“ResQte Ponies For Your Consideration!”

This might be a C.O. first. OMG Ponies!11!! + Side-Eye? Have we EVER seen this before? Borderline unheard of. Amber H., what IS going on here?

“We here at Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue would like to submit a pic of two of our precious rescue Ponies, one of which is displaying the VERY rare Equine Side-Eye as he meets his new neighbor for the first time! These two boys were rescued within a few weeks of each other. The pic shows young Mojo in the back, giving The Side-Eye to Malachi, the older horse in the foreground. Thanks for all the smiles!”


(Friday Edition) ResQte Of The Week!

“I hope you can post one of these pictures…so unusual for this time of year. Baby skunks are active during the winter and this little guy is so behind…at only 4 weeks old, “Bolt” is our 1st ever fall baby. Found staggering all alone in a parking lot, he was rescued and will spend the winter months at Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary. We are also hoping to win a grant for a new wildlife nursery and need people to vote for us!” -Monika M.


Ever Wonder How A Heffalump Takes A Bath?

And now you know…….the rest of the story*!


Argyle And The Queen Of Soul

“This is my cat Argyle, about 8 months old and named after the limo driver in Die Hard. He enjoyed watching Aretha’s performance on ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’ I took the photo – Betsy Hodges. (Also, I am Mayor of Minneapolis. And a Cute Overload fan for many years. When I was on the City Council I would bring up your website on my screen during tense debates just to have a little balance of my attention. So thank you for being awesome!)”


‘Tocktober: Whale ‘Tocks. Yes, You Read That Right.

“Do Whales have ‘Tocks? If so, here is a photo of not one, but TWO whale ‘Tocks! (Photo taken by me in Tonga.) -Gina S.

[*Note- we have a return email in to Gina to find how why she is so nuts to be this close to whales WHY SHE WAS SO FREAKIN’ CLOSE TO GI-NORMOUS WHALES. If we get deets, we’ll pass ’em on. -Ed.]

[Update from Gina: “To date now we’ve taken two trips to Tonga to swim with the humpback whales. It is one of two places in the world where you are allowed to be in the water with the whales. This was a male and female, and our group had the good fortune to spend two full hours in the water with them, watching their courting behaviour. It was an awesome experience (in that it inspired awe!), and something I will never forget. P.S. Whales are HUGE!”

Flashback Friday: “Timmons, Mrs. Bascom N.”

Washington, D.C., circa 1930. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. From Shorpy.com.

‘Tocktober: The Return Of Eiger

Eiger’s somewhat massive ‘Tocks-N-Beans first showed up in ‘Tocktober 2013– and now, thanks to his Hoomin Indy D., he’s back for an encore visit. “Here’s an updated Tocks N’ Beans picture of My Eiger Man all grown up now,” Indy tells us.

Friday Haiku: Wah Wah Bubbles

Bubbles float freely
You try to pounce on them all
But it’s too hard

Spotted on Nikki Yanofsky’s Twitter.

What Do U Get When U Cross A Sloth With A Kitten?

Well, Slittens naturally.

Rachael A. is a web designer. You can submit a kitteh photo to her, and she’ll give ’em the Sloth Treatment.

And no Mr. & Mrs. Nuffer and all ships at sea, these aren’t real.

She was behind the Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls page, too.


As seen on Design Taxi.

What’s With All The Fruits -N- Veggies?

In -N- Out Burger!

“Our adorable gerbil, Nugget, won’t eat her vegetables!” -Amanda B.