WIN Underwater Dogs Kids Edition!

seth_casteelFrom the wet, wild and wooly world of Seth Casteel comes Underwater Dogs Kids Edition. This sequel to last year’s spectacular Underwater Dogs title features never-before-seen photographs and also rhyming verse! It won’t be out ’til tomorrow, the 24th.

(What? I gotta wait ’til tomorrow?) No! We’ve got ya covered!

Cute Overload’s giving you the chance to win it before you can buy it. We’ve got a pair of signed Underwater Dogs Kids Edition books to give away! Send us an email by clicking this link: cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Make sure to include your complete mailing address and phone. We’ll take entries up ’til 9am PT tomorrow, and choose two names at random. (One entry per person, please – entries outside the US are absolutely fine!)


PS: coming in the fall of 2014: Underwater Puppehs!

We’ll run an updated post tomorrow with the winners. Thanks to Seth and Kristina A. at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

National Dog Week: A Dog Named Beau

It’s National Dog Week, the last full week of September. In honor of our furry friends, take 4:21 off to watch Jimmy Stewart’s touching tribute to his dog Beau on The Tonight Show, July 28, 1981.

Poem text is here if you want to print it. Photo from

Rock On, Mr. Otter….Rock ON!

These little dudes are having more fun than is legally allowed by law. WHERE DO I SIGN UP.

Broccoli. It’s What’s For Dinner.

“Broccoli. For dinner. Really? Seriously?”

Clover The Toy Poodle, from The Daily Dot via Fluffington Post.

Do You Like Hoppy Endings?

Then Fuzzberry’s story is for you!

“This is little Fuzzberry,

She came into our shelter, Bandaids for Bunnies, with 3 big abscesses.

She was one of the hundreds of bunnies living on the streets here in Richmond, British Columbia.

All are pets or offspring of pets. She is doing well and her abscesses are healing. We just love her!

She would love to see her pictures on Cute Overload!

These photos were taken by Christopher Orr. They were taken in our garden by the shelter. Our Facebook page is Bandaids for Bunnies.” -Krystal


National Heffalump Appreciation Day!

We’re bringin’ back the Original Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster for an encore, ’cause it’s also National Elephant Appreciation Day! (Wait, we’ve already had International Rabbit Day today. Couldn’t each of these guys get their own day? They gotta share?)

Take us back to Tanzania, Duhski8!

Welcome Aboard, Sir Stuffington!

So tell us, WhARRR ye been, pirate kitten? Talk Like a Pirate Day is ovARRR. YARRR late!

I, Sir Stuffington, and me two brothers, were busy bein’ rescued by some landlubbers and the Multnomah County Animal Services. Arrr!

SARRRy I’m late. I had a hARRRd day.

Me alARRRm clock broke.

Our cARRR broke down.

Me ‘n me mateys got mARRRooned.

I fell in a bARRRell!

They hornswoggled me ARRRmpits!

It took fARRRever to put on me appARRRel.
But now I’m ready for me GlamARRR Shot.

“I know it’s a little late for talk like a pirate day, but, c’mon. How could you deny that cutie a spot on CO?” -Jenna W.
Via Buzzfeed

International Rabbit Day Ees TODAY!

And it also happens to be BUNDAY! Such a coincidence!


Animated GIF from MSN Now, and second image of Bubbleman Bunneh from Instagram.

Wake Up Wake Up Wake UP

It’s time to go chase the roosters! Can’t you hear ‘em? Let’s GO! Rise ‘N’ Shine!!

“I stumbled across this ADORABLE video of a baby elephant trying to wake his pup friend to presumably play with him! The best part starts at 1:40 where you can see the ehn! from baby ele!” -Sarah P. as seen on

When it Comes to Personal Cleanliness

There’s nothing better than super lathering foam kitten. Softens skin better than shower gel kitten or bar kitten!

“This is my cat, Caine. Like Miley Cyrus, he too likes to lick things.” -Kate A.


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