Shhhh: Gonna Hide In Here

Then mebbe I can get some candy corns after all! Or…those Red Vine things OM NOM NOM! My fave! No, wait- Skittles. LOFF those.

Phoebe, from Josh Norem.

Pumpkin Inspector #1 At Your Service, M’am

[Here at Otto The Otter’s Perfectly Prosh Punkins, we offer only the best for Halloween! Stop by anytime, we’re open 24/7 ’til Thursday night. So if you want to come by at 3am for a pumpkin….you can! I don’t know why you’d want to, but..we’ll be here!]

(The pumpkin shown had no comment.)

9679846379_4611707d9d_z gets the nod.

Happy Oinkaween

Every Halloween the three cow piggies visit their friend the pumpkin piggie because all piggies are pumpkiny but the pumpkin piggie is pumpkiniest.

Via Cutearoo.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carrot!

Four out of five surprised lemurs agree: Mrs. MacGregor’s Real Down-Home Olde-Fashioned Carrot Substitute™ tastes just like the real thing!

Spotted on Reddit by Buzz.

Who Wants To Go To The Nudist Camp?

Oh I do. And I do. I, um, me too?

“Sphynx kittens reach for a referee’s toy while being evaluated during an international feline beauty show in Bucharest, Romania. Hundreds of felines from several countries take part in the two-day beauty contest in the Romanian capital. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda). Via Yahoo Photos of the Day and sender-inner Doug L.

Cute ‘Tocks

Cute ‘tocks, CO cute ‘tocks. What kind of ‘tocks are CO cute ‘tocks?
Big ‘tocks,

Little ‘tocks,

‘Tocks who climb on rocks!

Goat ‘tocks,

Matchingks ‘tocks,

Even ‘tocks like chicken ‘tocks.

Oh cute ‘tocks,

CO cute ‘tocks,

The ‘tocks peeps love to bite?! (pops in mouf)

Credits in the hovertexts!

Who’s a Clevah Wombat?

You are, Ruby. Yes, you are! OMG help us all.

Via YouTube

The Stare Of Death

[Listen hoomin. After this thing comes off, you and me are gonna dance. U current with your life insurance? Just sayin’.]

Via Reddit.

Don’t Hog the Grog

In one corner, we have the scrappy hometown favorite, Willy the Kid. In the other, Charlie the Brown Lemur, rolling up his sleeves and coming out swinging. Both are ready to rumble for the numnums! Who will win? More importantly, who is cuter?

Willie and Charlie live at Exotic Animal Experience, Orlando, FL. Via YouTube

Jay Would Be Proud

Hair to the throne; Gulliver, figures he’s got a little catching up to do in order to follow in Jay‘s pawprints …startin’ at the beach!

“Hi! Baby Gulliver the Leonberger pup had his first trip to the beach the other day (he’s now 12 weeks old).

He LOVED it! He ran in the waves, dug holes in the sand, chewed on driftwood, chased sea gulls with Sadie, and ate lots of dead stuff and sea shells.

Sadie taught him all the things Jay (the late great fearless leader Papillon) had showed her to do on the beach…including writing your name in the sand with pee….no photo of that though.

Gulliver thought the beach was SO cool! He played for hours, then passed out right in the water! He was pooped, and had to be carried back to the car.

It was a good day! Hope you like the photos too!” -Christina V.


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