Oh, Shea Can U See?

[Is it just me, or does everyone like the smell of fresh paint? GOLLY do I love the Home Depot.”] (Mad Bonus Point Props to Shea’s Hoomins for what looks like a Patagonia zip-front fleece for Shea, am I right?)

Home Depot Shea
“We were lucky enough to have you guys use our 6 year Pekingese Shea around Christmas time. It was such a thrill! Well, now he’s spending time in Home Depot picking out color swatches. He looks really happy here, but my husband had to keep the cart moving or he wasn’t having any of it. Thank you again for your wonderful site.” – Suzanne A., Brooklyn, NY.

PS: “The coat costs like 50 bucks. It’s time this dog got a job.

U SURE U Wanna Come Into The Kitchen?

Yur call, hoomin. Heh heh.

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From The Internet’s Animals.


“I was riding this little sweetie, called Ósk (Wish) last April in Iceland. Seems that he was more than happy when I got off, at last. Well, I’m not that fat.. .I think.” -Liisa from Finland.

happeh horseh

Go Stuff Yourself

Oh, pardon me, are these, yours? OK if I, just, glomtnomglomglomglom.

You won’t mind if I go ahead and, glomtnomglomglomglom…

I’m sure I’ll be able to make room for it!

Cheeky chipmunk didn’t even say thank you, by photographer Gordon Keith Parrott, via Daily Mail.

It’s Mine! MINE!

Get your own hypnosynthetic stereophrenic magical pleasure orb!


Nuts! I Lost My Keys…

[…so will someone be so kind as to let me in?]

From Stuff I Stole From The Internet.

I Don’t Haz Good Feeling About This

[I is a young kitteh, and they say I had to go to the vet. Who is this vet person? Do they have treats for me?]

From The BuzzFeed FacebookFeed.

And Now, Here They Are,

On CO, on Toesday, for the first time ever, and hopefully not the last, bebbeh bunneh toebeans!!OMG!!!

Thanks to Sender-Inner May-li Khoe.

Armadillo Always Told Me

Be careful what you do, don’t go around raking the moonwalk, woo-oo.
Heheea! Shamone! (I’m Bad, you know it.)

Blame it on the Voices wanna be startin’ somethin’ on YouTube.

ResQtes Around The World!

What we have here (start the video around 1:11) is a little Swedish kitteh who decided he/she wanted to go on a three hour tour by stowing away on the water jets at the bottom of this Stockholm ferry. Read this article in Google Chrome and it will do the auto-translayshe for ya. (Unless you understand Swedish, of course.) Naturally, allt är väl som slutar väl! (all’s well that ends well!)

Then, we head down to Florida where this little one-week-old panther kitten suffering from hypothermia was rescued!

First video from Julie S. and second video from Kimberly P.


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