WIN “I Knead My Mommy” Right Here!

KneadI Knead My Mommy by Francesco Marciuliano is a book of poems about the triumphs, trials, and daily discoveries of being a kitteh. From climbing walls to claiming hearts, these guys bare all in titles like “And Then You Said ‘No'” and “Ode to a Lizard I Didn’t Know Is Also a Pet in This House and I Will Save You.” Adorable photos of the poetic prodigies will give readers a glimpse into their confused (and curious) feline minds as they encounter the world around them.

We’ve got four copies to give away! Send an email- click this exact link (it will open up automatically): cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Include your complete mailing address + phone. Overseas entries are OK! We’ll take ’em ’til Noon PT on Sunday the 20th, then choose the winners at random. (One entry per person, no purchase needed, mwah mwah mwah.) Winners announced Monday the 21st at 6am PT! (The title goes on sale August 5th, FYI.)



Rats, It’s Monday

chase_1___dumbo_fancy_rat_by_classicfail-d7lyax6Chase the Certified Emotional Support Animal, as seen on ClassicFail deviantART.

Showdown On The Upstairs Steps

[Well, come on dawg. You think you’re better’n me? Got a faster draw? Let’s go. I’m calling you out. Don’t just stand there with that silly dawg LOOK on your face. Make your play.]


Ack! It…Is…ALIVE!

[I woulda SWORE he just BARKED at me!!!!]


Someday, Son…

Yours will stick straight up just like mine!



ResQte Of The Week® is usually every Thursday, but this came in on Friday morning. And besides, if we make the rules, we can bend ’em, right? Susan H. says: “My amazing friend Carolyn has rescued an orphaned Baby Cottontail Bun that she found on her lawn recently.”

“The little Bun Bun was only a couple days old when she found it, eyes not even open yet, and she’s been feeding it and keeping it safe. At the moment the little guy (gal?) is hanging in there and eating eagerly. Thought you might like the pictures…maybe for Bunday?” [Oh, I’d agree with that. -Ed.]


And Here I Am All Zenned Out With My Bread Pillow…


Where No Bun Has Gone Before

unnamedDouglas The Bun, from Katie K.

You Is Having Bad Dream?

[I will come over and lay down on your head and make you feel better.]

Bunday Morning: Heads….Or Tails?

Heads (1) We get both sides of the story, from Barb R. “Our much loved house bun Caramel in his favorite sleep spot. Thanks for bring the cute into our lives every day!”



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