It’s Time for Your Performance Evaluation

Overall, you have been doing a slightly better than adequate job. There are areas for improvement, however.

For instance, the BR report shows that the frequency of belly rubs has decreased. The AM belly rubs are fairly consistent, but the post lunch belly rub is pretty hit and miss and the pre dinner belly rub is non-existent.

So, I’m gonna need you to get back on track with the PM belly rubs, mkay?

Thank you The Interwebs.

Penny, Get Ready To Hop To It

Penny the Lop’s gonna get BUSY tomorrow morning. Strangely, no sign of stress, anxiety, or disapproval.






Photos by Annie D.

March Madness

My name is Farrah Faucet, and I do not care about college basketball.

“We found her wandering the streets, for awhile she lived in the bathroom, but now she’s a full fledged member of the household.” Thanks to Ali W.

Max Should Hit Beijing By Tomorrow Morning

I know it’s down here somewhere. Jenny said it was.



The part of Max Stubbular played by Shambler. Jenny H. is the submitter, who says “He always enjoys a good day at the beach. Although he is a little nervous about the water, he LOVES the sand! Here he is digging to China from Bodega Bay, CA. Note the sandy eyebrows at the end :). PS CO gets me through the work day.”

One Or the Otter

Wait a second, why am I choosing? I’ll have both!

From Veganism is the Future

Friday Haiku Too: Eloise

She loves tomatoes

More than anything there is

Even more than milkshakes

Here’s Eloise the box turtle snacking on a tomato, c/o Haley L.

Flashback Friday

This time we’re taking you way back to the bebop days of the Roaring 20s! The time of flappers, jazz, automobiles, television! And gangsters, who were apparently cats.

Vintage postcard posted by Jessy on Mimistudio

Friday Haiku: Turtle or Tortoise?

Turtle or Tortoise?
One’s on land – one’s in water
Both are quite friendly




Creditos As Follows:
First image submitted by Wendy D., found here with photo by Daniel Hartley-Allen/Newspix/Rex Features. Second image from Reddit, Third/fourth from Kristen C..

Ready for Your Close Up?

Just a bit of blush, a wistful look and I am good to go!

Be sure to get my best side.

Via The Daily Mail

A Teddy Bear’s Teddy?

How about I wear the red sparkly one tonight?
Melissa S.’s Beastie Beans, the pomeranian, is back!


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