Woof 2 Wash

“Woof 2 Wash” washing machines have been developed in the UK, to assist disabled persons with this day-to-day task. Watch this puppeh open the machine door, then start it up with a WOOF!

As seen on DesignTaxi.

A Message From Your Carpool Alliance

Steve is a claims adjuster. His neighbor Rex guards a junk yard. Every workday, this unlikely duo spare the air by commuting together. If they can do it, so can you! Carpool today!

Via RocketNews24 and Andrew Y.

Food Googlie Eyes

Io the Corgi Haz Dem! Do Youz Tooz?

“Io stares lovingly at a chicken.” Via Corgis Begging for Stuff

Careful What You Wish For

Turtles, everywhere, are extremely upset about not being included in the traditional Thanksgiving, eh, traditions!

Solent News & Photo Agency
At last, about time, so where’s the green bean casserole?

Solent News & Photo Agency
Via The Guardian

THIS JUST IN: Thing Two In Action!

This will certainly hold you over ’til the next video from His Thickness rolls in…Thing Two does have that vibe, does she not? (And of course, the PRISTINE FLOORS!)

(Thing One is male gray and Thing Two is the female calico.)

Stripes or Solids?

Decisions. Decisions.

Thought about it,

long and hard.

After weighing all the evidence,

as well as the implications, then finally came to the conclusion,

I do think, stripes! Sorry, Mom!

Via My Modern Met.


People, U must meet Sprinkles. He’s the mascot of Engine 28/Ladder 11 in New York City’s East Village. Sprinkles is a a 7-foot Red-Tip Boa Constrictor. (Must be easy to get up and down that pole in the firehouse.) He’s been at the firehouse for three years, says DNAInfo New York.

Roger Rampart, Lori B.

Will Buddy Ride the Triple Twisty Slide?

Buddy knows the key elements to a great playground experience is corgi-tude, fast corgi-pantaloons and a… TRIPLE TWISTY SLIDE?

Via YouTube

Starts With The Nose, Ends With The Toes

[We gets lots of submissions, and we look at every one of them! Some of them are written just right, and they run AS IS. Rare..but it happens. Like this one. Ed]

“Here is a submission for ‘Nosevember’ that starts with The Nose and ends with The Toes. Gracie the Lab Puppy and the ‘infamous’ desk.” -Sue, Charleston, SC.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)
[Checking to find out why the desk is “infamous.” -Ed] See comments!

Well, This Toesday Sucks

No, really.

“This is 1 year old Puka the sheltie and 6 month old Kinikai the Maine coon. Kinkai suckles Puka’s feet every night & morning in bed and it tickles!” -Jzathey.


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