Maybe A Diet WOULD Be A Good Idea

[I’ll think about that later. Right now, I WANT WHAT’S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR.]

From Nothing To Do With Arbroath.


This little glider has a smooth launch, but the landing looks a bit… rocky (snert).


These Whiskers

Boldly go where no whiskers have gone before.

“Bailey, Queen of the Universe.” -Aditi K. C.

The UK Has Really Gone To The Dogs

The Crufts Dog Show is being held through Sunday at the NEC in Birmingham, England. They bill themselves as “The Biggest & Best Celebration of Dogs.”

That works for us.

Crufts Stuff:
Official Web Site
Daily Event Page
Facebook Page
Audio Podcasts on iTunes


crufts-dog-show-2014 (2)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (3)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (4)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (5)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (6)

crufts-dog-show-2014 (7)


crufts-dog-show-2014 (1)
Photos as seen on NY Daily News.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What do you do when you can’t decide between your two favorite dog breeds? Oh, like, the Schnauzer and the Border Terrier, just for example. You could flip a coin, or, maybe you could choose not to choose, voila, like Bailey here!

“Hi, Meg & Co.! This is Bailey. I think she belongs on CO, ’cause she is literally a cute overload. She’s a 5 year old Schnauzer/Border Terrier. Best girl in the world. Thanks for making my day everyday!” -Deidra F.

OK, Maybe Not That Foolproof

When you’ve got a monkey-sized thirst, don’t human around with ordinary sports drinks — drink Ook™, the thirst quencher made for monkeys on the move. Now available in foolproof easy-open six-ounce bottle.


Spotted in India by Flickerator haiderali4496.

Cement Mix-up

“(Where has that no-good lazy bum been hiding himself this time? I’m behind schedule as it is, and I now I gotta look for him! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to start the cement mixer myself and hope he shows up.)”


Via gacha223.

Express Your Inner Decor-um

To reduce the appearance of clutter, introduce lines and angles to your home, even if you don’t think it jives with kitty’s feng shui…

“This is Charlie (aka “My Charlie”) my rescute kitteh.  He is just the best boy ever. I hope you think he’s cute enough for “C.O.”, we love your site, never miss a day! (Took these with the iPad). -Jean A. from CT.

THIS JUST IN: Mama Heffalump Rescues Bebeh!

Folks, this one is gonna keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t worry, everyone is safe! Whew!

As seen on VVV.

Friday Haiku Too: Badda-Beep, Badda-Boop

Joey Tomato
Loves to drink water anytime
Named for a gangsta?

“He will eat tomatoes and really any kind of people food he can steal from us. What Joey loves most of all is water. When he was a kitten, he didn’t want to drink from his bowl, so I grabbed the squirt bottle I originally bought to punish him for going on counters. Well, he latched on and loved it so much it stuck with him. He was recently in the hospital for a week, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. We were so glad to get him home and back to his normal self!” -Anonymous Cuteporter.


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