Do These ‘Tocks Make Me Look Fat?

“Our new Australian Shepherd, Duke McStubbins* loves to climb on everything and has the most amazing, Fluffy ‘Tock and Stubby Tail. This morning he wasn’t feeling very well and gave me the saddest eyeballs ever. Needed to share.” -Jackie N.

Duke Tocks

[Well, there’s no such award. But if there was, Duke wins. -Ed]

Crystal, What Are You?

(Besides, “befrumpled” I mean.)

Well, if you must ask, I am a Lopseedided Muzzelpowche Muddy Soakin’ Spitzenhunden! Of course.

“Crystal was at the dock with my dad, and she accidentally slipped off the dock and fell into the water. When they got her out she was all wet and dirty (the Hudson is pretty muddy, especially at the shore where the docks are).” -Edwin A.

There’s A Man Who Lives A Life Of Danger…

Cuteporter Holly S. sent us these terrific photos!

“Hi, here are some photos I took of the squirrels gettin’ my pumpkin!”




There’s also a pretty good tocks-shot in there, as well as one of my cats Mr. Pants and Oscar J. Computer hoping to murder this squirrel, and the squirrel who is completely unfazed.”

Post title inspired by Secret Agent Man.

THIS JUST IN: Platypus Overload!

No kidding, this video has had more email submissions than any in recent memory. And why not! We just need more Platypuses (Platypi?) on Cute Overload. Must get this done.

From Cute Creatures Great N Small.

Today Is Reptile Awareness Day!

And this fellow looks QUITE aware if you ask me. Get some deets right here, folks.

From Deanna W.’s Flickr.

An Appeal from Bleefec, Spokesman for the Ewok Anti-Defamation League

Yub-yub. In the decades since our first film appearance, we Ewoks have borne the brunt of blame for the silly direction the Star Wars franchise took in the 80’s. Taunts like “jumped the shark,” “beginning of the end,” and “glorified toy commercial” endure to this day, shaming our families. We wish to remind the public that we are merely the creations of writers with no grasp of plot logic, which explains why a primitive race can learn to operate alien speeder bikes in seconds.

Also, if you people can tolerate midichlorians and Jar-Jar Binks, you can bloody well lay off us for a while. Yub-yub and goodnight.

The Force is strong in Frederique, Lori R.

Prolly The Last Book She Ever Read

If there ever was a post that deserved the “Impending Doom” tag, this is it.

Sent in by Nadya N. as seen on Reddit.


Serious Heath Ledger/Joker vibe going on here. Think that header has been used before but so whut, it’s too perfect. Let’s get the 411 on this Slobberknocker RIGHT NOW.

“This is Holly, a valley bulldog (bulldog/boxer cross) owned by my boyfriend’s parents. When she lies upside down her jowls flop over and it looks hilarious. We took a picture of it and flipped it upside down. It looks like she is very happy!” -Nerhys H.


There’s a New Boxcat in Town

Who is this Maru they speak of?

“This is my ‘lil man, Mr. Bee. He also has a Facebook page! He is a handsome, grumpy gray (blue?) cat. But he can be cuddly and sweet (all while giving the stink eye of course.)” -Carolyn S.

Mom Taxi XV: Peaches

“Hello! My name is Peaches. I’d really like to be on Cute Overload because I’m celebrating adopting my hoomin and photo taker Erica B. 35 years ago this month.”

Consider it DONE, Peaches!



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