YAY It’s National Ice Cream Day!


“Here is how my pup enjoys her summer days!! She eats some ice cream! We’ve forever wanted to be on your site because we know Roxy is just the cutest!! We hope this is cute enough for you!!” -Shelby (And Roxy!)

Beautiful Kitty …

Even beautifuller (capitalized out of respect) Toe Hawk! Look at eet! Eet ees Outrrageouss!

“It’s not a full toebean. It is, however, some pretty spectacular toe-tuftage. This is Sida, my sweet little patchwork cat.” -Kate

Ever Seen a Bunny Melon?

It’s like a watermelon, but a lot cuter.

“Lollipop is chill’n by the fan!” -Ingrid B.

Soldier Snorgling

“I’m in the Army and my puppy is my stress-reliever. Her name is Sandy, named after my favorite Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, and she’s a six-month old Old English Sheep Dog. What a cutie!” -Tianyi X.


Saturday Flashback: The Eagle Has Landed

595px-Apollo_11_insignia (I know, it doesn’t have the alliteration that “Friday Flashback” has.)

Anyway. This is history heah.

It was 44 years ago this very night that man first landed on the moon. You remember, it was in ALL the papers!

Photo by the incredible Greg Downing.

Seas the Day

This pup has just decided to chuck it all in, buy a big yacht and sail around the world! Woo hoo!

“Meet my boy, Rufus. He is one adorable little Boston bean. As a matter of fact, his nickname is “Beans.” Not quite sure how it happened, but now he actually answers to either name.” -Marisa G.

A Cat’s Bag is His Castle

You know, a coat of paint, some furniture, some curtains, couple turrets, and this bag ain’t half bad.

I’d also like a moat, full of alligators, to keep out the riff raff.

“My two tabby males, Bart and Harry Chanuka are always sparring for dominance. My black cat, Joe Meower (polydactyl paws look like catcher’s mitts) ended up a sandwich. Exit strategy is not his strong point!” -Mary W.

A Thing Or Two About Caturday

That’s, uh, literally what these guys are named. Thing One (male gray,) and Thing Two (female calico.) From Cat In The Hat, no doubt. Check here for some outstanding photos. Can Japan TAKE two more Scottish Fold media moguls?

“Hi Cute Overload! I stumbled across this amazing duo and wanted to point your attenshons to itz. They are not my pets or my photos, so not sure how the procedures go, but the photos are just waiting for the Cute Overload caption bunnies to get
to work! K thanks bye! From Cute Overload fan no. 68091, Emily Y.”

[Caption Bunnehs? Outstanding concept. Must investigate. -Ed]







As seen on The Buzzster.

For Kitties of Refinement and Taste

For an elegant kitty like me, only the finest will do. That’s why I insist on Swankovia Crystal on my dinner tabe — crystal so exquisite and pure that I won’t even allow any food in it, because that would be degrading.

Via CaptainBagpuss.

How You Doon?

Me and my associates are conductin’ a little Family business up hea. If you got a problem with dat we might have to do a number on yous.

“Cute baby swallows on my front porch.” -Heather M.


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