Don’t Mind Me- Just Passing Through

imageBebbeh Monarch Caterpillar photographed by Eustice The Sheep’s friend that he calls The Nice Lady.

Prolly Wouldn’t Recommend This

Let’s talk about Moray Eels. Never seen one on C.O., right?

Until now.

They’ve got a rep for being, uh, ill-mannered.

Not THIS one! (And you get some great British accented narration here, too.)

Concord Barb & Paul – who must have been on an extended vaca – sent this in.

What’s Cooking?

“Aw, youse ladies should not have to see this. Breaks me tender heart, it does. Poor Gertrude, cut down in the prime of her years, and for what? Shake ‘n Bake! Ain’t no justice in this world, is there, Charlie?”

“That’s right! They won’t even share — er, I mean they don’t even care!”


Dawn Of The Planet Of The Pugs (With Outtakes!)

There’s a certain Angry Monkey Movie opening in theaters today. I’d rather go see this one.

May The Blorp Be With You

Baby Sea Lion #1“Here are some pics I took recently on Floreana Island in the Galapagos of some young sea lions posing on the beach. Notice the total lack of fear or concern having humans so near to them. Mamas were out fishing but neither one looks like they’ve skipped a meal recently. Photos by me.” -Larry K.

Baby Sea Lion #2

Friday Haiku: Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha

DzPFydWShort, squatty and green
Looks lots like Doctor Evil
Pulls it off nicely


Close Encounters Of The Grilla Kind

So whadya do when you meet up with an ENTIRE FAMILY OF MOUNTAIN GRILLAS? You sit still and let ’em play with your hair, of course.

Video taken near Bwindi National Park, Uganda. From Jennifer A., who adds quite accurately, “Luckiest. Guy. EVER.”

OMG Ponies!11!!!!1!!1! (AND Goats!)

1497861_10152501091672962_4021030399828289217_oVajda B. sent this one in. Quoting the “Horse Illustrated” FB page from whence it came: “It suddenly started hailing and all three goats ran underneath Patches,” says Debbie Jewell Dee. “Rather than running for cover, he stayed there to protect his little friends.”

Go Fish!

Spend a perfect summer afternoon with Crusoe The Doxie, fishing in Canada!


Flashback Friday: The Big One

enhanced-buzz-wide-32105-1401896565-21This week we flashback to World War II. Besides all the brave men and women that served their country, there were quite a lot of (un)Enlisted Furballs, too! (Deets in the hovers: that kitteh above is sitting in the cockpit of an RAF pilot, 1944.)










“Found these amazing photos on BuzzFeed France of dogs and other animals that helped in the war effort. Thought they would be good for Flashback Friday. Keep up the good work! Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)”

[Note- hover info also from Buzzfeed France. -Ed.]


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