This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.

… and this little piggy went boing-boing roll-roll tumble-thud I-meant-to-do-that all the way over her big brother.


Jurassic Blorp

As part of the recent 20th-anniversary remastered ultimate platinum fanboy-shakedown special edition of Jurassic Park, a bonus disc featured a version of the film with puppies in place of dinosaurs. A brief sampling:

Via Daily Dot.

Hark! What Evil Lurks Beneath The Door?

These maniacs are about to find OUT.

One Can O’ Whup A**, Comin’ Up

This DOBERMAN does not. Stand. A. Chance. The little kitteh HAZ A FIERCE.

Five pounds of pure attitude, with a tip of the cap once again towards Napa.


‘Bout all you can say.

Say OMG!

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Vol. IX

Got some more great stuff from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, which wraps up at the end of the month!

Suspicious Penguin by Isaac Pio:


A Mother’s Kiss by Michael Palmer:

download (1)

Baby Baboon by Henry Arbaugh:

download (2)

Thanks Mom! by Porus Khareghat:

download (3)

A Mother’s Patience by William Boughton:

download (4)

Maru & Hana As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

…from below!

Neck AND Butt Wiggle Combo ACTION!!!


From Paul P.

They’re BAAAAA-ck (Geddit?)

Those turbo-charged maniac hoofsters over at Sunflower Farm in the Great State O’ Maine know a bunch of great hay bales when they see ’em.

It’s a Bebeh Goat Flood!!

Rats, It’s Monday!


“Judy The Wood Rat (top) and Gus Gus. Both arrived as orphaned babies with eyes still closed at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, CA. They don’t usually care for rats but couldn’t turn away a sweet baby in need.” -KB.


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