Sock It To…Me?

Lucy K. found this little fellow named Draco on The Facebook. Her take? “Baby goat in a sweateuw made from a sock? Yes, please.”

*Bonus points if you recognize the hip 60s title reference.

Hard Core

Some of you can never get enough.

You go all the way every day.

We salute you.

Brooke G. took this photo of Toby for her photography class. Her teacher William R. told her to send it to us. We’re real glad you did, Brooke.

Ma? Can You Make Me a Sammich?

Got this one from Jen S. It seems that Cheesecake The Capybara has gone into the Puppy Mom business!


Boone is a Boon!

His looks, his antics and his hilarious hover texts will make your day!

Courtney R., we should all be so lucky!

Silent Seal Cinema

And now, let’s return to those days of yesteryear, as we enjoy comedian Sammy Seal in the classic one-reel comedy Sammy’s Surfboard Sorrows, featuring an early walk-on appearance by up and coming seagull star Gertrude Heathcliff.

Captured on hidden camera by Washington state resident Ethan Janson and shared on the B-Town Blog.

Bear With Us For A Moment

Got some fresh Polah Bear news from Noelle G.

“I love your site! Not sure if I have the authority to submit this video since it is from the BBC. [Oh sure, no worries. -Ed] But OMG! I thought you should be made aware of the cuteness.” [Always appreciated. -Ed]

The BEEB says Siku The PB has been taken into care in Denmark after his mom didn’t produce enough meelk. Check this out.



Something Grumpy This Way Comes

You wanna walk on MY side of the street?

You gotta pay.

Namaste to FSJ. From ReadWriteWeb’s Facebook page and all that.

O Great Hoomin Bestower Of Chicken….

Please rain the goodness down upon me.

(*Stole borrowed most of the post concept from Saya.) Submitted by The Norem of Joshness.

Soccer Secrets

What makes a great goalie? Alertness. Agility. Enthusiasm. Lots of enthusiasm. Way too much enthusiasm. But most important, the ability to track the ball like a magnet and never let it past you. And also enthusiasm.

Animal Reflections: 3 of 3

What would it be like if you could enter your own mirror image?

Alice did and found Wonderland.

That was totally wrong.

It’s a world of tuna.

Nicole C. says, “This is Paddy Atlas sleeping on my textbook (a much better use for it).”


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