THIS JUST IN: Bebeh Pandas Goin’ Mobile

Breaking Panda Nooz via Cuteporter Cheryl S.: “Here’s a video just posted at Zoo Atlanta on the Twin Panda Cubs’ first day on exhibit. (Mei Lun & Mei Huan. But which is which? They need little panda football jersey numbers.) What’s cuter than a baby panda? Two baby pandas, of course!”

[Can’t fault THAT logic. -Ed]

WAG BRIGADE: On Duty At SFO! (Updated!)

Airports are giant stress-centers this month. He’s traveling here, she’s traveling there, and they gottabethererightnow. Cue the Wag Brigade, please.

As part of the San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program (AAT), Wag Brigade volunteers will be regularly visiting SFO terminals with their certified therapy dogs.

The dogs will wear personalized vests that read “Pet Me!” and ID them as Wag Brigade volunteers. The goal is to provide stress relief and make travel more enjoyable for SFO passengers.


SFO Press3

SFO Press4

SFO Press5

SFO Press6

Now Serving Toesday Sunny Side Up!

Today we are offering the quadruple coronary special. Your clawlesterol levels just went through the roof.

“Adoribus. Dreaming of lasagna.” Via Madelinethemadlion

Goatercize Your Way To A New U in 2014!

The year is winding down and maybe…you’ve put on a few pounds? No worries! Try “Goatercize” from Cute Overload! Our patented exercise process will have U slim and trim in no time! Just pile on a couple of Bebeh Goatsters and watch those pounds melt away! This is a limited time, money-back offer, so call now!

“It looks like a great way to make exercise fun!” – Cuteporter Amanda B.

Elephant Elefont

Elephants. Is there anything they can’t do? Have you seen the elephant alphabet? It’s not irrelephant, it’s elephantastic.


Elefont created by Mirko Humbert. More at Daily Design.

I’ll Make You A Deal, OK?

If you can get by me, I will let you up the steps. If you can’t, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight. With ME.

Toby, from Sarah L.

This Isn’t The Carrot You’re Looking For

Here, let me take that carrot off your paws. I’ll just haul it over here and nom it.

Sent in by Dave N.

Eagle Swipes Camera, Takes Selfie

Park rangers in Western Australia placed a motion-sensor camera near the Margaret River to study crocodiles. It seems an intrepid Sea Eagle had other ideas.



Just Hangin’ Out In St. Paul

Little over three weeks ’til Santa’s Reindeer take off for their all-night flight: let’s check this live webcam to see how their preparations are going! (Of course, sometimes the reindeer are hiding- and give the cam a sec to load!)

Live streaming video by Ustream



Video stream from The Como Park Zoo, St. Paul, MN.

Guy Buys a Bag of Mulch. Gets a Free Squirrelio.

It all started when, well, no one really knows how it started. But this guy found a bebeh squirrelio that somehow got inside a bag of mulch.

We also don’t know who is luckier, the squirrelio or the guy.

All we know is a very caring guy got the best Cracker Jack prize ever! And its name is Zip!

Except, unlike a Cracker Jack prize, Zip keeps getting better and better.

And, like they say, when we help even the littlest of those in need,

it brings good car-ma.

Zip would now like to raise a toast to his hoomin.

(Zip makes little “ahem” sound) …”Here’s to the man who gave a tiny, lost squirrel a lot of love,

“Dude, you’re the best, go out and get yourself a brand new glove.”

“This is a great story. Really needed to pass it along. Love CO so much!” -Terry from MN.


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