Lil Draclette

Would you say this itsy bitsy bumblebee bat is also the smallest mammal in the world? Then you would be correct!

Yes, that’s right, “bumblebee bat”. See for yourself!

Via SciTechDaily.

SXSW? Who Cares?

[They hauled me down here to Austin, Texas for some deal. I hate it. But I get a free meal.]

Bebeh Hedgies On The Move!

The first comment at the link below says “Cuteness Overload.” We agree 100%.

From The Beautiful World FB page via Kristin R.

The Adventures Of Argo

According to his Facebook page– which will overwhelm you with The QTE- he likes:

“Rolling in dirt, sniffing dog AND cat butts, hiding cookies in mama’s clothes (before laundry,) destroying the garden plants that took the longest to grow, stealing mama’s socks, and making you happy.”



OK, What’s The Deal Here?

My high-rise condo is zoned for ONE. I go to sleep last night, everything’s fine. Today, I wake up and there’s this…this LITTLE HEAD WITH FEET here. What gives??

From Imgur.

The Littlest Giraffe

So you thought that all bebeh giraffes were born kinda tall and knobbular, right?

Au contraire mes amies!

Via Imgur.


[Look, C.O. is a West Coast-based blog, so it’s 6:15. But back East, it’s already 9:15! WAY late for breakfast! I am not gonna stop ’til you get your sorry hoomin butt outta the sack. U KNOW where my food dish is. HOP TO IT!]

From Tastefully Offensive.

Say Hi To Ellen

Folks, this is Ellen. She is the first elephant seal pup of the season to arrive at California Wildlife Center, and she just arrived last Thursday. (Photo sent by KB.)

That photo debuted on our CO FB page and was spotted by Alma A., who had some photos of her own to share with us. “Here are some pictures that I took while volunteering for the California Wildlife Center (CWC) in 2013. That year, we were able to rehabilitate 6 elephant seal pups that came to the center sick and malnourished. It was a great experience for both the staff and the volunteers involved in this project.”




Is Your Den Protected?

You’ve got the perfect home — loving mate, adorable pups — but what would you do if disaster struck? Would you be ready? That’s why you need den-owners insurance from Allstate, the Good Paws People™. With just one howl to Allstate, you’re covered. Call today!


This Pad Thing Is Mighty Frustrating!

[I want the mouse. HOW. DO. I. GET. THE. MOUSE? I just wanna say hi to it, I won’t hurt eet or nuthin’.]

From KB.


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