Caturday: And Then Along Comes Mary

“This is Lady Mary, being the little imp she is, hanging on the curtain. She is from a litter of 5 that I am fostering for Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. Thanks for considering her for CO!” -Cathy O’B.


T’ai Chi for Cats

Many moves in T’ai Chi are often named for the activities they resemble, such as “Parting the wild horse’s mane.” Here we see Quat Mi-Yao, fifth-generation T’ai Chi master, demonstrate “Eating the Invisible Tuna.”

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Gus: The Ultimate Food Thief

Cuteporter Abbey R. in The Big Apple fills us in on the magnificence that is…..Gus.

“Hello Cute Overload: This is Gus, our basset hound keeping a watch out for all entrants and food-droppers at our house. He never seems to outgrow the name ‘Squat-O’. He’s about 75 lbs…the ultimate food thief.”

Beautiful Gus

“He doesn’t sit down long when the camera’s on him, if he sees someone paying attention to him he tends to get up and beg for food.”

Gus's Tock-Shot 2

Classic Meg Rewind: January 16, 2007

(bird) ‘Tocks Up!

When things got you down
and you got a perma-frown it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(bird) ‘Tocks Up!

When everything sucks
and your pockets have no bucks it’s

‘Tocks Up!
‘Tocks Up!

When you sleep through the alarm
and Grandpa bought the farm it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(in this case bird) ‘Tocks Up!

Sing it with me, People! (and William B.T.!)

Friday ‘Tock Three-Pack

“This is a photo we took on Boston Common a few months ago – tall, short and medium ‘tocks!” -Deb B.


“I think my frenchie Monty has the cutest bum! He has matching swirls and a little nub tail. You can see he’s a little sensitive about having it photographed.” -Megan.


“Hi Cute Overload! This is our kitten, Matty. Cheers, Lauren.”


Flashback Friday

Well what can we say except, pop ‘em in your mouf before they melt!

Philippe Halsman (1948)
From the internet, ♪ ♫ like a cat, over troubled water♪ ♫

POLL + THIS JUST IN: Chickens. With Sweatuews!

[FWIW: Peering thru the massive CO Database Archive at Livermore Labs has located more than one CO-style spelling for “Sweater.” You get Sweatahs, Sweatuews, Sweateuh, and Sweatews. And there may be more.]

This glaring discrepancy requires resolution. So, let’s have a poll! First, the Sweatuews! (The default spelling ’til we get poll results.) Why do this? We got this email from the staff at The Zip Yard in Winton, Bournemouth, UK.

“I work in a clothing alteration store, and we had a strange request last week! These chickens came from a battery farm, and had sadly lost some of their feathers.”


“The cold and wet British weather is on the way, so we were asked to make some jackets to keep them warm!”


“But we couldn’t just make them plain boring ones, oh no.”

Hover text info from Mail Online.

How To Assemble Your Cat

Congratulations, cat owner! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Carefully remove cat parts from shipping container.

2. Insert rank armatures through wallison grommets and attach to torso even moreso.

3. Attach talio inglesias to ‘tocks and rotate counter-upwise.

4. Gently twist cranial command module onto shoulder blades until you hear a harp glissando.

You’re done! If your cat looks like the photo below, you did it wrong.

More of Japan’s most retweeted cat pics.

Welcome 2 World Animuhl Day!

peace_on_earth_animals-640x552 According to this site, “World Animal Day has become a day for remembering and paying tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them.” Check the website header for WAD deets in your country. (And don’t forget to reach out today and give an animuhl a helping hand. Or a scritch on the belleh. Or in the case of this little maniac, a peanut.)


Cuz whether they’re big….


Or small…






Or tall..

There’s no doubt..


We loff ‘em all.


~Le Creditos~

1. Photos 1-6 from Deanna W.
2. Photo 7 is an Encore Presentaysh from Alex W.
3. Photo 8 sent in by Cuteporter Kerzine as seen here.
4. Photo 9 from My Modern Met, photo by Marsel Van Oosten.
5. Thumbnail from Maati.TV.

Friday Haiku: Baby Can U Drive My Car?

No one’s said turtles
can’t drive an automobile
They just need small cars

“We saw this little snapper on a nature walk in the McMillan Marsh Preserve in Marshfield, WI.” -Cuteporter Missy S.


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