Will U PLEASE Take Me On A Walk?

[Let me get my leash for you. Well, yeah, let me just- um, well, this is a problem- er, hold on, DOGGONE IT!]

From The Frogman.


Bunday: He’s Back There, Isn’t He

[I totally disapprove of what the hoomin is doing. Even if it IS a BUNDAY. Now, if he produces a carrot or two, I might be persuaded to forget this whole charade.] (Reddit.)

Tell Them to Call Back!

(Sheesh, why do people always seem to call when I’m taking a bath?)


(Say Like Batman Anncr.:) “It’s The Bunday Dynamic Duo!”

“Hi CuteOverload!! Sara, Nacho Supreme, and Con Queso here! We have some serious nuzzling action here! Nacho Supreme is the Gray Holland Lop and Con Queso is the White Netherland Dwarf. They are (obviously) a bonded pair and I think the only thing they love more than each other is your site!! Cheers and Happy Bunday!”

Bunday Morning Comix

“Because the world doesn’t have nearly enough Cute themed comic strips, I feel it is my duty to notify the good people at Cute Overload anytime I stumble upon particularly Squee Animations. Here’s a great corgi themed cartoon from the genius, Justin Boyd, at Invisible Bread.”- Shelby W.

There Is No Side-Eye Hall Of Fame

But if there WAS, Lefty would be in it. No, he’d OWN it. ALL of it. At the least, he’s got Rule Of Cuteness #95 locked DOWN.

From BuzzFeed.

Caturday Night Hijinx

Oh, it’s late. Just dive on in and SNORGLE THAT BELLEH!!!


Ice Is Nice

Unless you’re Rugby the Baby Bulldog. Despite all his wiggling, stumbling, bumbling and woofing, he (say like Captain Kirk:) Just. Can’t. Get. It.

From DP&F.
[I know, you wanted to make the header be “Ice Ice Baby.” Already did it ‘bout a year ago. Sorry. -Ed.]

This One Goes All The Way To Eleven

Little Munkster goes station to station to get his fill o’ free hazelnuts. Wait ’til the very end for the Ah-nold voice, too.

Caturday: It’s In The BAG, Man

[Let me just look in here and see what we have…ACK!]