So Why Don’t They Use Ball Doggies?

You know, instead of Ball Boys and Ball Girls? Whatevs. Across The Big Pond, it’s time for Wimbledon. Georges The Goldie Puppeh can’t wait! (He prefers chasing Slazenger tennis balls, BTW.)

(Er, it seems he also follows..the World Cup.)

And the NFL.

AND….the NHL.

E.T. The Extra-terrier-estrial

The heartwarming story of a boy named Elliot, who befriends a strange alien visitor from the Dog Star and must return him to his ship while evading the shadowy agents of the Animal Control Department.


“Looked after my sisters dog this week. Emailed her a photo to show she was in good hands,” says Redditor mutemut.

Goin’ At 500 NPM (Noms Per Minute)

IF you could get a speeding ticket for nomming too fast, these guys would be BUSTED.

The Squid with the win.

Pineapple Rules The Roost!

FUR_2954-X3This girl’s not on the adoption list at SF Animal Care And Control– she runs the office!

Photos by The Furrtographer, who says: “Pineapple flew into someone’s office window, so they brought her to ACC, no idea where she came from but she’s very sweet. She does live at ACC and is taken care of by the staff there.”




Oh, U Want A Piece Of ME?

Bring it ON, pal! And when we’re done, Mom is gonna have to toss BOTH of us in the tub!


Images from Trend

Looks Like SOMEone Disapproves Of SOMEthing

There’s a LOT of Leecking and Disapproving going on here!





Bored Panda.

Bunday Morning Comix

10441159_10152157262824013_558443832131440461_nArtwork by Machmigo. As seen on the Neatorama FB.

No, You’re NOT Seeing Things

none1461__700That’s a Tiny Hamster. In…a Tiny Playground. From Bored Panda.

Dad, Can We Go To The Park And Play?



Larry Gets Buffaloed

“Are you gonna let that ram over there blow his own horn like he owns the place? Who does that conch-head think he is?”

“Yeah! I dare ya to challenge that petting-zoo inmate to a head-butting contest! That’ll show him!”



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