THIS JUST IN: They’re Here To Assimilate Us

(News Teletype SFX)
From The CO NewsDesk: We interrupt our regular scheduled CO programming to bring you this bulletin!
We’ve had reports of these tiny little creatures appearing all over the world. It seems they are planning to take over the planet. Key features are big eyes with a penetrating gaze, pink tongue that is prone to panting, shaggeh ears, stubbular pawz, and an affinity for…….cupcakes.


If you see one of these creatures, there is only one way to defend yourself: snorgle them immediately.

Resistance is futile.

Good luck…to all of us.

AT sent in this Prosh Pint-Sized Poodle named Kikuma.

I Didn’t Get The Xbox 360

Ah means I liked the fur coat and the big box o’ “Baked Delights Hugs, crispy doggeh snax with soft savory centers made with beef AND cheese.” The Porsche Cayenne is neat, too.

But ah was hopin’ for the Xbox 360.

Toby, from Sarah L.

Throw Away Your Old Mascara

Hedgehog eyelash extensions save time and are a much cuter alternative! Not just for special occasions any more!

Thanks to Colleen O.,  Loki will keep us looking sharp.

I Believe I Can Boing!

Look at the boinging!

Look at the flying!

Look at the zooming! (woah, get-a-trash-can-dizzy warning @ :52 )

Look at eet and respect eet!

Vena Z. wants us all to get googlie-eyed over the world’s dizziest and rarest baby Dama Gazelle at Smithsonian Zoo, born Sept. 4, 2012

Friday Haiku: Take That

Burrowing owl chick

Is an excitable bird

And loves to hop up.

Photo from Peter Brannon.

Welcome to Total Transformation!

Hello Everybody! It’s time for another episode of, “Cute Starts With P” and today we’re going to turn a Pom into a red Panda!
(studio audience applause)

(Studio audience gasp!) Ta daaa! It’s a miracle! Um, if you look real close…

Miss Foxy Brown wants her money back, Tonya N., photo by Russ D., red panda via The Daily Cute

From Hoarder to Home

Sender-Inner Sharon D. says: “Finlay was rescued from a hoarder house of 40 cats, all orange, all fluffy and all related to an original orange fluffy couple. With practically no human contact, he and his “brother” Reilly (Mr. Nosevember!) were almost feral. The SPCA raided the house and were going to euthanize the lot of ‘em.

VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) stepped in to provide foster and forever homes for these beautiful cats. Reilly and Finlay were two of the shyest kitties, so I brought them home. They’re noisy cuddle monsters, now. This photo shows Finlay at the groomer. He has silky fine fluff, that gets knotted. I brush and comb him, but he still needs regular trips to the groomer. His face is priceless in this shot.”


Wal-Mart© Greeter Trainee

Now we know where they get ‘em!

Video from Luyen D.; that’s her son Ryan at the Oregon Zoo.

Highway Robbery, I Tells Ya…

Back in my day, you could get three unidentifiable food pellets for a nickel, and just look how much it costs now for one! You’ll have to do seo services all day just to eat! Why, I’ve a good mind to (grumble, grumble)…

New Species Discovered!

Scientists exploring the jungles of Tsi-Tsi-Banga have discovered the first-ever terrapuss, an unknown breed of feline mammal with a hard shell.

Covered with thick green scales, or scalio, in scientific parlance, the shell protects every part of the terrapuss except its vulnerable back section, or talio.

The shell also provides the terrapuss with amusement, allowing it to while away the hours contentedly chewing on itself.

Via ColdSleeper.


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