Bungee, Jumping

Don’t stop him now. Bungee, “is a shooting star, leaping through the sky, like a tiger, defying the laws of gravity…!”


Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 5.52.33 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 5.54.20 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 5.53.34 PM
“Bungee has a lot of energy as you will see. These 20 jumps are a selection of about 70 he did during this playtime.’ -Sascha D. Lyrics by Freddie Mercury.

Hiiii glow worm, how’s it going? And going and going?

Jellooo, (g’loop g’loop g’loop) I am Pyrostremma Spinosum. (sploooooosh) But mah friends call me Sea Squirt. (burble burble blub blub) I’m full of zooids, ’cause I’m a freakazoid.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 2.58.25 PM
Daily Mail, where divers are quoted as saying, “…they’re also delicate and fluffy. Like a feather boa.”

THIS JUST IN: Maru/Hana Nose Boop GIF!

We bring you the latest chapter in our continuing struggle effort to translate Mugumogu.


“Maru: [I detected a strange creature] Maru Chibi cat released in the place you’re interested. Chibi cat Greetings to circle’s first and foremost. . Because Maru was interested in a kitten, I left a cage Open The kitten Said hello to Maru Foremost “scary …… This ultra-what.” Maru: [. Wow, this is a terrible creature] some interest, but it is stay away first meeting and scary.”


“After that, the habit of going to smell from their own, and repeated the escape to say it “. stopped” when the nose Chu. Maru was afraid of a kitten first. Afterwards, Maru smelled the kitten many times. However, he escaped When the kitten Approached.”


That’s IT – Moving To Tokyo – SEEYA!

MORE from JP? We just had marshmallows, and now—a NINJA HAMSTER HOUSE!!!! Can’t..take..much more of…this. Is RocketNews24 hiring?

[Memo to self- call agent. Wait, I have no agent. Disregard.]


And what the heck, let’s toss another log onto the fire. DED. (clunk.)

Cuteporter Andrew Y. FTW.

マシュマロの狂気 (Marshmallow Madness)

In the grand tradition of, um, this post, the great folks from The Far East are handing us our asses heads on a QTE plate.


We saw this once before, but not to this degree. Check the detailed hovers c/o RocketNews24. The company that makes these is called Yawahada- their FB is here. RN24 says they only ship inside Japan- but maybe if you contact them and whine a lot, they might change their minds. The FB page says “We are working on enabling international shipping and hope to make a good announcement to you in the near future.”











THIS JUST IN: Goldie Overload ACTION

From the Who Knew? file- there’s a Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland!

Ah, we missed out! It wuz last month @ Guisachan Estate, Tomich, Invernesshire, Scotland. (Muttering: ‘Must find on Google Maps & book airfare for 2014…’)



o-GOLDEN-900 (1)

o-GOLDEN-900 (2)
Photos by Gordon Richardson. Thanks to Cuteporters Tamara H., Christine K. and Sofia C.

Happy Birthday, Megster

I hurried over here as quick as I could, hope I’m not too…hey, where’s the cake?

(Mea Culpa-City for forgetting MF’s birthday wuz on July 30th- we stand totally chagrined. Or chastised. Or..something. Original post concept by NTMTOM, re-tweak by Pyrit.)

Does A Bear Scritch In The Woods?

You bet they do.

Video by Alberta Parks : send in by several Cuteporters including Art D.

Kodalai asked for an animated .GIF. We can do that!

Bear on Make A Gif

Download Maru

This is from a website called “Simple Desktops.” Click here to get a full-size version for your desktop! Design by Andy Oakley.


Mom Taxi XI: Ribbit?

Webbed thumb goes up, a frog goes by
It’s nearly bedtime and here am I
Hitchin’ a ride, hitchin’ a ride
Mom’ll get me home for my morning flies. (Apologies to Vanity Fare.)

“My girl Maria took this photo and started making up this silly song. I knew I had to send this to CO for the Mom Taxi files. I like how the lil’ guy’s eyes seem to be closing sleepily. I remember when we were kids we used to pretend to fall asleep on the couch just to get Mom or Dad to carry us to bed! Thank you for doing what u do so well. Cute Overload makes my day every morning!!!” -Joy M.



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