Duffy Sees His Hoomins For The First Time!

Duffy lost his eyesight due to various ailments. BUT: he had surgery and now he can see again.

It’s good to be Duffy.

From VVV.
(Memo to Duffy: you’ll lose that Cone O’ Shame soon, dude!)

Piggy N Puggy: Loff Is Out 2 Get U

Somebody feels like Wrasslin’! Without further adieu, let’s welcome MISTER…Neil…Diamond!

From Susan M.

Back To Costa Rica With The Furrtographer

Cuteporter Holly H. spotted this Sloth-Tacular on The Telegraph. (Well, it turns out The Furrtographer was down at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica two years ago, but The Telly is just now on it. They must not have seen this post!) His comments are below.

“In 2012 I was lucky to be accepted as the “artist in residence” at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, also known as Aviarios Del Caribe. My primary goal was to take photos of the sloths, as I had never seen one in the wild or at a zoo, and was curious to find out what they were like.”

“Over the course of my two week stay at the sanctuary I took many pictures, but also served as a volunteer alongside several other visitors from all around the world. The sanctuary has since discontinued its visitor and artist in residence program in order to focus its energies full-time on the sloths in its care, so I was extremely lucky to be able to experience the sloths up close like I did.”

“We were able to feed them twice a day which included preparing their meals, then delivering plates of food to them inside their roomy enclosures.”

“In the mornings after breakfast we’d take some of the younger orphaned sloths and train them to climb on a small jungle gym the sanctuary created out of large sticks.”

“Since these sloths were without a mother to show them the ropes, they had to learn on their own, and with the help of other sloths.”

“After some jungle gym time, we’d put the sloths back in their areas, then take a break for lunch. We’d repeat the process again in a few hours for dinner, which usually consisted of a plate of vegetables all freshly prepared by the volunteers and staff.”

“All in all it was an amazing trip, and I got to know many of the sloths on a personal level through spending a lot of time with them over the course of two weeks. They are sweet, curious, and have very sharp claws and a few sharp teeth as well.”

“I learned the females have a high-pitched mating call, and that most sloths only defecate about once a week at the bottom of whichever tree they are currently using for shelter.”

“Overall it was an amazing trip, and Judy and the rest of the staff were extremely hospitable.”

“I’d love to go back someday, and the sanctuary offers tours and lodging if you want to experience the sloths for yourself. I highly recommend it!”



All photos by The Furrtographer/Caters.

ResQte Of The Week: Ryan Gosling Meets Hemingway The Goat

2014_05-27_FSOR_DSC_1876.JPG_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary_2100x1391_300_RGBPeople, take a few minutes to read the story of how Ryan the Gosling (get it?) and Hemingway the Goatster met at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.



#TBT: April 5, 2008: The Lamb Socks 2000

Googly eyes and Knobbular Knee Portions are also built-in to this model. Test goats are available for drives. Take the Burlingame exit, ask for Tony.

Nice work, Em!

Derpeh Donkeh

unnamed“I took the photo of Jason in Petaluma CA. at my brother’s farm.” -Mary H.

C.O. Mailbag: “Obviously My Kitten Is The Cutest Ever”

“I’m sure you hear that a lot. He may not be the cutest ever, but he’s pretty darn cute. This is Eddie. (Or, Prince Shedward to his mommy and Eddie Shredder to his dad. And Fast Eddie, the no-good hustler, to his as-yet-unimpressed older cat-sister, Lana Lee.) We adopted him from the LA-SPCA here in New Orleans on June 6 (Adopt A Cat Month!) He’s got a knack for napping, sometimes in ways that defy physics. Hope he makes the cute cut. Love your site. It gets me through my midafternoon slump.” -Seale P.

unnamed (1)


The REAL World Cup Pup

Gotta be Pug Puppehs vs. Bichon Frises, right? None of this “country” stuff!

The Pet Collective via T.O.

Maymo, You’re Tougher Than I Am

If I saw a spider that size, (even a toy one) – I’d run for the hills. Not Maymo. After some initial apprehension, he gets it to massage his paws.

As it should be.

Wave Yer Paws In The Air Like Ya Jus’ Don’t Care

Beyond belief. This is Octavia, and….(mumbles, passes out.)

From Wendy M., who supplied the header and spotted this on Jezebel.


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