Meownan the Barbarian

Dismounting his faithful steed Floovis, Meownan descended into the dank, festering depths of Urph’Hurrgth — the Cave of Disgustingness. At last, he reached the sacrificial altar of the Dark Gods.

Something bad happened here, he thought in the hovertext. The bones of what appeared to be street mimes lay strewn across the great stone floor, and scrawled in maple syrup upon the great marble altar was the single word: Zamboni.

Suddenly, the great iron grate clanged shut, and Meownan faced the high priest Burp’Targhth, flanked by his acolytes, the Electrolytes. “At last, we finally meet again, barbarian” he sneered.

From our “Etsy is stranger than fiction” desk comes this one-of-a-kind $500 cat armor, which can give your cat both the means and the reason to kill you.

Helmet tip to Bored Panda. Now, where have I seen this before? (strokes chin thoughtfully)

actiekatten by filiafloep

The Kingsley POV

(Sounds like a PBS show, right?)

Anyway- some folks are NOT happy about all the snow. There are those who are! Like Trousers and these guyz.

And then there’s Kingsley, who REALLY AND TRULY loves snow.

We Dug it.

Noro The Chi Wah Wah

Now, wouldn’t Noro make a terrific bobblehead for the dash of your car? Just sayin’. (And we won’t even mention that LEETLE TAILIO that just sorta takes a lower-left turn there. Wait, we just did mention it.)

Via Puppies Nation Staticgram.

Product Recall Notice

Amalgamated Collectibles, Inc. has announced the recall of its Predator 3D 12-inch action figure due to a tendency to cough up hairballs and howl for tuna.

Via Stan Winston School.

Deth By Stuffies

It is no use to fight it.

Good bye nice people.

“Here is my main man Phillip, aka Philpers, Dr. Phil, chillin’ whilst wearing his hoodie. And a pom I know named Farf. You can see more of Farf and Phil at Small Animal Talk.” -Anne F.

Bunday Beauty Emergency

Forgot your green lip gloss? Don’t let it ruin your Bunday. Keep your lips looking Bunday fresh by nibbling on a bit of parsley. Repeat as necessary until your lips have that garnished glow.

“Holland Lop, Lord Cucuface. I just gave him a bit of parsley as a treat and he went crazy on it. Right as he finished, I took this photo of him using my cell phone.” -James T.

We Got More Football Today, Huh

[Since you’re gonna be hunkered down on the couch with all those Niners, Panthers, Chargers and Broncos- maybe I could hunker down with you?]

Yorkshire Terrier Male Puppy from Shutterstock.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Poodles

… wearing only this sleepy, contented smile.


Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry

Yea mon. I’m just gonna sit back here with a nice cold one, and soak up some solars.

Submitted by Dan L. Like the music? No worries, it’s here.

I Nose What You’re Thinking

Yer starin’ at my schnozzle. That’s OK, I get that a lot. An’ did you know I was one of the pigs who starred as Wilbur in the movie Charlotte’s Web? (But my name is Lily Pig.)

Another gem from Edgar’s Mission Down Undah, who had a really big year last year!


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