Mission: Possible

I’ve seen all the Tom Cruise movies, and even the old Peter Graves TV shows. I can do this!

Cuteporter Doar E. sent this one in.

There’s One Slice of Possum Pie Left

But nobody is going to eat it. Because, nobody wants to have to wash the plate!

Prosh orphaned possum from sender-inner Kristi M. Photo by John Burns.

Caturday Spoof

If your kitty is being aloof

Maybe it’s from too much floof

Especially when it’s 200 proof.

“Maximus in all his Caturday glory.” -Stephanie Y.

Another Important Announcement from Planetary Maintenance

Due to periodic orbital decay, it will be necessary to reposition the Earth by approximately one foot downward. Most inhabitants should not be affected by this change; however, if you find you are no longer touching the ground, please contact technical support.

Via jpockele.

Oh Me Oh My Olivia

This is Olivia at first glimpse. And what a lovely glimpse it is!

Olivia is the very model of dignified elegance always dressed for any occasion.

Yep. You betcha.

“I thought I would send you a few photos of my new Boston Terrier pup, Miss Olivia. She is 11wks. old and fiercely cute! The photographer is a good friend of mine, Jennifer Ridgeway-Taylor.” -Charlie R.

Service with a Squeak

In the classic automat of the sixties, you had to get your own food from little vending machine windows. But today we have the Ottermat, the ultimate in convenience and cuteness.

Have a Nice Trip. See You Next Fall.

I’m all packed. Time to say bye. Mwah, mwah. I will miss you. Kissy kissy kissy.
Heyyy! Why don’t you come with me???
Great idea!

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 2.32.51 PM
“This is Nall and Charlie. They are playing in my husband’s trumpet case. Hilarious antics. Enjoy!” -Janis C.

Splish Splash I Wuz Takin’ A Bath

I got to get all the dirt off. I LIKE this water stuff!

“This is my 3 week old pet duckling, Goose! She was pretty messy today so I decided to bring her in and show her the bathtub. This is her first bath!” -Cuteporter Kelly.

Cute Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

UglyDogLogoRGBIt’s the 25th Anniversary of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, in Petaluma, CA. (Where Snoopy is from.) Now, we all know IN TRUTH these little fellows are absolutely QTE beyond belief. The winner gets a cash prize, photographer sesh, catered dinner, a trophy, and loads of adulation. The finals were tonight at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.

UPDATE: According to KTVU.com, our 2013 winner is………Walle!


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Friday Haiku: 2 Pooped To Pup

It’s been a long week
But now the weekend is here
Sleep in tomorrow

From Cutest Paw Dot Com.


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