie pals, i wondered if one of her other friends is cute enough to be featured? This is Bootsy, nearly a year old, he loves trees and belly rubs, he’ll flop over in front of you and demand them.”


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