I Wanna Come Outside And HELP!

[I does not know HOW MUCH CLEARER I CAN BE!!!!!]


ResQte Of The Week 2: Need A Sweet Home In Alabama!

“I’m currently raising some foster kittens on behalf of a sick friend,” says Megan E. “They have come to be tolerated by my bigger cats. In fact, sometimes I catch them snuggling together.”

Crescent as a kitten
“The big white and gunmetal grey kitty is Tony (Sir Anthony Fluffypants,) the orange tabby w/tail is Streaky the Super-Cat, the orange tabby w/out tail is Flash, the Calico is Crescent Moon, and the mid-sized grey tabby kitten is Percy (Lord Percival Blakeney.)

Kittens and cats
“I’m looking for home for the three little kittens in Huntsville Alabama, but may take them to the local no-kill Humane Society if no one wants them. (How could that be?!) Anyway, I think they are all super Cute and hope you guys enjoy the photos!”

streaky as a kitten
[*Note: If anyone in the Huntsville area is interested, send us an email and we’ll forward to Megan. -Ed.]

Sand Trap? No, Bear Trap

Some golfers in Vancouver encountered a most adorable hazard: A bear cub who treated them to an impromptu interpretive dance before making off with their ball. (Caution: Don’t get as close to a baby bear as these fellas did, or you might run into one teed-off mama.)

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ResQte Of The Week: Cat House On The Kings On NBC Tonight

Updated 8:51pm PT: Tonight at 10/9c, CHOTK will be featured on Dateline NBC during a special “The Secret Lives of Pets” segment. Thanks to KB for the tip.

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13 Years…

Hootie Meets The Printer

“Hi Cute Overload, Hootie had the pleasure of having to wear The Cone Of Shame for a while. We had fun with it and took his photo and said he was undergoing “Astronaut Training.” Thank you for considering Hootie for C.O., we love him! Everywhere we go, people say he is super Cute! Best, Karla M.”

Miss Foxy Brown, 3.0

MFB has been making random appearances on C.O. since 2012! Here’s her first visit, and this is her early 2013 encore. Now she’s back as 2014 heads into fall.

Hoomin Sender-Inner Tonya N. says, “Miss Foxy Brown had the honor of starring on Cute Overload a couple years back. Recently, she was the star of a dog photography class!”

“Here are some shots of her showing off her best poses. She’s a silly girl and makes me laugh everyday. Photos by Anthony H. I’ve been a C.O. fan for years. Thanks for making the work day easier to get through.”


Meanwhile, at Yuck-a-Bucks Comedy Club…

Hey it’s great to be here you’re a lovely audience but last night was a tough crowd lemmie tellya So many guys in camouflage I thought the place was empty I says I know you’re out there I can hear you reloading Don’t get me wrong I love my wife but I wish she’d stop hanging her pantyhose on my antlers am I right fellas But I can’t complain at least I get good TV reception…


“You’d be smiling too, if you just realized it was a camera being pointed at you and not a hunter with a gun,” notes photog Jamie McCaffrey.

#TBT: September 11, 2006: Just what IS B.E.F.!?

Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!? [Worlds Colliding.]


Traffic Cop Training

[Left! Right! Left! Right! You, STOP. OK, Left! Right! You, come on through!][At :28, KLUNK. -Ed.]