Caturday: Hi-Res Rufus

If you’ve got a good camera, you can really zoom in on those noses. Take Rufus here, for example. Although The Furrtographer probably wouldn’t let you.


Don’t Forget To “Fall Back” Tonight

Set those clocks back tonight before you go to sleep (in certain areas) just like Thing One & Two did!





Caturday: Best Kitteh Name EVER!

Are you ready for it?
Sure can handle it?
Last chance to back out…



The YT post adds JP is seeing snow for the FOIST time.

Need Your Floors Cleaned?

[I can do that! Check out the size of MY nose! One sniff under the bed, and I get ALL the Dust Bunnehs!]

“This is my brother’s dog, Chelsea. She’s a Bernese Mountain Dog/St. Bernard mix.” -Sarah L.

Caturday: Sense A Common Theme Here?

Can’t quite…put my finger on it. Hmmmmm.




WAIT! A HAPPY ONE! How’d you get in here?

~Le Creditos~
1. Reddit.
2./4. Mostly Cats Tumblr.
3. Cleo, from Jessica W.

Eek! It’s a Couple Rats!

Don’t worry, they’re only going to extreeem nosicle-whisker-tickle us to death!


“Rattie nose number one brought to you by Uno my rat and a nommy treat. Rattie nose two brought to you by Tweak and the want of a nommy treat.” H. Due.

Hold Still Will Ya

Dunno what Priscilla N. calls it at her house, but at our house this is called the Smoooosh Faaace!, or, Muuuuuush Faaace!!

They just LOVE EET so moiche. ::snerk:: Do not forget the Kissy-Kissy.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

“This was my bunny Baby Fat. At night I would give her massages around her lop ears and cheeks and she would love it. She use to wait for me to come as soon as she heard someone walking towards the bunny room.” -Priscilla N.

Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 11:48pm PT

Whew! And we’re wrapping up a very busy 48 hours with the conclusion of our 24 Hours Of Noses. Will you look at this slippery fellow? If evah there was a face meant for a snorgle, this is it!

Submitted by Doris/Pred’s Mom, as seen here.

24 Hours Of Noses was powered by a four pack of Oikos Greek Yogurt (Blueberry,) a few leftover Candy Corn Oreos, a bag of grapes from Safeway, and a jug of Trader Joe’s Apple Cider. This is your announcer, Don Pardo, and we now return to our regular stuff.

Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 10:15pm PT

Forget the Nose in this one. Look at those TEENY TINY FINGERS CLAWS.

From the Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation FB page, via Kimberly B.

We’ve got one more hour to go! 24 Hours Of Noses continues…

Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 9:11pm PT

“Spotted this gem on the web and oh my hamsters, it’s adorable. Credit goes to photog Dmitry Sharshakov.” – Cuteporter Susanne M.

(“Oh My Hamsters.” New fave saying.)

24 Hours Of Noses continues…


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