Invasion of the Kitty Snatchers

We were all so grateful when our Miss Whiskers came back home, and yet she seems… different. She doesn’t hog the sofa anymore, she cleans up her own hairballs, she’s not aloof like she used to be — she actually seems… interested in us.

According to Metro UK, this Cardiff cat seems to be mocking its own “missing” poster — or is it (raises eyebrow) an entirely different cat?!

OK Kid, Here’s How Ya DO It

Buddy the Puppeh shows Bear Bear (true) the New Hoomin how to crawl.

From Viral Viral Videos.

♫ Way Up North (North To Alaska) ♫

Got a terrific email from Karen K., who just returned from a trip to the Great White North. (Well, technically that’s Canada, but AK’s got a lotta snow and stuff, so it works, right?) Anyway, here come her photos and comments in the hovers. (+ oldie but goodie by Johnny Horton:)


photo 5


photo 3



photo 2



A Great Way To Kill Five Minutes At Work

Clipboard01Lunchtime on the West Coastie. Sittin’ there staring at your sandwich and apple without much enthusiasm, eh? Wanna build an animated cartoon SQUID? Of COURSE you do! Just click here to build yer own. Thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium PR Dept.

THIS JUST IN: RIP 2 Frostie The Snow Goat

frFrostie The Snow Goat has unexpectedly passed away. More details on the Today Show website.

C.O. condolences to the staff at Edgar’s Mission and to all those who loved the little goat who could. From Pam Ahern on the EM FB:

“My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your kind condolences on the passing of dear little Frostie. Your touching words give me great comfort knowing of the joy and inspiration he brought to your life and the profound imprint he has made in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. If our life’s purpose can be measured by those we touch, Frostie did meet this goal admirably and indeed it was only a short time on this earthly coil he needed to do so. I will treasure forever that I was his special someone. ‘Cry not because it is over, smile because it happened.'”


Furry Photos For The Fourth

(Say THAT five times fast!)

Say, let’s hear it for the Red, White, and Baroo! Send us your Adorb Lil’ Animuhl Friend all decked out in Patriotic stuff, and we could use it on the Fourth of July! Just click here to send!

This is Benny, from Saleta T.

Goats =R= Us

We’ve been on quite a Goat roll lately, eh? Well, it was all just a set up…to THIS.


Sliding Goats from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Toesday: Lady Bubbles (+ MGG)

Both Kitties CouchMaru has Hana, and Magilla Glub Glub has the one and only Lady Bubbles, shown here flashing some Major Serious Beanage. We’ve also got The Dynamic Duo fresh off an intense night of lizard hunting in the bathroom. “The lizard won,” says Bethany H.

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 8

Bathroom 17

I Must Have The Snack! I Must!

There’s something in the bottom of that mug and Little Porky Pine Head has to have it.

HAS TO. (And just wait for the spinning around part.)

Yup, Tee Oh.

The Curious Case Of Bentley And The Blue Monster

10269348_595766743872034_8047704023032861006_n“This is Bentley, a Mini Dachshund from Swindon, UK. Blue Monster photobombed his picture. Luckily it’s his favourite toy.” -Hannah M.


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