Whole Lotta Blorpin’ Goin’ On

6a010535647bf3970b01a3fd2121a5970b-800wiAccording to ZooBorns, “On April 24, France’s ZooParc de Beauval welcomed a male Manatee who weighed 55 pounds at birth!” And look at THAT SMILE!

Also quoting ZB: “All three species of Manatees (South American, West Indian, and West Africa) are listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.”




Photos par ZooParc de Beauval.

Maximum Baroo

This is Birdie, and as you can see, she knows how to WORK that Baroo. Left, right. Left, right. (And she’ll keep doing this, thanks to the wonders of the animated GIF process!)

Here we have Birdie hanging out while pal Clover chows down on.

animal farm
Birdie isn’t a fan of what’s being served for lunch, though.

birdie (1)
“This is our puppy, Birdie perfecting her baroo! In another picture you can see Clover, our red footed tortoise in a farm scene created by my 4 year old daughter, eating cantaloupe and wondering why that horse shaped fruit isn’t very juicy!” -Natalie W. ​

The Many Moods Beds Of Frank The Affenpincher

This is Frank.

Sometimes he sleeps in the cat bed. Livin’ on the edge there, Frankie.

I haz the cat bed
He also sleeps, er, under the covers. Upside down.

And other times, he just finds someone else to pass out on.

photo 3
“I’ve attached some pics of my Affenpinscher. His name is Frank, and as you can see, he likes to snooze. He particularly likes to snooze in our bed, in the cats bed, and on his friends! Sleeping in the cats bed was of particular significance. He felt very smug about taking a key piece of enemy territory. Love the website!” -Emma C.

Bear -N- Snickers

It’s doubtful there are any puppehs ANYWHERE that have it better than these two knuckleheads. Who is who? “Bear (big 3 yr Maltese Shihtzu) and Snickers (6 month puppy Maltese Shihtzu) are going for a drive in the car with their seat belts nicely secured. They both love going for a drive,” says Emily P.

“This is Snickers playing with one of her and Bear’s favorite toy, their Moosey Moosey.”

“And here is Snickers who is renowned for being a sneaky thief- playing innocent after going into my sport bag and attempting to steal my softball gloves. Lucky she is so cute ’cause she can be naughty sometimes.”


Who Ya Gonna Call?

There’s a FIRE in the kitchen!! Who YA GONNA CALL?

Well, not THESE guys.

From the Squid.

All Hail The Corn Squirrel King

cornsquirrelking“I snapped the attached photo here in Austin Texas at a restaurant called “Freddie’s Place” that provides small chairs in trees. It is perhaps the most important photo of a squirrel ever taken. His name: Corn Squirrel King.” -Jamin G.

From Kyle At Edgar’s Mission

The folks Down Under at Edgar’s Mission (along with Frostie’s many worldwide fans) are no doubt having a tough day today, mourning the passing of the wonderful little Super Goat, Frostie. Kyle at Edgar’s Mission sent these over late last night so Frostie Fans everywhere can have something to remember him by. (Click on these- they are sized and posted so you can save them to use as computer wallpaper.)

Frostie Composite

Frostie 1

Frostie 2

Frostie the Snow Goat-9

Frostie the Snow Goat-7

Frostie the Snow Goat-5

Frostie the Snow Goat-4

Frostie the Snow Goat-3

Frostie the Snow Goat-2

Frostie the Snow Goat

“Hey Honey, Did U See The Water Bill This Month?

“I did! I don’t know where all the extra water usage is from. I—wait. Have you seen Munch lately?”

Beth Z.: “This is my cat, Munch. I came home one day from work, was greeted by my 2 Frenchies and sat down to get some puppy kisses. Next thing I know the downstairs toilet flushes. My husband was out of town so I was scared at first, until I saw the cat come walking out of the bathroom. It’s now his favorite thing to do.”

Spend Yer Rump Day With Oliver


“I would like to submit my corgi Oliver, for your site. I’ve got lots of photos of his adorable fluffy butt. He is 7 months old now and still QTE as a button! Hopefully he meets at least one of the Rules Of Cuteness. Also, I love Cute Overload, it always brightens my day. Thank you for your amazing site!!” -Mary W.

“NatGeo Does Cute Overtime”

swan-baby-mother-bird_80194_990x742We’d have to agree with the headline sent our way by Carmen C. For above, she says “I can literally (well, almost) feel the softness at the tips of my fingers and the cheeks of my face!!” (A cygnet peers out from its mother’s wing at a local pond in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.) And for the Llama below, “this one is one of the prettiest pouts I’ve ever seen!” (Taken at Bolivia’s Laguna Colorado salt lake.)


~Le Creditos: Hover and caption info from NG. Featured image photograph by John Halvorson, National Geographic Your Shot. Second image by Esther Buttery: This photo and caption were submitted to the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


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