The Ultimate Snorgle

Just sit down next to this puppeh…take off your glasses or ball cap if you’re wearing those. Then take a deep breath. Close your eyes…and DIVE IN!!!

You KNOW U want to.

From Cute Emergency’s Twitter.

Anyone Want A Belly Rub? Anybody? Bueller?

[Wendell: I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO. Did I said I DO enough times?]


Rock Me, Amadeus

“This is Wolfgang Amadeus, aka Wolfie, my new puppy at 13 weeks old. Tiny guy looks like an owl!” -Taken by Sheila F.

unnamed (1)

What is Up With Cats and Yarn?!

Once upon a time not so long ago we squeed for I love this thread so much. The only way it could be any better would be to knit together a whole string of ’em!

“Hello, Please consider publishing this cute video compilation of cats playing with yarn. Best regards, Vladimir.” Via YarnTube

JAILBREAK: When Kittehs Escape!

(Say like Shep Smith, or maybe Sheriff John Bunnell :) -Tonight on Faux Nooz! They’ve done the CRIME- but they’ll NEVER do the TIME. SEE why these hardened adorable kitteh kriminals are IMPOSSIBLE to lock up! WE report, and YOU decide!


Those Aren’t The Chicks You’re Looking For

[Aren’t you guys a little short for stormtroopers?]


Bored Panda time.

Is SOMEONE Grumpy Today?

(Surprise! We’re not referring to The Grumpy One. Just your normal, regular, non-first-class-on-the-Concorde types.)








Derived from The Buzz.

Let There Be Cat

And God created Dog in His image, only backwards, and gave Dog dominion over the trees and hydrants. And Dog saw he was alone, and whimpered pitifully.

And thus did the Lord take a bone from Dog, even though he was still chewing it, and from it created Cat. And He spake into Dog, saying “Behold, I give thee Cat, to serve as companion and helpmate to thee.”

And Cat said “Whoa, screw that noise, pappy. I ain’t taking orders from nobody, let alone Captain Mange, here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta take a nap before bedtime.”


Wanna Be More Productive At Work?

Stare at a kitteh.

Like we haven’t known this for YEARS, Washington Post.


Butter Icing, Anyone?

“Her name is Butter Icing, and she’s the most pregnant goat in the world and she will whup your BUTT in a staring contest. I think I’ve watched this video eleventy-gagillion times so far.” -Marla C.


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