Happy Cheeks!

Well, we hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter, complete with all the flowers, feasts, faith and fun with friends and family, and most especially that oldest favorite Easter blessing,
“Keep eating all that candy and you’re going to be sick!”

Thanks for sharing, Daily Pozitive.

April Is Prevention Of Cruelty To Animuhls Month

Hi there, hoomins! We’re here to let you know that Prevention Of Cruelty To Animuhls is a really big deal, and something we’re totally down with. (Being animuhls and all.) Check out this website to learn more, and y’all have a nice day, here?

[Eight of THESE guys is NEVER enough. -Ed]

Photo from Izismile.

C’mon Get Happy!

So happy together!
Mae & Sydney are happy and they know it! Both adopted from the Tampa Bay Humane Society, sent in by Yunet H., photo by Paper Rabbit.

Didn’t Get Chipmunk Repellent, Did’ja?

You might want to put more thought into your threat assessment for next time, folks. This time, it’s gonna cost you. Ants get crumbs, but I get the whole cookie.

Via josephleenovak.

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 11:52pm PT

ZZZZZZZZ Oh, whut? Sorry, dozed off. And….let’s wrap it up with Miss Coco Bear, shall we?

“Here’s my beautiful miniature Australian shepherd Coco! Coco is a spoiled dog who has a ton of toys and likes shopping at the pet stores. She even has her own Facebook.” -Shelly L.

And so, we come to the end of another holiday extravaganza- 24 hours of The QTE. This one nearly killed me has been great! Our day-long event has been powered by a couple of those Cadbury Creme Eggs (hint: freeze ‘em first, then down the hatch with a glass of 1% milk,) and a few of those Brach’s Speckled Easter Eggs (which I broke into last night while watching Charleton Heston put his annual whuppin’ to Yul Brynner on The Ten Commandments. So let it be written, so let it be done!)

This is your announcer, Don Pardo. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

Tofu the bun from Holly L.

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 10:45pm PT (BONUS!)

One thing’s for sure—Cooper The Budgie got more Cadbury Eggs than I did!


From Michelle M. 24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter continues…

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 10:02pm PT

It’s a Furrtographer Fur-fest!


FUR_3989 (Medium)

FUR_3991-XL (Medium)

LOL_6096 (Medium)

LOL_6448 (Medium)

LOL_6456 (Medium)
24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter continues…

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 9:37pm PT (BONUS!)

“This is Lola, the Easter Hamster. She actually left the ears on for over 5 minutes, while we were outside enjoying the sunshine!”


24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter continues…

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 9:19pm PT

Checkin’ out Buns online again, eh?

“Here’s my bunny Plushie!” -Elizabeth S.

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter continues…

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 8:05pm PT

Lanier B. sent us these videos, and here’s what she had to say. “Hello Cuteoverload! I thought you might like some Easter themed submissions. Here is my Cairn playing with an Easter Egg.”

“His name is Phineas and he is a very accomplished egg hunter. Here he is finding one all by himself.”

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter continues…


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