Get Smart, Stay Warm

In the colder months, the Secret Society of Master Meerkats prefers to hold its private discussions under the heated Cone of Silence.


Meerkats at the UK Zoo, via Reddit.

It’s An Oscar Thing

Munchkin! Hurry up and do your red carpet interviews with EXTRA! and ET so you can get to your seat next to George Clooney!

Oscar The Puppeh

Of course, we’ve got the big awards ceremony tonight in Hollywood. Oscar The Puppeh had his OWN big moment though–going on his first-ever walk!

Anniversary Buns!

HappyBirthday“Two Lionhead Rabbits having a party! Hope you also think these lionheads are cute! The left one is Frozzie and right one is called Smokie. Best regards, Melissa V.”

And The Oscar Goes To…..

I must confess, I didn’t see a single one of these movies so I can’t say how close their portrayals are. But these Pugsters are darn cute so we’re gonna go with it.

Plus, we get a lot of Baroos in here, too.

Bunday Morning Comix

Clipboard01By Liz Climo.

Double Your Bunday Fun

lexiandpookieFor this Bunday you get Two-Two-Two Buns In One (Post)! “These are two adorable bunnies I adopted from Bandaids for Bunnies, a fantastic local group (Richmond, B.C.) that helps abandoned and injured rabbits. The brown one is Lexi, who is the boss of her brother Pookie.” -Vivian L.

Caturday Night With Bobo

Let’s see, we can watch TV, or go for a drive, or…..get out the vacuum. Your call, Bobo!


Why Doncha’ Come Up And SEE Me Sometime

fdca87c5f6ceddb35ab3351c1fe7bf80_650x[I’ll be right here. On the barrel. With a thermos of martini’s. Shaken, not stirred.] (Distractify.)

Thing Two Is NOT A Snow Fan

p15021901[WHAT? MORE Snow? This is outrageous!]

Thing One, meanwhile, is a little more mellow about the whole thing.



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