Kitty Faith Healing

“Oh, most merciful Supreme Cat on high, we pray thee send a miracle through my paws, that blessed Brother Mousie may frolic and scamper once more, and in return, I promise not to bite him so hard in the future, hal-lay-loo-yuh!”

Via Reddit.

Sigh. Why didn’t they just ask Cute Overload?

Recently, Yahoo Shine asked the question, “Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?” YS has fancy statistics and lots of big words to explain how head tilting helps dogs hear better or see better. Um, Baroo? Think again, friends. We think the technical term is ’cause it’s cute! Meg first proved eet to the world back in 2006.

Baroo by Nellie, via Furbo.

But, Do Horses Prefer Icelandic or Argyle?

Researchers in Norway proved horses have a lot of horse sense when it comes to wearing sweateauws. A recent study showed how horses choose to wear a sweateauw or not depending on the weather. One researcher said, “Many owners have no clue whether their horses need rugs and blankets”, and may we suggest, a nice cup of hot cocoa to go with it.

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“Found this lovely story about how Norwegian researchers let the horses choose if they want to be inside or outside in different weathers, and if they want to wear sweaters or not! They choose a symbol for cover on or off. They want it on if it is cold and rainy, and off as it gets warmer.” -Devoted fan, Reidun K. Original story in Norwegian via NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

With A Name Like Smuckers….

….he HAS to be good great!






Thanks to Jessica B. in NYC.

Caturday: Ollie Needs Our Help, People

You might remember the intrepid Oliver Donovan– we featured him a few years back on this very website. O.D. has been having health issues related to his congestive heart failure and could use some loff and support. You know what to do.



“I set up this fundraising site to help my friend, the famous-ish internet cat Oliver Donovan,” says Submitter Galia F.

Rules are Rules

And cats are cats and they say that means:

I play with anything I want, whether you spent lotsa your monies on it or not.

I sleep anywhere I want, whether it’s my bed or not.

I beg for noms whenever I want, whether I am hungry or not.

I do not need a bath, at all, ever, whether I’m totally askin’ for it or not.

I reign supreme over all I survey, like it or not.

Mischievous Misha, owned and photographed by Kemal Selimovic.

“This is Hemingway. I’ve raised him from a kitten but I don’t want to be held responsible for his bad manners! This picture is of him trying his hardest to distract me from studying with his absolutely adorbs beseeching paw action! Please note that he is a polydactyl kitty – and his white paws make it look like he’s always wearing mittens!” -Caroline C.

“The orange and white cat is “Handsome,” a resident of the Lanai Animal Rescue Center.” -Toysmith.

“This is our cat “Lady”. The photographer’s name is my fiancee Trina C.” Thanks, Koorosh V.

Austin Pets Alive! foster kitten. -Claire and David Gilder.

‘Allo, Mah Darl-leeng…

Ah apollo-jahse for arriveeng in your keetchen wisout an een-vee-tay-shon, but I could not keep mahzelf away. You look so ravisheeng in your housecoat and slipp-ayres, my loff. Now, eef you weel cease wis zhe shriekeeng, I shall make zhe toast to your beauty…

Via Mashable. Update: “not”

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 11:55p PT

Time to wrap things up for another Valentine’s Day! Thanks to everyone who sent in such great photos. And if by chance you didn’t get a box of candy from your Valentine, this little guy has a red heart-shape balloon just for you.

This concludes our 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day presentation, which was powered by several helpings of Caramel Macchiato Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. Oh, and one Orange Dream Machine from Jamba. Havenese with a Heart Balloon from Shutterstock. This is your announcer, Don Pardo. Now back to our regular programming.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 10:22p PT

[You need a shoulder to lean on for Valentine’s? There’s still time, U can have mine!]

Valentine Havanese Puppy Dog from Shutterstock. Yes, in fact, 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day still continues…

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 9:50p PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

These terrific photos of Jonty are courtesy of Susan S., who (believe me when I say this) battled her iPhone long and hard all afternoon long to get these shots.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…


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