That’s Far Enough, Kid

How many times I gotta tell you, don’t talk to strange camera operators!

“I just thought the peeps of CO would love to see this mama wolf with her kitten,” writes Ginette C.

Twelve Days Of Milo: Holiday Style Guide

So Milo’s got some friends coming over, and he wants to look his best. Which outfit will he pick?

Up Next: The Chaseable Mouse

Limited screen space on laptop computers is a perennial problem, but researchers may have a breakthrough: the Holographic Auxiliary (HOAX) display system.

Now we can watch full-length movies, DxDutch!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Hello there! Tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho! Santa will give you whatever you want. But I, er I mean Santa, must get cookies and milk. Ho Ho Ho!

“Lola Mae is no too pleased with her Santa outfit but her mommy, Bonnie B. snapped the picture anyway. Merry Christmas to my little “Humbug”, Lola.”

Christmas Delivery Still Available!

Order from now and select “I’m an idiot who didn’t plan ahead so please tack on shipping charges three times the amount of my order” for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

Looks Like A Budweiser Commercial

[I know this looks nice, the snow and trees and all. But if I had my way, I’d be on a beach in the Caribbean right now.]


OMG PONIES!!1!!1! Image by Flickerer Deanna W. Video clip submitted by Wendy M.


The call of the wild or the next operatic soprano diva? You decide.

Belka, Husky-Malamute mix, howls adorably. Via YouTube.

Fire Crew to the Rescue

We all know how brave firefighters are. Being a firefighter is all about the very hard work of dealing with incredibly difficult hazards, danger and, omgkittens!!!!1!!111!!!11!!!!

Via YouTube. (By the way! While we’re waiting for that Men of CO calendar, we should get us a Men of CO tag!)

THIS JUST IN: Teddy Bear’s Christmas Treat (Updated!)

Santa Claus has delivered an early Christmas treat for everyone’s favorite talking porcupine.

Here’s a behind the scenes look, too:

And here’s an Encore Presentayshe of TB also in Christmas Mode:


You asked for a Teddy Bear ring tone for your phone- get it here! Just clickee the link for the MP3.

Teddy Bear Ring Tone

Theo -N- Thea’s Christmas In NYC

Cuteporter Wendy M. found this paws-itively stunning video- enjoy!

YouTuber Shinkoruri posted this amazing clip. More on these guys here.


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