Talk To The Butt

Bebeh Chick wants to play, but Oscar The Cat…will have none of that.

From James H.

Why Did The Bebeh Deer Cross The Road?

‘Cause these nice fellows helped it!

“My husband and his friend pulled over when they saw a faun on the opposite side of a busy road in Alberta, separated from its mother. Mom had just crossed and baby deer was just standing on the roadside, too frightened. The big softies save the day!” -Jennifer M.

C’mon, Give It All Ya Got!

Jus’ rear back and let ‘er rip, little guy! Go!

From Elin N., Sweden. With thanks to, er, “Dangerous Dave.”

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Oh, That’ll Do Pig, That’ll Do

The name of this Porkster alone should just pull you in, am I right? Si? According to this story in The Squid, Thimble The Mini Peeg can play piano and geetar. Don’t believe eet? Let’s go to the video.


ImageProxy (1)


The Story Of How Ollie Got To Be Where He Is

Ollie's First BoxWow, this is a Super Resqte Story, People. Please welcome our Cuteporter today, Susan C.

“I’ve been a fan of the site for many years and have had many joyful moments of squeeing over the Cuteness. I have a submission and story to offer you.”

“On October 8, 2013, I was on my way to a meeting. I had taken a wrong turn and pulled over to try to sort out my location.”

“It was around 5:30pm so there was a good bit of traffic. Several yards away in the middle of the street I noticed some little critter and thought to myself ‘That chipmunk sure has a long tail.'”

“After a few seconds, I realized that it wasn’t a chipmunk but a very small kitten in the middle of the road. As I watched, two SUV’s barely missed flattening the poor baby.”

“I drove to the kitten as quickly as I could and when I got out of the car, the tiny gray and white kitten looked up at me and mewed.”

“I said, ‘Oh, come here, baby’ because I’m a crazy lady who talks to cats. He had a bloody little nose and his eyes were very runny.”

“I asked some people in the neighborhood if anyone knew of a cat with a litter….but no one knew of one.”

“Based on his rough appearance, I surmised that he was probably from a feral litter.”

“I took the little guy to our local emergency vet and they said the bloody nose was just a scrape and gave me some ointment for his eyes.”

“She estimated his age at four weeks. On the way there, I called my husband to tell him of my find and he said ‘I guess we have a new kitten.'”

“We did indeed have a new kitten. Oliver, named after another fortunate orphan, joined our cat household of Buddy and Missy and now he is a beloved member of the family.”


Glossary Update Action!


Dogspeak for “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by the Canine Tilt and/or wrinkled brow for enhanced effect. Occasionally, animals which are not dogs have been known to have this cute-ism ascribed to them, but this is never appropriate. Dogs just have the face for it, plain & simple. Cats don’t. Fish don’t. Cockatiels? Please.

See right there, in bold type? Fish. Don’t. Baroo.

Until NOW. Behold.

Juv Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish
“This little cutie is a Juvenile Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish, photographed off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii by my sweetie John. He’s an awesome underwater photographer.” -Angie P.

The Look Of Disapproval Is NOT Limited To Buns (Cont.)

As we saw a couple of days back with Otis, The Look Of Disapproval is not limited to Buns, although they clearly do it best.


Birds can also give off The Look, (not including those grumpy little Finches, they always look like that) as evidenced here in this first DISAPPROVAL-HANCE CLOSEUP:

Let’s let Sender-Inner Gina S. take ovah from heah. “This Mother Robin did NOT like pictures being taken of her offspring..”

“…whether in egg form or scary pre-historic dinosaur-baby form.”

“But, hey, it’s my front door (that presently can’t be used!)”

“Photos by me, just days ago. They hatched on May 27th. I shot most pics while she was out worm-shopping at Worm*Mart.”

Grabby Hands Paws

The Fabulous Fabio, doing what he does best: dangle them Grabby Paws.

photo (2)


photo (1)
From Bronwyn B.

Rump Day: Browser Buddy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Harmony says, ‘This is my best side! Really!'” -Christina.


Soon, hoomin. Very…very…soon.

VOKRA rescue Heidi, lying in wait. (Heidi is Abbie McFlooferson’s mum.)” -Sharon D.


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