Rats, It’s Monday!

IMG_3784“I slyly got this picture of my lady Juno (above) taking a nap and displaying ROC #52. Below, I got this picture of my two girls cuddling and squishing each other in their hammock,” Rita G. says. “Brünnhilda’s head is on top of Juno’s head and tail. I hope you’ll consider these for Rats! It’s Monday!”


I Think You’ve Got It Backwards, Puppeh

This Prosh Pup can’t cross a line without…turning around first. A Puppeh Psychiatrist would have a field day here.

(Andrew Y.)

Safety First!

For our last post, we watched Munchkin The Teddy Bear hit the beach. This time around, Waylon & Willie decide to get wet, too- but are staying closer to home.

Remember, when you hit the pool- always have a pool buddy nearby!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Last Weekend Of August!

So Munchkin The Teddy Bear has decided to hit the beach! He’s got his bucket and shovel- wait! What about the Coppertone?

Oooo, Look! We Got A New Couch!

Cole and Marmalade’s hoomin was kind enough to buy ’em a new couch. (Certainly, it can’t be for hoomin use. That is just…not…done.) So of course, C & M have to check it out. (Why does this feel like Maymo and Penny should be in this too?)

Bunday Morning Comix











(As seen on Bored Panda: art by Lingvistov.)

Bunday: Everybody Needs Somebunny

People, there’s a LOT of cuddling and snorgling in the next thirty seconds. You might want to sit down while watching this one. So you’ll be closer to the floor when you pass out. [Clunk.]

BUNS On The Run

Clipboard01Let’s head up to The Great White North for this story- it seems BUNS are stowing away in vacationers cars! So BUNS are on the…Lamb?

(Karen S.)

Back To School On Monday!

gj9V5XJPrissy The Prosh Pigster is rockin’ a rather cool backpack, wouldn’t you say? Don’t forget your three-ring binder and pencil case! (Ooo, totally dating myself.) (Imgur/Reddit.)

Thundah From Down Undah!

The first Koala Joey of the season has emerged from Mum’s pouch at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo! He’s been named “Thunder,” and is Joey #2 for his Mum “Wild Child.”


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