Big Kitteh, Little Kitteh

“The photos with the leopard cover are my favourite.” -Jaroslaw L. [We agree! -Ed]



Maymo Presents: The Indoor Crazies

Is your pet cooped up inside due to the cold winter weather? Gettin’ a little wound up at times? Maymo knows what you’re talking about.

What Do You Mean, “Wrong Pet”?

I’m your pet, aren’t I? And it says “Pet” right here on the bag, doesn’t it?

So what’s the problem here?

Evan W. writes: “I’ve been following you a few years, but I’ve never noticed you promoting environmental causes! I thought this might be a nice reminder for everyone to recycle, particularly their pets, which I hear are causing a terrible mess in the Pacific Ocean’s great garbage patch. Ninja agrees!”

We’re Here for You, Chloe

This is such a sweet photo portrait in memory of your anerable hammy, Biddy. Such a cute, friendly fella. Even if it gets us all teared up, CO is a place for sharing special moments and many others will be there for you.

“Biddy was our beloved Djungarian. Sadly, he developed an untreatable infection and had to be put down today. We snapped this pic on an iPad mini when Biddy was just a pup and feel it’s a fitting tribute to our little buddy!  We love you, Biddy!” – Chloe D.

OK Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Kevin Dietrich was driving through the Chugach National Forest in Alaska, when one of the park residents stopped to wave “HI!”


From Mail Online.

The World of… The Future!

Need a lift in the future? Just hop aboard the fully-automated Skatetronics Transport System, and enjoy door-to-door convenience day or night.


Kermit, Could U Get That, Please?

Ah, the snooze bar. When the alarm goes off, just whack the top of the clock for another ten minutes of sleepy time. If you’re too groggy to find the alarm clock, no prob. Kermit here will do it for ya!

Spotted on Gawker.

Little Toby’s Big Adventure

Tabitha Ormaechea was in her car at a Spokane stoplight, when she was rear-ended. She got out of the car to speak to the other driver..but the other driver was speechless.

SOMEbody is getting grounded.

Video and Vine spotted on USA Today.

“Honey, Where’d My McNuggets® Go?” (Updated!)

“Oh, I warmed them up in the toaster oven- aren’t they right there?”

Aha!, thinks Lucy.

As seen on McNuggets® is a registered trademark of McDonalds Corp.

Maybe Lucy watched this clip for inspiration? Thanx to Susan M.

Meownan the Barbarian

Dismounting his faithful steed Floovis, Meownan descended into the dank, festering depths of Urph’Hurrgth — the Cave of Disgustingness. At last, he reached the sacrificial altar of the Dark Gods.

Something bad happened here, he thought in the hovertext. The bones of what appeared to be street mimes lay strewn across the great stone floor, and scrawled in maple syrup upon the great marble altar was the single word: Zamboni.

Suddenly, the great iron grate clanged shut, and Meownan faced the high priest Burp’Targhth, flanked by his acolytes, the Electrolytes. “At last, we finally meet again, barbarian” he sneered.

From our “Etsy is stranger than fiction” desk comes this one-of-a-kind $500 cat armor, which can give your cat both the means and the reason to kill you.

Helmet tip to Bored Panda. Now, where have I seen this before? (strokes chin thoughtfully)

actiekatten by filiafloep


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