One Of The Best Words In The World Is…


Get some friends together and try it all at once- it’s fun for everyone! And while you’re doing that- get a load of THESE ‘Tocks -N- Beans, eh? “Hi, Miss Dora would be so pleased if you were to use her ‘Tocks and Beans puppeh photo during ‘Tocktober.” Glad to be of help, Ruth J.


Monday Night Mellow

Alberto has obviously refined his relaxation technique to an art form. Emily G., explain to us how Big A does it. “Hi Cute Overload! I volunteer at a wonderful no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles called Sante D’Or, and I couldn’t resist sending you pics of Alberto. He loves his hammock more than anything. Sante D’Or currently has three dogs, three guinea pigs, three rabbits, and about 30 cats, and they’re all wonderful.”

“Hopefully Alberto is cute enough for C.O. (despite his lack of ‘Tocks*)! Thanks for all that you do.”


[*No ‘Tocks? NONE at all? Must investigate. Send a team down to LA and report immediately. -Ed.]

*Turn UP The Speaker Alert*

He squirms.
He squeaks.
He’s got a small warm furry belleh.
Crank the speakers. You know you want to.

Thank you to Michael S.

‘Tocktober: Say Hi To The Noodle!

Zlata & Don sent us several photos of her Little Man Noodle. WITH ROC #47 added for More Value: “Splayed haunch action is cute.”

[Just to let you know, you’re gonna see more of The Noodster on Nosevember 1st. An absolute promise. -Ed.]

Z & D, wassup? “Hi guys! Here are some photos of our Shih Tzu, Noodle. We rescued him from a shelter last year and we think he’s pretty cute :). This started off as a mission to find a good ‘Tocktober contender, so we got a couple of those. And then we found a few good Nosevember ones too! Hope you find Noodle cute and choose one of these for your site.”

Tokyo Balloon Lumpfish: Share The Squee!

These are fantastic! And oh BTW, yes they’re from The Big J. Lainey G. tells us all about ’em. “These tiny fish have suckered on their bellies to keep them in place.”

“They’re found in the Pacific Northwest in cold waters.”

“I think that they are possibly one of the Cutest fish around.”

“And of course, the photos are from a display in Japan with actual balloons to make them Cuter.”

“Wanted to share the Squee!” (Thank you, Lainey G.)


Milo, OMG, U Did NOT Eat Another Delivery Guy!

[So whut if I did? -BURP- Needs more ketchup.]

With thanks to Nina R.D.

Beauty Sleep

[We all have our little tips n’ tricks for staying young. A little cat dog nap in the afternoon and I’m as fresh as a daisy. Leave the door open a crack on your way out, right?]


Beckie, We’ll Have The ‘Tocks -N- Beans Combo Platter

Cuteporter Beckie M. has traveled far and wide to bring us these ‘Tocks. First up: “This Elk and his Bird Pal were in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado,” she says.

“And this is Henry, a polar bear cub in Australia. He was trying to get at the blue ball that’s caught in the log. Look at those Toe Beans!”


Gonna Need A New Couch Soon, Mugumogu?

NEW! Maru using her sofa as a scratching post just one of the many highlights in the latest Maru & Hana clip from The Big J.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Got another month and a half to go for Thanksgiving here in the States, but today’s the day for our neighbors in The Great White North! “Here’s a picture of Beanie celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today. She was previously featured on Canada Day (July 1.) She would be very excited to make another appearance!” -Sandra T.