…how they got here. OK, OK, it WAS a long night. I mean, me and the fellas went to The Sandbox for happy hour, I remember THAT. And…after that..it gets a little hazy. If this picture gets out on the Interwebs, they’ll NEVER let me hear the end of it.


If you’re reading this, then it already has.


From Fantastic Cat Adventures Tumblr.

Can Someone (Hic) Get Me…

..a dish of water? Thanks.

“Not mine, but I thought you might enjoy this video of a wolf pup…with hiccups.” -Trevor W.


[It’s come down to Me or The Ball. And it ain’t gonna be ME! Come ON, then. WHO wants a WHUPPIN’?]

From Lisa J. by way of Love Meow

Rump Day 2.0

354386695_2c5c92bc16_zThe weekend is juuuuust a leetle beet closer, no? “Elephant Birds” by Bradon J.T. as seen on Flickr, and spotted by Smedley.

Smile, Eet’s Time For Yer Bath!

This Little Orang Bebeh doesn’t seem to mind it one beet!!!


Pop Is TRYING To Tell Us Something…

…maybe it’s “Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t stop!”

Yeah, that’s it.

“My cat Pop (Dutch for Doll) purrs very loudly. It actually sounds like she swallowed a pigeon!” -Marleen O.

Let’s Review Kitteh Snorgling, Shall We?

1. Pick kitteh up gently.
2. Swivel kitteh’s butt into your palms so he/she sits snuggly and safely.
3. Raise kitteh up to nose level.
4. Insert nose into nape of kitteh’s neck and begin the kitteh huffing/snorgling process.
5. Repeat as necessary.

Imgur by way of Digg Reader.

Cool Off – It’s RUMP Day!

13002087213_72205b3bfc_oIf you can make it thru RUMP Day- just two more days until the weekend, then you can celebrate like this Corgi is doing from @CuteEmergency.

Fifteen. French. Bulldogs.

Sheer madness.

From Ben N.

Lilo (& Lola) Keep Us In Stitches

There is some Serious Arabian Greyhound Whackadoodle Action going on heah.

From Rhode.


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