Flashback Friday: Petey

For this edition of Flashback Friday, we feature “Petey” from the famous “Our Gang” movies. Taken from the 1932 episode “The Pooch.”

A Smedley find.

Niko…Did YOU Chew Up The Pen?

Come on now, little guy. Was it you? Did you- wait, Niko! Where are you going?

Now That Is a True Cat Move

*Technical Note: This Instagram clip does not, for some curious reason, play well with Internet Explorer. It works fine on Firefox and Chrome. Arne found it on Websta.

The New Adventures Of Pancake!

Tiny, fluffy, but please hold the butter and syrup. Paul P. over the Big Pond in the UK just alerted us to the story of Pancake The Duckster, who lives with his adopted hoomin and takes trips to a Manchester office where he is (rightfully) adored. Follow Pancake on Twitter, of course.

And, you know- Ducksters are a big deal in the UK- why, they’ve even got their own Duck Lanes!

Vajda B. found the Duck Lane story on The Panda.




The Straight Story

Strapped into the cramped cockpit, the drag racer awaits his moment. Behind him: a nitromethane-fueled monster. Before him: the most important quarter mile he will ever know. He grips the wheel until it becomes a part of him, an extension of his mind, man and machine aimed with pinpoint precision down a straight line to glory. Even a slight bending of that line, the faintest variance left or right, could cost him victory — or even his life. The countdown begins: first red, then yellow, then green, and…


“The morning dew perfectly captured my dog’s erratic freedom run,” says Redditor Babolattack.

Bikke The Munk’s First Anniversary

We love us some Bikke, for sure. Now, the video says Bikke was born February 7th, 2014- so we’re not quite sure what “anniversary” means. But who cares? We get another Bikke video!

The Origin Of “Nomming”

Noms has become shorthand for “food,” and nomming has become shorthand for, you guessed it: eating. But have you ever stopped to think where the term originated? Think….Cookies.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Palm Coast, Florida!

From The Great White North down to the Sunshine State for our second ResQte post of the day. A home in Palm Coast, Florida caught fire Tuesday. The father and his 2-year-old daughter were treated for smoke inhalation, and ALL six dogs were rescued, including two puppehs!







♬ Bebeh, Bebeh..♫

From pigeons to porky-pines, no matter what kinda bebeh you are…there’s just no getting over you.

980x (1)

980x (2)

980x (3)

980x (4)

980x (5)

980x (6)

980x (7)

980x (8)

980x (9)

980x (10)

980x (11)

980x (12)

980x (13)

980x (14)

Photos from The Dodo, sent in by Elizabeth G. Head and deck concept by Amy Grant.

Will SOMEONE Turn That Alarm Clock OFF?

IMG_4764[I’m BEGGIN’ ya. Just another hour. Me and the cat were up ’til three this morning playing strip poker. Let’s just say ONE of us is missing their collar.]

“Jax, my 11 month old German Shorthaired Pointer, doesn’t like mornings when the alarm goes off, ‘Can I please just sleep for another hour?’ Pictures taken by my husband, Joe Hicks Images.” -Brenda M.


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