This Video Is A Winner, Hands Down!

Now listen, hoomins! I want all hands ON THE TABLE where I can see ‘em! Let’s go!

An Ignoramusky special event.

Friday Haiku: Red Panda

Little Red Panda
Way up in the Forest Tree
Taking a short nap

Small Red Panda All Curled Up
From Mats Lindh.

More Photo Assignment Day Action!

Here’s a collection of some more Photo Assignment Day submissions. Video of Dexter submitted by Janelle F. Check photo hovers for additional deets.



If This Isn’t Ewok Proshness…

…ah don’t know what ees! This is actually Java the Shih Tzu, who just turned 12!

From Angela in PDX.

You Feelin’ Lucky Punk?

Don’t you go tryin’ ennything y’hear? I gots one eye on you and one eye on mah box. So no funny moves.

“Meet Lemon” -Cindy B. And dat’s fo’ reals.

Photo Assignment Day #4: This Is No Cone Of Shame

Quite the contrary! This ice cream cone is being greatly enjoyed by Bubba. “My dog Bubba just loves ice cream – he gets sooooooo excited when he hears the ice cream truck!” -Sent in by Cuteporter Frankie B.


Once Upon a Time

This bed is toooo small.

This bed is toooo big.

This bed is juuust right!

“This is Banff. She is 12 weeks old and weighs 3.8 pounds!” -Jenny

New Rule Of Cuteness, # TBD

If something is small enough for you to carry, and that something (Milo) is wearing BOOTIES—-that’s cute. And here’s the Milo Squeak if you missed it on July 4.

Milo Meets World right heah.

How Do I Look?

What do you think? Too much mascara?

I just find long eyelashes make one look so ladylike.

“I believe I have an example of cuteness rule numbers #72, #6, maybe #3, #41, and #42. Meet Miss Bella, my 7 year old miniature schnauzer. Also known as BeaBeeBopBoobieBellabugBubbaNosyPrincess, BellaMiss, Slouchy. Such a lady :) Sometimes I could swear she enjoys posing for the camera.” -Angie O.

Poll: If You Owned Finn, You Would….

People, take a peeper peek here if you would be so kind.

He’s…perfect. PERFECT-O. This is Finn, a male chihuahua mix- the second Finn in two days BTW- (Finns to the left, Finns to the right?) and he’s ready for snorgling.

If you owned Finn…(and Meredith A. gets the lucky nod here) what would you do? Time for a Poll!



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