Something to Crow About

In this BBC nature program, a clever crow named 007 shows off some mad skills, acing a complex eight-part test of problem-solving ability.

People, Please Say Hi To Merle

These photos of Merle were sent over by The Furrtographer, Josh Norem, who also volunteers at the ACC. “His coat is ‘Blue Merle’ but he’s a cattle dog in a chihuahua body for some reason. He was rescued from a bad situation and is in foster care via the SF ACC waiting for a forever home.”

Update: Merle Is Now Adopted!

“My friend Sandy said his ears look like Tostito Scoop chips.”

“…and the shelter is waiving adoption fees for all chocolate colored animals and all other adoption fees have been slashed too in order to spread some love.”









Here, Twitchy Twitchy!

What could this kitteh be dreaming about? Who knows? MAX ADORBS.

Via Paul & Barb, the Concord Cuteologists.

The World According To Gem

We’ve got a Gem update for you! You’ll recall her story we’ve been following here and here. She seems to be settling in quite nicely in her new SF home..she even has a new Facebook page, which is where we found these photos. Gem was sent this coat while she was at the SF Animal Care & Control facility. (And notice juuuuust the slightest hint of a Baroo…)

(Oops, can’t forget this video clip. Tried to embed it but it wouldn’t play nice.)

Here she is meeting a new friend.

A local SF pet store donated a gift card to Gem, so she could go shopping for treats and toys.

Gem and her Mini-Me.

Thanks to Cuteporter Tonya C. for the FB tip.

Wobbular And Knobbular

This one’s gonna turn you into a Weepy Mushbomb too. A Bebeh Deer. And her Mama. Doing what deers do best: bringin’ the QTE.


From Susan M. Video created by Steve Fagen, bebeh deer born in Departure Bay Beach, Nanaimo, BC.

Book Buddies

This one is guaranteed to turn ya to mush. Berks Animal Rescue League in Berks County, PA has a program where kids come in to read to the kittehs at the shelter.

Sent in by Cuteporter Laura M., who saw it on BuzzFeed.

No Worries, I Got This…Maybe

“This is Leopold, our 6 month old Maine Coon kitten practicing for the Kitteh Ski Jump Olympics!” -Cuteporter Brandy M., who is now frantically searching to see if Maine Coon ski jumping is actually going on in Sochi, and whether or not she can get air fare for both of them.

And score a cute little kitteh gold medal.


“They are our TV.”

Sally C.’s personal portrayal of her two kittehs tells it better than any commentary can!

“Wendy and Galen are entirely too spoiled but repay us manifold with plenty of snuggles and laughs. They’re about five. We adopted them as a bonded pair when they were in their very early teens. Wendy likes walks outside on her leash, sniffing coffee (it is like catnip x 1000 to her), instigating epic throwdowns with Galen, and pooping in the tub.”

“Galen likes long belly rubs while lying on his heated pad, chasing the Red Dot around the house, performing his infamous “Turn and Sit on Opponent” fighting manouver upon Wendy, and peeing in the tub. Both are fully aware that the tub is verboten for these purposes. They are very tightly bonded, play, snuggle, eat, and playfight together. They are endlessly entertaining. They are our TV. ”

“Hi! Many-time reader, first time submitter. Your website is one of the first places I go when I’m having a crappy day.” Best, Sally C.

Takes Just Five Seconds, Flat!

Got a cat? Make a mat! Create your own throw rugs, placemats, and shawls in seconds with the Ronco Cat Flattener! Cat not included (but is extruded).

It’s WALLACE OUERLE, cool cat from New York City!

THIS JUST IN: Snow Monkey…With An iPhone

Must be able to get a great cell signal at Jigokudani Yaen Koen, Nagano, Japan. Here’s a live view.)

Thanks to RN24.


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