Hola, Ota!

“This is my cat Star that we’ve taken to call Ota which is ‘cat’ in Arabic. We would be both so happy to see her on the site with the other kitties!” -Sarah M.





Next Floor, Ladies Lingerie, Tires, Kids Toys…

We’ve discovered a new species of cat! The “EXPAND-O-KITTEH!”

Oh, Is This YOUR Bag?

“This is my awesome 4 year old cat, Miss New Zealand! I think these photos feature Rule #99 and Rule #41. Miss New Zealand lives in Victoria, BC, loves blanket forts, and is basically the best! Love Cute Overload!” – Sarah and Brad in BC.

Miss New Zealand-1

Miss New Zealand-2

brody napoléon: small. fancy. fierce!

took a look at brody’s blog and learned: “brody is a dwarf hotot bunny living in brooklyn, though he is originally from california. he likes to keep his coat shiny, nibble on fresh cilantro, & take afternoon naps. he doesn’t care for spinach or you, his greatest fear is all the gurgling coming from his human’s garment steamer.”

we also learned brody’s hoomin writes in all lower case.







all lower case hipster creditos~

name: brody napoléon
credit: ives, brody’s human woman



These guys are an absolute LOCK in the next Summer Olympics.

The Player

[What? Jack’s playing hardball on his salary? Look, we had a deal. This part was written just for him. ACTORS! Look, is he still up on Mullholland? OK, I’ll go up there and close this deal myself- I’m in Topanga now. Give me a couple hours to figure this out. And I gotta adjust my shades.”]

photo 1

photo 2
“Max ready for some fun in the sun.” -Tracey M.

Mona Scoutie

“I think this picture I took of my friend’s dog, Scout, is ALMOST worth a new Rule Of Cuteness.” Interesting- what would you propose, Cuteporter Rebecca S.?

Could NOT Figure Out Which Way This Photo Goes

So we’re just gonna slap ‘er up there like this.

“This is Roxy – she’s super photogenic (the bit of fluff on the table in the background is her brother Teddy) -Fiona G.

(*This photo also demonstrates TWO Rules: #99: Peeping tongues are cute….and #29: If you flex your paws in a kneading motion in the air for no reason, it’s cute.

You Guys! Get In Here! I Mean NOW!

So you have a mess of little ducksters wandering around near the barn, and it’s time to get ’em all inside. What do you do? Well, yell at ’em in Russian, of course.

From BuzzFeed via Andrew Y., who seems to be cheating on RN24.

Please Welcome Sutcliffe To C.O.

“I am currently nursing a little baby bearded dragon back to health. He has to have a tiny dose of medicine and food daily and is quite Cute. I’ve written about him here but thought you might enjoy the pics too…PS his name is Sutcliffe.” -Dr. Anne F.

Sutcliffe the Central bearded dragon