Cooking With Catsup

Not clear on the concept.

‘This is Peeps, the cutest cat ever!’ -Heather R.

Name That Tune!

This little cockatiel can. (It’s “My Neighbor Totoro.”) Not only can he name it, he can sing it! Take it away, little buddy.

Submitted by many a Cuteporter.

Dese Puppehs Taste Good

Maybe a little salt, though. Otherwise, QUITE tasty!

From RRRRRReddit.

Coco Quacks

(Sounds like a cereal, dunnit?) Nevertheless, take a look and give a listen as Coco gets the deluxe brush treatment (and try to ignore the vertigo-inducing camera work.)

From jspsbp.

THIS JUST IN: Kazakhstan ResQte NewsFlash!

Cuteporter Wendy Q. has the 411. “Nellie was rescued from the streets in Astana, Kazakhstan, a few weeks ago. She’s now living happily with her new owners and has her own blog. She is fearful of many things at present – especially sudden noises or movement, but has a naturally feisty nature and is adept at plundering socks, gloves and underwear.”

From homeless on the streets of Kazakhstan to having your own website. (AND hoomins who love you!) Congratulations to Nellie!


Paint Your Dragon

Tiffany looked forward to the annual Red Rocks Summer Solstice Folk Music and Omnispiritual Awareness Festival, so she could go nuts at the body-painting booth.

Photo taken by Bob Wick in Colorado’s Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area for Bureau of Land Management.

Tebow’s Got A New Team!

From the CO SportsDesk: Tebow’s got a new team, and he’ll report to minicamp today! Here he is getting his game face on.

Meanwhile, at Yoga Class…

“OK, are you in? Now I think what I’m supposed to do is roll you around, and that’s going to realign your chakra, or something like that.”


Chintz Intervention

No more chintz for you! I’m taking the car keys away!

“”I found your keys, can we go for a walk now?” Our puppy Willow. Thanks.” -Barney

Corgi ‘Tocks UP!

He huffs, he puffs, he stumbles, he fumbles- will Mr. Waddles ever get outta his tent?

As seen on MSN Now. Posted by TheYuusou.


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