Caturday: Potential New Rule Of Cuteness?

Anne S. tells us, “I think my kitty Kita is showing a possible new Rule Of Cuteness. “Sleeping in other animal’s dishes is Cute.” This is her falling asleep in our dog’s food dish. Love the Cheek Floof Action where her head rests against the edge!”


Slo-Mo Caturday

Normally—cats will NEVER play a game of catch with you. (Why? Because you want them to.) However, if you make it worth their while with their favorite cat toy, they might. Nice video from The Big J, and you can dance to it, too.

It’s Late- Ready To Call It A Night, Bogie?

Apparently so!

“Bogart was last seen on C.O. showing off his Baroo. Now, since it’s Tocktober…”Uh oh, she’s gonna take pictures again!” -Andrea S.

Bored ‘Tocks On A Friday Night

[Nuthin’ much goin’ on here. Guess I’ll just flop my ‘Tocks down and stare out at the front yard. YAWN. Are we goin’ for a walk? Got the harness thing. OR…is it time for dinner?]
“Here is Porky, showing his best side. Kind of hard to tell where the ‘Tocks end and the Hamhocks begin.” -Keri K.

#TGIF: Already Having A Snootful

Ah the weekend is here, don’cha know. Time to kick back and relax with a glass lake of your favorite beverage.

“Dear Cute Overload, Thanks for running more photos of hummingbirds these last few weeks! And, on the opposite end of the size spectrum, here is something I saw on the Guardian, called “Highlight of the Day.” This Heffalump having the highlight of his/her day is the highlight of my day. Love, Anna S.”

To Wrap Up Cephalopod Awareness Week….

Wait a minute. We did Octopus day on Wednesday– you mean there was a whole week for Cephalopods? Seriously? Really? Who updates the calendar around here? Mark this down for 2015!

“The Cutest Squid you’ll ever see is from the good folks on the Nautilus Live….I submit to you the Bobtail Squid. Just look at those eyes! He would make a great post for the end of the Awareness Week in my opinion. Hope you think so too. Cheers and Luv your site.” -Stacy M.

Hey Gus. U Wanna Go For A Walk?

No? You don’t? Oh, that’s OK. Primo ‘Tock Splayage BTW, Gus! “Greetings! Here is Gus, a 9 month old Wheaten Terrier. Flops down next to my feet when I sit at the kitchen table. What a dingus. Happy ‘Tocktober!” -Chrissy B., Goshen, IN.

Hi Guys, Meet Chloe THE WOMBAT

She’s (sad story alert) an orphan who just arrived at the Taronga Zoo. Take a look:


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

From Sharon B-C (Western Australia) and Cindy.

Oh Nein Zu Süß (“Oh No Too Sweet”)

That’s what the video text says, and they’re right. So if you look a little more, you get “Nasenbär Elvis bekommt nicht genug kuscheleinheiten.” Punch up the ol’ Bing translator once more, and we have “Coati Elvis get cozy units not enough.”


Megan M. says “Saw this on HuffPost Thursday morning. Too Cute!”

Les’ Go For A Sweem, Mon!

Let’s head back to the Bahamas for a quick dip with the Swimming Porksters! Just make sure you bring ’em some snacks. They’ll be disappointed (OINK) if you don’t. (Memo to self: got to get a GoPro. -B.)