Maymo VS. The Laser Pointer

Maymo’s snoozed out in the sack, when he’s suddenly awakened by that pesky laser pointer thing. And of course, he has to follow it ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN.


Why Hasn’t He Called?

I… (snif!) I just don’t understand it! He said he loved me! That I was the only one for him! (sniffle!) Now I just want to drown my sorrows in ice cream and watch Lifetime Network! (baaaaaaw!)

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“Hey Honey, We’re Out Of TP” (The Sequel)

“Are you sure? I just went to Target. Well, ask Shrimp. I thought I just saw her sitting on the new rolls I bought. By the sink.”

(Shrimp The Parrot must not have seen our first “Hey Honey, We’re Out Of TP” post, so she decided to get bizzy.)

Images c/o Natalie.



‘Tocktober: Porky-PINE ‘Tocks Are FINE ‘Tocks

Although ya gotta be careful how ya pet ’em, right KB? “An orphaned baby porcupine in the care of the good people at The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch in Texas,” she adds.

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We Are Gettin’ A LOT Of Great Splayage This Year!

The ‘Tocks & Haunch Splayage is reaaaaaallly top-quality this season, People! Quoting ROC #47: “Splayed haunch action is cute.” MANY thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write- and it’s only ‘Tocktober 6th! These ‘Tocks came in earlier today from Jen C. She says, “This is Mikey demonstrating some major high-quality ‘Tockage for ‘Tocktober. Mikey belongs to my boss, and he’s hanging out with us at work today.”

[*Note- I can tell you we wouldn’t get much done around HERE if Mikey stopped by for a quick snorgle. -Ed.]

Hey Beav, You Need A Towel Or Somethin’?

[Gee Wally……I left mine in the locker room. Or I mighta lost it. Don’t tell Dad, OK Wally?]

From @BuzzFeedAnimals.

‘Tocktober Three-Pak™

“Hi there! I just got back from volunteering in South Africa and was lucky enough to go on an Elephant walk with the Resident Elephants: Hannah, Three, and Martie. ‘Tocktober is my favorite so I hope you like a triple dose of Elephant ‘Tocks!” -Bridget S.

Follow The Bouncing Ball Dog

This Cocker Spaniel is named Joe. Geddit? I don’t speak the language of his hoomin, but I have a feeling he’s saying “Don’t touch.”


Notice to All Tenants

The monorail raccoon has temporarily broken down somewhere between the 37th and 43rd floors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

“The situation at my friends apartment right now,” says Redditor soupoder.


You don’t have to speak Russian to appreciate what is going on here, Comrade.

From Wendy M. “Found via Jezebel.”