(Modified) Rule Of Cuteness #44

Rule Of Cuteness #44 (quite properly) states: “Ears at 9 and 3 o’clock are cute.” We might just amend that to read “Ears between 9am/noon and 3 o’clock are cute.” These look to be around 11ish.

Any objections? Didn’t think so.


Choose Your Next Witticism Carefully, Mr. Bond…

…it may be your last.

From @BabyAnimalPics.

IF You HAPPEN To Be In The Seattle Area-

This Tubby Baby Porcupette awaits! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. “Totes adorbz, I (KLUNK) died,” says Cuteporter Elizabeth R.



Lazy Bunday Morning

(At least in the Pacific Time Zone, it still is.)

Oreo: “So, Croc. What do you want to do today?”

Croc: “See what I’m doing now?”

Oreo: “Copy that.”

unnamed (3)
“This is a picture of my pet bunny Oreo and his unlikely crocodile friend – you can tell who is boss…” -Lisa.

Bunday Morning Comix

empidsAs seen on Bird and Moon.com.

It’s Adopt-A-Cat Month!

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, which aims to raise awareness of shelter pet adoption. Here are some terrific photos from The Furrtographer of kittehs now available at the Humane Society Of Silicon Valley. Check hovers for deets, and if you happen to be in the Bay Area- head on over.

There are a lot of Feline Furball Friends looking for a hoomin to love ’em. Are they looking for you? Here are some more links.



Actually, I’m Holding This DOWN

Ever haz one of those days where all you wanna do is go home and flop down on the nearest couch deck railing?

unnamed (1)
“After a long morning of stealing birdseed from the neighborhood sparrows and doves, this little guy went offline on the deck railing to recharge. Photo credit to my brother Mark.” -Aiden F.

Primo Whackadoodle Eyes Action!

(And just wait for the Leetle Fleecking Tongue Action, too!)

Via Say OMG.

Caturday: Must..Get..White..Thing

[But first I have to somehow defeat this Magic Force Field that is preventing me from advancing forward! Curses!!!]

Caturday Dinner: The Domino’s® Guy…

[…rang my doorbell and gave the hoomin THIS. Hoomin handed him some green paper and metal things, whatever. Traded us Fud for paper and metal. Stupid hoomin. So now, what would Garfield do? Wait, he’s a lasagna guy. OK, it’s up to me. I’ll eat it. All of it. I haz the growls in belleh.]

“It’s my sweetie Charlotte, eyeing our dinner.” -Rachel V-S.


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