Little Gravy With Your Turkey, Tuko?

[Yes, and how about some cranberries! And..stuffing! And…punkin pie- with whipped cream!]

“This is our white German Shepherd,Tuko. He loves turkey so much, that he doesn’t even care if it’s fake! Keep up the cute work!” -Anne M.

Yummm, Turkey Dressing

Uh … Not exactly what we expected but OK! (head tilt) What’s next, salad dressing?

Tweeted to CO from US National Archives, thank you very much! Via YouTube.

No, Uh, YOU Go Ahead

Take all the turkey. We insist. Can we get you a doggy kitty bag…to go?

You’re the (123)Inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving From Milo

So tell us, Milo: what are YOU thankful for today?



Behold Cutieus Maximus

“He is informally known as Max. I got him from a shelter last September (2012,) but his beauty and universally pleasing personality have me wondering why anyone would give him away. Their loss! Elegant photo shot by my housemate.” -Ridley J.


Full Service Goat Station

Fill ‘er up, please! And check the tires while you’re at it, thanks.

“Apparently the goats at the petting zoo REALLY like human babies, but she doesn’t look too amused.” -Nadine B.

THIS JUST IN: Maru + Hana Meet The Silver Vine Tree

A Maru/Hana double play just in time for the holidays! (And look! Actual dirt and leaves on the floor. ON. THE. FLOOR.) Mugumogu, what is going ON over there?

Happy Hanukkah

To our little friends out there celebrating the holiday!

From Assist from Pyrit.

You’re Not Seein’ MY Nose This Month!

Now, Mango. It’s NOSEVEMBER. The whole idea is, we wanna see your little snoot. It’s no good if you just hide it like that no wait a minute yes it is good forget I said that.

unnamed (2)
“This is Mango, our rescue puppeh. When it gets cold he covers his pointy little nose. We call him our ‘therapy dog’ because whenever someone’s sad, he intuitively knows and sits on their lap to cheer them up. PS- Your site has blessed so many lives. I believe that we each find own little corner of the ‘garden’ and tend it, and that all of you at CO have found a special place in many people’s hearts. Thank you so much for what you do. Please also send Meg warm congratulations on her new little twins.” -Jenn K.


Not sure what this kitteh’s name is This kitteh’s name is Non-Chan! More photos on Instagram and Twitter…from Japan. Of course.

Originally sourced from The Buzz.


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