Now, now dear (singsong). You didn’t ask and you didn’t say please. Sooo, how do we get what we want?
… . . .  .  .  .

Grab it before anybody else does! (stuuuffs pouch, runs away)

Keep up the good work at Coast and Canyon Wildlife, Kim B.

Slobberknocker Alert!

Just turn your speakers up and watch this twitchy, snoring ball of SNORF named “Google Lee.” You’re welcome.

From the YouTube files of Hsien-Hsin Lee.

No Good Deed Goes Unphotobombed

(sigh) It was a simple thing, really. He was swimming in circles with some fishing line tangled in his teeth, and I was there on the dock, so I fly over and pluck it out.

End of it, right? But no, he’s had a few, and now he’s all “I love you, man!” this and “Anything you want, bro!” that, and I haven’t been rid of him since. Just my luck.

Via Neatorama.

Gonna Be Your Pig In Motion, All I Need Is A Pair Of Wheels

This Prosh Little Porkmobile was born without the use of his hind hoofsters. So eet was time to…improvise! Let’s roll, Chris P. Bacon!


Story Submitted by many a Cuteporter, with videos provided by Len Lucero. Photo from the Chris FB page. Title stolen adapted from my ol’ pal David Foster.

Move Over Hula Girls

Bobblehead llamas are here!

Let’s go cruisin’, Johanna Seigmann

Attack of the Killer Kittens!

A murderer lurks among us — in every garden, down every alley, perhaps in your very home. A soulless, bloodthirsty killing machine, able to hunt entire terror-stricken species to eternal extinction with cold, grim, unfeeling efficiency…

Who is this fiend? The common house cat. According to research quoted in The Scientist, domestic and feral cats kill as many as 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals each year. And after they’re done with field mice, could we be next?

And yet, this fearsome beast is capable of … this.

Photos via Mikael Tigerström and Kevin Dooley.

THIS JUST IN: The Nine Cutest Things That Ever Happened

OK, who in the world is Gordon Hamilton and how does he and his Australian Voices choir know so much ABOUT THE CUTE!? Check them sing about the top 9 Cutest things—they picked some damn good ones. Thanks to alert cuteporter (and member of Australian Voices his own self) Scott Griffin. Hey Scott, which one are you in the video?! Don’t be shy now.

UPDATE FROM SCOTT DOWN UNDAH: “Yes, I’m in the background on the right at 0:12 :-)”

Meanwhile, over at the Bat Clinic

Crankez-vous the volume up, People, and don’t say we didn’t warn you:


Lydia sent this in. That’s Trish Wimberley on bat feeding duty over at the Australian Bat Clinic.

Prosh Arm Candy

This sweet bebbeh koala is the very definish of that which pleases merely by being seen.

“Orphaned four-month-old koala joey Squeaky is cared for at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, New South Wales, Australia. He was found whimpering in his mother’s pouch after she was struck by a car on the Oxley Highway two weeks ago. He’s a very quiet little fella, but he’s doing OK, hospital supervisor Cheyne Flanagan said. He just clings to a little sheepskin roll that mimics his mummy.”

From the Telegraph




Cuteporter Mariana P. spotted thees on the Y-Tubes.


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