Friday Haiku: Now Are The Foxes

“Crazy like a fox”
It means you are not crazy:
You are most clever.




“My sister and I met this cute little fox at Cape Tryon in Prince Edward Island. He was very curious and friendly and seemed very happy to pose for pictures.” -Anonymous.
Post title c/o Georg & Yortuk Festrunk.

A Dog’s Life

Doesn’t seem like such a bad deal.  You get head scritches with a little metal thing.


You get to go swimming.


You get all googly-eyed and people will crack up. They’ll prolly toss U a treat.


Toys are free.


You get to enjoy the great outdoors.


When you cock your head, people go BAROO? You don’t get what that means.




Sleeping accommodations are always comfortable.


Nice big comfy couches to crash on. Or stand on.


They bring the food and water RIGHT TO YOU!


So close…yet so far.


Nobody gets on your case for excessive drool action.


“I like to snuggle, cuddle, bite skin, chase monstrous objects n’ make people explosively happy.”


And..hey! Green dude! How’d YOU get in here? 


~The Creditos~

1. DP&F’s FB.
2. “Trevor the Spoodle. He had been having a lovely time swimming in the dam, and this was his response to being told it was time to go home.” -Jas and Trev.
3/4. Ned McHardysons.
5. Jay’s FB.
6. “This is Hank, we like to call him Hanky Panky because he’s so full of beans!” -Photos by Annisa M., from Kristy and Josh C.
7. A border collie performs a jump at a dog show. Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images.
8. “Synchronized Napping: Nico and Hope” from Jeanine P.
9. “My friend Lesa’s mini-doxie Sparky contemplating yet another snow storm in SE Ohio.” -Liz B.
10. “Oliver is a mix of Japanese Chin, Poodle and some sort of Terrier. He travels with us in our Airstream trailer.” -Monica B.
11. Toby wants him some ENCHILADA. (Por Favor.) From Sarah L.
12. “Archer is our 2 year old bull mastiff who weighs 150 pounds and will sit on your lap like he weighs five.” -Submitted by “Mandy & Andy,” who are getting married soon and no doubt have spectacular wedding invitations. Photo by Angela at Lovelight Photographie.
13. “This is Oslo from Buenos Aires. He’s two months old.” -Rebecca W.
14. Bebeh Praying Mantis taken by A. Tweedie @ the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

Somewhere at the Grocery Store

a disapproving bunny is looking for its shopping cart.

“Attached is a photo of my guinea pig, Pekan, from The-Kan-Caviary, a year old Coronet Guinea Pig who lives with her mum Paige and sister from another mister’, Penny. I also admin. and run Guinea Pig Shaming. STAY CUTE!!!!” You too, Kelly K.!

Thanks to Loki and Poki

It’s your CO redonk chinchill-ular wheeskaires of the week!

From chintubeHD, baby chinchillas Loki (left) and Poki (right), “They were given those names because Loki is REALLY mischievous, he can’t sit still. And Poki, well… he just can’t stop poking Loki.”
Okee Dokee! (shifty eyes)

Sign? What Sign?

No, I didn’t see the “Keep Off the Grass” sign. I’ll be sure to get a look at it on my way back.

Via Fazen.

All Hail King Brunswick!

Prince of Pins! Lord of the Lanes! High Exalted Baron of Bowling! Long may he wear the regal red crown, and may his balls never end up in the gutter!

Via Zitona.

Bebeh ‘tang Needs a Name!

It’s a girl! We know you peeps are so good at this, otherwise we wouldn’t ask!

Chongqing Zoo, southwest China, has launched a competition to find a name for a newborn baby orangutan born to parents Bo Yi and Kou Lai La.” according to The Telegraph.

This Could Be Trubble, Jim

“I think my bunny is ready for the new Star Trek movie. He is doing his Tribble impression again!” -Cuteporter Alison K.


Spike As Spock


From Cyndi E.

!BONUS! Click the image for matchingk wallpaper! Scotty get us outta here!


Time 4 The Calaveras County Fair And Jumping Frog Ju-bil-ee!

FJ_13_Fcharc_web__80450.1360633370.1280.1280If ya happen to find yourself in Angels Camp, CA today thru the 19th (it’s a stretch, I know——but possible) you’ll wanna take in the festivities of the Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Ju-bil-ee! Recommended by Samuel Langhorne Clemens hisself! Download a PDF of the Sunday Schedule Of Events- the Big Jump is Sunday afternoon at 3pm PT. Hop on over!

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Encore Presentayshe of video #4 from Petsami.


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