In Which The Little Knucklehead Gets A Name

“Following up to let you know that the pupster – formally known as PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY!! – has been named…drumroll please…Stanley! (AKA Stannie, Stannis, Stanner, Stan Man, Stan Lee (of Marvel fame) little monkey, etc. etc.) HUGE thanks to the Cute Overload crowd for their multitude of excellent suggestions!! It was so much fun reading them all.”

“P.S. While the cats remain annoyed, I feel we are on the cusp of a détente. Dare to dream. -Joanna C.”

And Just Who IS In Charge Here?

Benny The Pupster has (correctly) figured it out.

HE is.

“Gentle desperation to be schnuggled,” from Nina P.

Could Use Some Ketchup

[These are just a little too bland for me without somethin’ on it, ya know?]

The Daily Cute.


[More ducks today? Yes. It’s DUCK-tastic! It’s the way we roll! -Ed.]

I swear this may be the cutest video that C.O. has ever posted.

It just…might be. Franklin.

FRANKLIN FAVE FRAME™: Left a little something (@ :29) by the Command key, did we? Well, that’s what the Genius Bar™ is for.

“Franklin the special needs call duckling enjoying a life of luxury.” -Kaitlyn H.

3:25pm PT: Kaitlyn UPDATE!
“He has what I call a “wonky” bill, that I noticed when he was a few days old. His bottom bill is developing normally, but the top one is kind of bent and stunted, giving him an underbite. You can really see it in the last clip on the video, and it’s hard to see unless you look at him straight on. He was also the only duckling from his clutch to hatch, and he needed to be assisted (common with the breed.) So, he’s my little buddy :). I’m currently looking for one or two call ducklings in the area so that he can have more duck friends, but they’re pretty hard to find.”

4:14pm PT: Vanessa UPDATE!
Vanessa wants the Franklin song. OK then. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac.)
“Franklin the Duckling”

Things R Just Ducky At Brown University

1507287_543009252483915_3053624763672250089_oIt seems a mama duck decided to hoist herself up onto a large flower pot by the science library on the Brown University campus in Providence, RI. (Time to download some kids.) Wednesday, they hatched! Of course, they have their own FB page…and U can read more at the Providence Journal. (Or “ProJo” in the local vernacular.)









Featured image by Brown U. Photography. Video and other photos by Mary Murphy/Providence Journal. Submitted by Katherine G. and Annalise M.

Friday Haiku Too: TK

Little lost turtle
Ends up in a machine shop
Andrew saves his life

“Wednesday, one of my coworkers found a tiny turtle in the middle of our metalworking shop…1.25″ long. I found an old 3.5” floppy disk box to put him in so I could take him to the state park after work. I gave him a cap of water and a popcorn chip. My sister was able to ID him. My son called him “Turtle Kwong,” and TK was soon dropped off near a river at the state park.” -Andrew K.

[NOTE: Here’s what a floppy disk box looks like for the kids in the audience. -Ed.]

Guess Who This Is

U prolly WON’T have to guess very hard.


HOW Do They DO It? HOW? HOW? HOW? (Shakes Fist At Sky)

Japan can make ANYTHING cute. Let’s flashback a bit.

*Travel agency just for stuffies? Check.

*Cat cafe? Sure thing, boss.

*Train stations? Why not?

*Hamster houses? Got ’em right ‘chere.

*Little Pikachu dudes? Yep.

*Buses with Teddy Bear Fur? In your face.

*Whoops, almost forgot these ridiculous Pokemon cars. That’s right, I said POKEMON CARS.

And they never let up.

With that said…..

– Andrew Y. (he really did find THIS one) sent us this ‘TocketNews24 link on Cute Food. (Hover deets from RN too.) Munch ’em or cuddle ’em—your call.






image003 (1)

And of course we have some helpful How-To videos:

[NOTE: Headline homage to MF. -Ed.]

Friday Haiku: A Bug’s Life

If U look real close
You will find tiny cute bugs
Flitting here and there





From 123 Inspiration.

That’s One Small Step For A Duck…

….one Giant Leap for…well, also for a duck.

Bowing once again towards the Napa HQ of T.O.


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