Tiniest Internet Café Evah

Humphrey J. Hedgehog and Hamster pal Coco like to frequent the Cute Critter Café. And who can blame them?


There’s Some Big Movie Opening Today

It’s just the first of May and it’s already time for the big smash-bang-crash movies. HULK SMASH! (The summer movie season will soon start in, oh, FEBRUARY if the movie studios have their way.) While I like characters like Iron Man and Black Widow and Captain America- this movie would be better with……..KITTENS.

Wait- did I say “Iron Man?” I meant Iron CAT.

The Derp Is Strong With This One

11182130_842435779179200_7293212203876584233_nWe discovered The Power Of Norbert earlier this week, and by golly he’s gonna go right to the top of the C.O. List. Now, there’s not really a list per se- but if there was…he’d be on it. There’s a ton of Norbert on the requisite Facebook page. Turns out he’s a mighty therapy dog who tips the scale at three, count ’em, three pounds. Gonna go out on a limb and say you will see more of The Norbster here..so he’s getting his own tag. In CAPS.

Flashback Friday: Happy (Early) Birthday, Audrey Hepburn

The screen legend would have been 86 Monday. Portia C. sent us these photos and said “You know that on May 4th will be Audrey Hepburn’s birthday, shopping with her pet fawn Pippin (Ip for short) in Beverly Hills, circa 1958.”



Wallpaper Of The Month: May 2015

Click to save! Image from Shutterstock. (More here!)


[I was snoozing on the couch and all of a sudden I had a dream there was this Squawking Beak Thing right there on me and- wait, it’s NOT a dream??]

ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK (The Great Bubble Machine Experiment)

DSC00496CHOTKmay27-2015And so we come to the end of our day long CHOTK Trilogy. (See The Tiny Dudes, and also The Medium Dudes.) Many thanks to KB for the photos! She also hauled some sort of Bubble Machine contraption there- you know, to wind ’em up and get all sorts of whackadoodle shots?

Didn’t quite do the job. Imagine that.



Halp, I’m Possessed!

MOOOOOOM, my body’s been invaded by hiccups! They’re crawling all over me! Get thee behind me, vile demons! (Oh, wait, I think they are behind me.)

Ohagi Butt Wiggle ACTION

We haven’t seen Ohagi since last summer. The good news is- his ‘Tocks are still Wigglin’!

ResQte Of The Week: CHOTK (Part 2: The Medium Dudes)

unnamed (2)Earlier today, we featured The Tiny Dudes. Now, onto the Medium Dudes at CHOTK. Still not quite ready for adoption, says KB.





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