Ye Be Warned

I fell asleep once! An’ look what ‘appened! Arrr.

Former VOKRA kitty, now pampered pirate, Abbie McFlooferson, wishes everyone a happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! -Sharon D. Yay for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Associashon!

THIS JUST IN: Fly Like An Eagle

Soaring over Chamonix, Mer De Glace in the French Alps- amazing.

As seen on Mashable. From YouTuber Srachi.

Slip Slidin’ Away

Slip slidin’ away,
Slip slidin’ away,
When you get kitties in the playground
You know they’re slip slidin’ away.

Apologies to Paul Simon.

Follow Yarrr Dream

When I grow up I be hankerin’ to be a pirate. From this day forward, I shall cry mewtiny ‘n refuse take a bath!

Aye, aye, Books of Adam. T’day, September 19, be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

OMG Double Double

That is the SAME look I have when I go into In N Out.


And….here’s how to make your own origami Corgi!

First image from Ruby The Corgi Tumblr.

Flipping the Bird

Not sure if this is cute or crayzay or if they’re pining for the fjords.

Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Brighten Her Day with the Kitty Bouquet!

In the doghouse, fellas? Nothing says “I’m sorry, I had no idea she was your best friend in college and it was only that one time and it was before we even met and it’ll never happen again I swear” like the Kitty Bouquet™ from FTD (Far Too ‘Dorable).

Only a little sorry? Then get her a single marmie!

Miriam J. writes: “This adorable multi-colored litter of sundae toppings is currently up for adoption at the Athens, GA Humane Society. The orange one is called Peanut. Nom.”

Sally, Peaches, And The Curious Case Of The Costco Dog Food Bag

This video looks like Trouble with a Capital T. “Sally, the rescued poodle, and Peaches, the rescued poodle wanna-be, discover the fun of a giant dog food bag.” -Jackie C.

And Now the News for Chinchillas

“Good evening. Our top story tonight: Whirlotronics has announced a factory recall of the series XL-3400 running wheel due to a tendency to break loose at high speeds. The flaw was first discovered when Albuquerque chinchilla Ken Fuzzy scampered furiously for three hours before realizing he was in Arizona.”

“My chinchilla likes to watch TV,” says Emily X.

THIS JUST IN: The Best Day Of His Life

People, say hello to Meaty. Watch this chunky slobberknocker roll through the best day of his life. We should ALL be so lucky. (PS- Watch this all..the..way..thru!)

“This is just the thing for a gray day like today in NC.” -Elisa B., who spotted it on MSN Now. (PPS- Learn more about these terrific animuhls at Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.)


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