This Heffalump Looks TIRE-D

Great way to wrap up the week, People! We’ve seen some Heffalumps here and here– anybody up for one more?

Oh, of course you are.

THIS JUST IN: Maru Gets A New Pushcart

Mugumogu gets Maru whatever he wants- many Amazon.JP boxes, a cow, even a playmate named Hana. Now, he has his own…..pushcart.

And just LOOK at those clean floors.

Claytanna’s Recommended FAVE FRAME™ :


Flashback Friday: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

A cat and a bulldog in a toy car. (From Vintage Everyday, photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images, July 3, 1933.)

Have A Ball, Grover!

Remember the first time you jumped in a box-like kinda thing full of little plastic balls?


Well, if you HAD done that- it woulda gone down a little something like this.

Sent in by several Cuteporters, TY to all!

Bentley Side-Eye Action!

Whatever Bentley wants, you know he’ll get it. *PLUS BONUS Videos! C/O Erin J.

Ah, It’s One Of Those Howlin’ Wolf Mice There, Nahm

(Say like Cliff Clavin)

“Yeah, they’re indigenous to North and South America and pretty much everywhere else. Little Red Riding Hood was scared of this little guy, for sure.”

From Brandi W.

Rats, It’s Monday YAY It’s FRIDAY

Martin “Marty” Mouse is in the house! Having a tough day today? Marty will cheer you right up! After all…it’s FRIDAY! (BTW- A C.O. exclusive interview with the man rat himself, coming Monday morning!)

According to this BuzzFeed story, Marty was rescued from a pet shop last year. (And he’s actually a Dumbo Ratster, BTW.)

Now look! He’s a Social Media PLAYA.

Facebook? Check. Instagram? Naturally.

And then we’ve got YouTube videos….


Pinterest…(whew, getting tired..of…typing…)

And Tumblr!

What, no My Space? Are they still around?

You must admit, though- Marty might be THE most excellent Ratso EVAH on The Cute Overload Dot Com.







Big Thanks to Andrew Y. for the spot.

Friday Haiku: Shiro

The Cat and the Frog
Best friends wherever they go
The Cat always drives

Shiro and friend, from T.O.

How To Care For Your 2015 Cute Overload Calendar

Once you get your 2015 Cute Overload Calendar, it’s important to take care of it, so it will give you a full year’s service! (Haven’t gotten it yet? Let’s have that Amazon link, then.) For example, the Calendar needs its sleep. Make sure to tuck it in at night with a Stuffie.

Then when the Calendar wakes up, make sure it has a nutritious breakfast!

And remember: Safety First! When you take a trip with your Calendar, buckle up! Click it or ticket, after all.


Classic Impending Doom Tag Needed!

Can’t imagine what happened after this photo was taken.

As seen on the Cat House On The Kings FB.