Alternate Reality Toesday

There are two sides to everything – welcome to the Toesday Underworld. You are now in another dimension; where shadowy reflections in surreal nether regions bear a vague resemblance to free floating cat’s paws that don’t obey laws of physics – oh wait …









Via Twenty Two Words and  The Cat Scan.

One Ring to Fool Them All

Watch this unusual laser pointer run rings around these hobbit kittens!

Perfect Pairing

“Ewok proshness” Shih Tzu + “fro-tastic” Bichon Frise.
Are you ready for both at the same time?
Meet Cooper the Shichon.

Talk about cute and fluffeh, it’s like beyond snorglable.

You kind of want to take a deep breath and snorgle-plunge headfirst right into all that deep pile wall-to-wall floof!

But don’t because you should really just pet it.

“We took these photos of Cooper.  He was born July 3rd 2013.  He is the softest, sweetest, nicest puppy!!!!” -Jennifer L.

Ten-SHUN! (Please)

They want some ATTENTION from their hoomin, and they want it STAT!

Video 1 of Piper from Donna B. Video 2 of Tyrion The Pom submitted by Concord Barb N Paul.

The Way of the Ninja

To become a ninja, young apprentice, you must master the art of invisibility. To make no sound, to cast no shadow, calls for most subtle cunning and grace. Failing that, an opponent who is a complete idiot.

Via Reddit.

“Photo Bomb”, think about it

… “Photo”, as any dictionary will tell you, means, “shortened form of photograph”. “Bomb”, same dictionary, means, “asplosion”. Therefore, “Photo Bomb” means, “shortened asplosion”. We at CO are strongly opposed to this idea!

Via Mashable.

Two Handfuls of Smiling Chihuahua

Ahh, it was too beautiful outside to go to work today. Dunno how I’ma gonna asplain this suntan to my boss tomorrow – but I’m not worrying about it right now!

“Hear the sound of multiple headsplodes round the world as this picture goes live online on CO.” Photo by long-time CO Peep, Barbarella, The Mad Cat Lady.

Practice Makes Purrfect

Chester believes the camera is your friend… Snowball, on the other hand, is leaning in the direction of I don’t think so.

“This is my cat Chester.  He loves to have his picture taken !” By Megan M.

“My cat, Snowball. Would you believe how hard it is to get good photos of her? 90% of the time she looks away right before before the camera does its job!” – Jaroslav L., Poland.



It’s cold and snowy just about everywhere in the US. (Well, maybe not in LA or Miami.) How are your critters holding up? Send us a photo or video! (And be sure to include your location and current temp!)


Puppy Playing In Snow via Shutterstock. Video spotted on ViralViral.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Kodie is back.

How can things SO small…be SO awesome? We’d like to ask Kodie, but he ain’t talkin’.

DSC_0306 - Version 2
“It’s been a while since I submitted Kodie’s photos. Kodie is doing fine, and I promise to send more photos this year! Thank you and Happy New Year!” -Angela C., Kodie’s mom.


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