Dr. Megalo, World’s Most Adorable Supervillain, Addresses the Jury

Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you unbowed and unrepentant. For while you may have broken my plans, you shall never break my will. It is this will, this vision, that drives me to my ultimate destiny — to rule all mankind.

Do you think your oafish officers can hold me? Do you think your pathetic prisons can contain me? Hah! Like the phoenix I shall rise — stronger, wrinklier, more determined — and soon, all nations will tremble at the name of Megalo.

So enjoy your moment of triumph, worthless insects! Laugh while you can, for someday the last laugh shall be mine! Mine, I say! Mwuah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!

Photo via Norem, kitty via www.toniskittyrescue.org/.


Speakers up!

Video of Cali from Maria P., who shot it with her iPhone. (Which brings us to CO Tech-Talk™. Lots of all iPhone videos come in sideways. That was a problem ’til I discovered this. w00t!

The Dracster’s Back!!!

People, this is truly exciting! Give it up for CO’s Favorite Bat—Lil’ Drac! He’s been hanging out (er, literally) at Bat World Sanctuary down thar in Mineral Wells, Texas, you all.

According to their site, we’re still in orphan season (through the end of the month) for North American bats. Here’s what to do if you find a Bebeh Batster that needs help. Here are two recent photos of The Little Man hisself:

lil drac taking flight

lil drac2

And…an archive shot when he really was Lil’ Drac. SWADDLED IN A BLANKIE, GET OUT.

Lil drac-swaddled3
Thanks to Cuteporter/Hoomin In Charge Amanda!

C.O. Crime Alert!

Police are on the lookout for Daisy McFloon, the so-called “Napping Bandit.” Authorities have released this composite sketch, which the suspect helpfully posed for.

Philip C. writes: “Our boxer-hound rescue Izzy can be very patient as a model. Also likes looking out the window. And pictures of herself.”

Friday Haiku Too: Nautilus

Small Nautilus dude
Curled up in his own lil’ world
Never gets much pub

Spotted on ZooBorns.

Flashback Friday

Meet Horace, the bright-eyed, domesticated hare of Dublin, Ireland, 1956, who, “hops blithely through the kitchen, hanging out in the bathroom or sitting quietly on the living room sofa” and “holds sway in the household, and the humans are there, for the most part, simply to do Horace’s bidding.”


For a complete Life with Horace the Hare slideshow hop on over to Life.Time.com



A baby Musk Ox just a few weeks old.
Submitted by Amy H. Photograph by Randy K.

Friday Haiku: From Jørpeland With Loff

“Brother took this pic
When I was in Jørpeland.
Cute enough to post?”

From Holland’s Marije S.

Green-Eyed Monster? Hardly!

Annika M.: “We just relocated from Florida to Panama. It’s great down here…besides the smouldering humidity, mosquitoes the size of canaries, and sugar ants. Recently, I made breakfast for my guy, and picked a flower in the backyard to put on the tray. Lo and behold, I noticed the ‘stem’ moving and screamed like a banshee, running off thinking the flower somehow had come to life.”


“When I came back to see what it really was, I saw a mantis peeking out from under a petal, looking at me like, ‘Why did you wake me up?‘”


“He was very curious and gentle. After the photos, I took him back out to find a new flower-home.”

(*Tried and tried to fit VH’s ‘Panama’ in somewhere- could NOT make it work. RRR. -B.)

There Should Be a Law

For national Cute Overload security reasons, piggalettes and duckalettes cannot share the same blankie at the same time. Too dedleh! Oh, what’s this then? …innocent whistle.

“Hvor er grisen?” is Norwegian for, “Where’s the piglet?” Via YouTube.


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