It’s Chilly Out, So Don’t Forget Your Sweateuh!

(Yeah, going against popular o-pin-yun with the spelling, I know, I know.)

The WHITE DEATH cold winter weather continues in parts the US, so you guys need to make sure to bundle up before you venture outside, OK then?












From Pleated

You Look Fantastic, Mr. Fox

“Are you getting my left profile? The shadows on my nose aren’t too harsh, are they? Did I do that thing with my tongue? Dang, I bet I did that thing with my tongue. Ooh, I can’t bear to see how this turns out…”

Via Reddit.

Yee-up, I Remember the Rains of ’42…

Sheriff Slimetrail comes a-runnin’ down the road, must’a been doin’ a mile an hour easy, tellin’ us to get to high ground. So I crawl on top of the grain silo, and Lucille gets on top of the outhouse, and we just wait it out singing old love songs…

Via Reddit. Photo by Vadim Trunov.

Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

Hello, I’m Rocky, and I’m a popoholic. (group: Hi, Rocky.) For me, it started so innocently, just a small sheet now and then, and I told myself I could keep it under control. When I hit bottom, I was doing three sheets a day, and ordering stuff I didn’t even need just to get the bubble wrap.

Fast ‘n’ Furry-na 8: Tekla

(The headline’s in Finnish, yo.)

This is Tekla! And, say, whadya do when you live in Finland and you have a LOT of snow? Well, you…RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES!

[Ya gotta work off the cabin fever!]

[I left this ball here last summer!]

[We’re going to get the dog treats now, right?]

[OK, this leap up on the bed didn’t go so well.]

“Tekla is now a 5 month old Mittelspitz-puppy girl. Thanks for the awesome website!” -Tomi K. [Olet varsin tervetullut. -Ed.]

Saving Clarice

From Cuteporter KB: “Clarice was at the farm of a person who was badly neglecting his animals. She’s the only surviving lamb- just 4 days old when I met her. She was in rough shape when they got her- I think it was on the day she was born- but the rehabber nursed her back to health and she’s doing well. The Animal Rescue Team is in Solvang, California.”

Four Day Old Baby Lamb! from Kim Barker on Vimeo.

lamb 3

lamb 4

lamb 5

lamb 6

lamb 7

Here’s How To Put A Little Spring In Your Step

Or, in your, er, hoof. First, get one of these backyard sproingy things. Then, become a goat.

Sent in via Carrie and Jennifer B. (P.S. no sound on this video- no need to adjust your settings or anything.)

Olympic Freestyle Snow Catching

In Pairs Competition, these two Stubbulars sure know how to GO FOR THE GOLD!

And in Singles, it’s Ewok The Schnauzer #FTW.

FB video Submitted by W.B. Ewok from Don P. (Happy 18th Anniversary BTW.)

Battah Battah Battah Sa-WING Battah

Rocky Raccoon awaits the start of today’s spring training practice at the New York Yankees camp in Tampa, FL.

Header from Ferris Bueller. Image seen on ABC

This One Is For The Birds

“I MUST tell you how much your laugh-out-loud, got-me-squeeing-all-the-time, witty, quippy Qte brightens my day every time I go online. It’s been the home page on my browser for years. I submit for your con-see-der-a-shon…a song sparrow I saw on campus one day last fall, looking like it was waiting for the bus. When I saw it, I thought “Rule of Cuteness #6.” I’m studying songbirds for my Ph.D. and have started posting their close-up adorableness on my Twitter page.” -Megan S.



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