The Holiday Furrtographer Files

The always prolific Furrtographer (finally decided he needs his own tag) checks in with some Holiday-Themed QTE. Take it away, Mr. Norem:

“This is Checkers (the black & white) and Star (the tabby) from Saving Grace Rescue.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (33)-X2

SGR_12_1_2013 (31)-X3
“And this is Stockton from Saving Grace Rescue, and an adorable dog named Higgins who lives in San Francisco.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (32)-X3

“And here we have a couple of guys from Animal Care And Control, San Francisco. The black cat is Samantha and the puppy has a name but I forgot it.”

FUR_7930 (Medium)

FUR_8458 (Medium)

Contest Winners Announced Tomorrow!

At precisely 9am Pacific Time! Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry– we’re gonna sort through the hundreds of images now. (Your photo might still run this month, just outside of the contest time-frame.) Meanwhile, this Meg Encore Presentayshe should just about hold you over ’til The Big Announcement.

Not yet?

Well, Boo.

Betsy W. teamed up with photographer Ryan Benyi for these awesome shots.

I Had That Dream Again

First, this nice lady gives me a dog biscuit, and then another and another, and then I’m covered on dog biscuits and I can’t move. What does it mean?


“Something that I stumbled upon today. Looks like Oscar has it made!” says Nicole F.


Wh-who’s there? Please, come closer. (flattens ears, extends limp paw) I-I’m fading fast. C-can you reach my purple blanket for me?

“This is Bowie, an 8 mth. old Scottish Fold in Austin, TX. He loves being on his back! Bowie is the cat-brother of Harry and Wilson, who were on Cute Overload last year!

Who Wears The Pet Pants In Your Family?

Judging from this video, it’s probably not your puppeh.

When it Comes to Ninja Moves

These Lemurs are outstanding in their field…!

First we do like thees! Then we do like THEES!

Salagadoo alakaboo la chickabaloo bibbiddy bobbitty boo!

We got the moves like Jagger! We got the moooo ooo ooves like Jagger!

Animal acrobatics at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, England. “The natural world shows off its ninja moves with spectacular displays of agility.” Via Daily Mail.

And Now, a Hamonica Solo from Blues Legend “Hamblin’ Jack” Puxney

Oh, I woke up this mornin’, went a-runnin’ in the wheel
Said I woke up this mornin’, went a-runnin’ in the wheel
And I keep a-gettin’ nowhere, can’t escape the blues I feel…

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Whapped

OK, so last Monday, there was some loose change on the counter, and it was really shiny, so I whapped it. And Tuesday, I saw this lady, and she was wearing this really shiny earring, so I whapped it.

And then I whapped a window display of crystal stemware at Macy’s, and then I whapped a sales associate and two security guards, and the booking officer at the police station and saaaaaaaaay those are some shiny beads you have there…

“Dear CO, I got a new microwave, and Minnie loves the box!” says kibblenibble.

Can You Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue?

Now remember, concentrate and just do it like me. See?


How cool, you can cross your eyes! Try again!

“This is Joey.” from Wonder Cat Rescue. Photo by Josh N., The Furrtographer!

Try Getting THIS Couch In The Moving Van

Yes, that is what you think it is. A giant kitteh couch, about 11.5′ long. It was made by Unfold, a design studio in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s called “Felix Domesticus,” and Unfold considers it to be more of a sculpture. Either way, think of the belleh rubs you can give it!


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