THIS JUST IN: Bebeh Goat. Riding A Horse.


Cuteporter Andrew Y. sent this one in. More here.

Splittin’ Image

Willie and Nillie want you to know the only way to tell them apart: One of them prefers ear skritches and the other prefers chin rubs.

Whatever you say, Willie and Nillie. Great photo, Celeste P.!

Dear Diary…My Food Dish Is Now Only Half Full….

What happens when all hope is lost? You put a video on YouTube and plan the hoomin’s downfall hope for the best.

“You are going to love this! This man has a direct line to the feline mind. Thank you for making my day BETTER on a steady basis.” -Cuteporter Shari E.

Psst…Hey Buddy! Wanna See A Live Duck Cam?

makewayforducklingsOf course you do. So, here.

From Cuteporter Frannie O.: “We have a duck nesting outside the library! Watch along with us! A couple of the names we have for her are Marian The Librarian and J. G. Mallard. At the Coralville Public Library in Coralville, Iowa.” (Population 15,123.)

Streaming Live by Ustream

Flashback Friday

Hey soldier, don’t forget your wingman down here. Can I have a kees too?

“Soldier’s Goodbye & Bobbie the Cat”, by Sam Hood 1872-1953, State Library of New South Wales

Friday Haiku: Petrovich

Basking in the sun
Blorpier by the minute
Lazily floating

Petrovich the Beluga Whale at the Utrish Dolphinarium in Utrish, Russia. Photo from Viktor Lyagushkin /Barcroft Media via The Telegraph.

Undercover With Monkey Pants

Bring me the food, Carol. If you place any value on this comforter, you’ll do as I say.

Carol B. says, “Monkey Pants demonstrating Rule #26 – he burrows under the blankets. Sometimes during the day I can’t find him until I investigate the lumps under the comforter. I sent my camera in periscope style and got these undercover shots.”

An Afternoon At Gelinas Farm





No, I mean, you wanna go get some hay?

“I took these photos of my horse Dancer getting to know his new buddy Beau. Just like little kids, they were all friendly one minute, and then fighting the next. Dancer looks like he’s kissing Beau goodbye to head off to work. Dancer and Beau live at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH.”


Life is good.

Cuteporter Damian W. took this photo.

More Ozzy The Maniac Weasel Action!

He’s back! This guy may be one of the craziest little wild men ever to grace the pages of CO. Imagine what would happen if he stuck his little schnozzle-nozzle nose in a can of Red Bull.

Videos 1 and 2 from Frisco68. Video 3 from Laggy Creations, who remarked on the YouTube page, “We were watching YouTube videos on our PS3, and our cat Merlin became interested. This was not good for our TV.”


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