Well, Somebody’s Not a Team Player

Translation: “Every day it’s the same blah-blah-blah from you losers back there! Well, listen up — everybody knows I’m carrying this chicken outfit, so put a sock in it!”

“We met this dog on a Spotify employee trip to Kiruna, Sweden,” says YouTuber Wells Johnson.

Holy Flashback Friday, Batman!


Catwoman singing the Batman Blues, purrrr-fect for a Flashback Friday. From the 1966 Batman Facebook page.

STILL Need Some (Hic) Water, Doggone It~

Yesterday’s (hic) post needs a (hic) sequel. With that (hic) said- here’s Lil’ Beagle Pupster Nala.

From (hic) Jackie M.



Today’s Date? Er, It’s, Um, It’s…

shutterstock_57085057Oh, right. Friday June 13th. Image via Shutterstock.

Mom Taxi XXVI: Just One Sec

[Boys, I’m gonna pull over here for just a minute so I can check the directions. You stay put, OK?]


Will Link Eat It?


“My husband was driving to work one day in 2012 and saw a little orange kitten run across the road! He parked his car sideways to block traffic, grabbed a box out of his trunk, scooped the kitten up, and drove him straight to the vet. Kittenpants was so tired he fell asleep in the box on the way. He had fleas but was otherwise in good shape. He is now (bottom photo) a healthy, happy ginger named Mr. Link!” -Meredith and Duff.

First Dog Treat I Ever Earned, Right Here

“Yee-up, back in oh-eight, I think it was. Left the litter and struck out on my own. Landed a job with a nice human — entry-level position, just basic cuteness. Feeling ambitious one day, so I give her the ‘soulful eyes’ look, toss in that little whimper that worked so well with Mom. Wellsir, darned if that human didn’t lean down and give me this. Proudest day of my life.”


“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce international ladies man and favorite pug about town, Jerry Lewis,” says Jules I. Froin-laaayvin!

Sneezy Bebeh Goatster Action!!!

Those pesky flies will get ya every time! Got Kleenex™?

22 Words.

ResQte Of The Week: Toots, Monty, And Daniel Tiger

We’ve got a ResQte Of The Week Triple Play today. They’re currently residing at different SF locations, and all three are looking for a nice place to live! Maybe your house?

Toots (first photo) and Monty (second) are brothers at Saving Grace Rescue. Below those guys is Daniel Tiger, who is at Wonder Cat Rescue.



Photos c/o The Furrtographer. While you might not live in SF- of course most of you don’t- you might know someone who does! Please let them nose about these three knuckleheads! If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, give us a shout.

Apollo, We Do NOT Have Lift Off

More like “We Have Shut Down.”

Apollo the English bulldog…from Laughing Squid.


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