I Went Down To Schwab’s Pharmacy To Get Discovered..

…then they told me it closed 30 years ago. NOW how am I gonna hit the big time? I don’t WANNA do reality TV. U like my ‘Come Hither‘ look?

Via Reddit.

The Ukraine Cats Really Knock Me Out…

So what we HAVE heah—are hairless cats that look like Vladdy Putin, the Russian president dude…from Foreign Policy.com.


You don’t know how lucky you are, comrade kittehs.








Spaseeba to Richard H.

Remember, We Are a Lady

“It’s right foot over left… no, left over right… except after Labor Day… erm…

“Eh, heck with it. Just be yourself.”


You TOLD Me To Make The Bed

Isn’t this how you do it?

“I’m not sure if it’s as cute when a dog digs a bed as when a cat does it, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. This is Maude.” -Cuteporter Rachel P.

I Went To McDonalds Like U Asked

Here’s your Quarter Pounder. I forgot the fries though, I didn’t have room in my mouf, and I got no pockets.

As seen on Holly P-B.’s FB feed.

Snoozy Snacks

Oh noes! We look like four little sweet peas in a pod! What if a hungry giant comes along and noms us up?

“Four sweet little baby Chinese hamsters. If this submission makes it onto your site, it will make my boyfriend’s life. It will make my life too. Photo taken by me.” -Halyse D., Halyse Photography


So, Dude, when I saw all those waves, I did the obvious thing to do, cowabunga all the way! Primo.

“Thought Cute Management might enjoy this particular video we found on YouTube during our morning computer cute-video-combing!” -Barbara and Paul, Hopelessly addicted to Cute.

Mrs. Fluffy in the Twenty-Fifth Century!

As she emerged from the cryogenic quadrophonic hyperbolic freeze chamber, Mrs. Puffy gazed in wonder at the marvels of the new age. Flying cars! Colonies on Mars! Self-chasing squeaky toys!

Tawnya S. says: “Hi there! Let me introduce you to my cat, Ginger. She loves climbing into purses, and demands that you rub her nose if she lays on you.”

Mom Nom

Mom, just stand still so I can get a leetle neeble!

Photo By Georgios Kefalas/Associated Press : seen on SFGate.com.

Around the Living Room in Eighty Days

Bidding farewell to the natives of Pago Pago, I set my sights on Bora Bora, and from there to Baden Baden, Qhora Qhora, Zam Zam, and Omsk. Alas, a haboob from Hibhib buffeted my balloon willy-nilly, to either Wagga Wagga or Walla Walla.

Grace M. writes: “This is Margot.  I adopted her about four years ago, and what a bundle of joy!  She drops jaws wherever she goes since she’s constantly performing tricks and dancing.  I walk and bike with her a lot, and  it turns a lot of heads when I’ve got my giant dog on one side and her boopin’ around on my head.”


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