Beware of Door

Flickr-er Carl Wycoff spotted this ultra-realistic artwork on an overhead door in Des Moines, Iowa. I know what you’re thinking: That’s a really big tennis ball.

Friday Haiku: BFFs

A boy and his dog
Are soulmates forever and ever
Buddies for all time

Spotted on MSN Now’s FB. More at Northwest Mommy’s Instagram.

Not Out Here In Public!

There are hoomins watching!

“I took this a couple of months ago, in Ottawa, Ontario. Word on the street is that these two Belgians had just gotten hitched.”
-Gina D

Aloha Little Kitteh Dudes

Cuteporter Mike S. sent this to us with the subject line “Kitteh Awesomeness.”

Couldn’t agree more.

Read more about the Lanai Animal Rescue Center.

Bacon, Bacon, Fryin’ in the Pan

How many pieces in Delila’s game plan?

This is Delila, Joe M.’s rat terrier, and he says, “I’m sure this spot she has chosen to hang out in is totally random and has nothing to do with what is cooking. “

Wanna Get Away?

No, I most certainly DID NOT steal your dog chow!!!

From Uber Humor.

Yes, Sarah, There is a Twins Category

And to further answer your question: here on CO, instead of a category it’s more of a tag, and instead of twins we like to call it “Matchinks”, and instead of babbling on any more, here are just a few examples!

This Just In: Twins ResQte

This Just In: Twin Horsies, maybe

Twice upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away

This This Just Just In In Polar Polar Bear Bear Cubs Cubs

Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun

This one falls under “Funny You Should Ask” (head tilt):

Double Happiness Announcement!

And now, your gorgeous goggie doppelgangers are the latest and greatest addition to the club!!!

Connor (rear) Duncan (front), thankfully distinguished by Sarah C.

Pepper With Leetle Peepers

Ah nose..that spot on top of ma head makes me look like an 8 Ball.



From Shanti M.

I Want A Hug

I want it NOW.

Posted on YouTube by Melabois.

Dog Vs. Egg

Sometimes dinnertime can be quite a challenge. Take this little guy for example: he just doesn’t know what to make of this new thing in his dinner dish. Video is c/o of Cuteporter Susan S., who added “Our Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Donaghy, battles his first fried egg.”

Tumble on over for more of Jack Jack Jack .


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