Knut’s Back! (Well Not Really, But Kinda Sorta)

knut_wideweb__470x346,2Remember Knut, everybody’s favorite winter roly poly? The little big dude (left) passed away almost two years ago.

Cheer up though, ‘cuz THERE BE POLAH BEARS IN BUFFALO! This plumpular girl (below) is Luna n’ she was born last November. Current digs: Buffalo Zoo.




PS The Buffalo folks need some cash for their polar bear exhibit. You know what to do. All photos from Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Somewhere Between the 6th and 7th Heineken


Cheers to Shumai The Cat and Sender-Inner Katharine H.

Next Stop: Niagara Falls

Cuteporter Robyn H. checks in: “Lily practices to become a tightrope walker while her big brother Frankie looks on from the safety of a chair. [YO! FRANK--EEEEE! -Ed] Cute Overload may give an aspiring circus cat like Lily the career boost she needs.”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

It was a morning like any other. Janet went out to water the tomatoes and she watered the pygmy possum instead. Just an honest mistake. Hey, it could happen to anybody! She says, “It got a bit wet, but was otherwise OK!”

8529607906_7382eee89b_bJanet is a volunteer for the Australian Conservation Association. More baby pygmy possum photos here!

Flashback Friday

It was looong ago, before Cute Overload and interwebs and memes and Maru and OMGPonies!!!1!!1! and Boo the dog; it was the (relative) calm before the storm. . .

Fave Flashback Frame :
Brought to you today from the mists of another time via U-zoo.

BONUS! Second Friday Haiku! OMG

Tiny Hummingbird
Fell out of his comfy nest
YAY he was rescued

Submitted by Fernanda A.: “He’s a baby hummingbird, he fell off his nest and we rescued him from the street. We called him Atila.” Photos taken by María V.

Friday Haiku: Silly Seal

Seal Floating Thru Kelp
Has A Big Smile On His Face
And Looks Real Blorpy

From Cold Water Images.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Most Patient Dog in the World.

Look how patient poor Murkin is while these LITTLE KITTEH MANIACS mess with him!

And will you check out this wild Murkin YouTube Gallery, too!

Does It Need to Be Cute All the Time?

Know what’s wrong with us? We’re in a cuteness rut. We’re all “muzzlepouches” this, and “eyebrow dots” that, but do we ever just look at nature without squeeing?

I mean, look at this picture: it’s a tree. No ‘tocks, no toe beans, just a knotted old tree in the forest. Just this once, could we appreciate a simple thing without going all oochie-goochie on it? Come on, people, let’s broaden our minds, here!

Peter G. says: “Here’s a snuggly rufous phase eastern screech owl i photographed last weekend – wanna share it with the interwebs? More pics here.”

I Want to See My Lawyer!

I didn’t do anything! I was just floating here, minding my own business, when somebody built this cage around me! This is a clear case of entrapment!

Spike S. writes: “Caught this little dude in my “Squirrel Proof” bird feeder last summer, figured he was about 50 sunflower seeds away from becoming a permanent resident.”


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