We. Are. Not. Worthy.

You see this little guy sitting on the sidewalk, minding his own business. Do you…

1.) Fall to the ground and begin immediate worship.

2.) Look left and right furtively, then scoop him up and plop him in your bag.

3.) Dissolve into a puddle of goo.

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THESE ‘Tocks Don’t Budge An Inch!

Actually–these ‘Tocks BELONG to Budgies! Photo by David S.

“She’s Like A Black Sausage With Arms”

That’s what the Genius Cat Tumblr says, and who are we to disagree? Got that Halloween vibe going, too!

Pumpkin Posers

This is actually a Gang O’ Five Squirrels—they all picked out Puppeh costumes for Halloween. Pretty good job, I’d say. Photo from Lisa B.


Carve ‘Em, Or Play With ‘Em- Your Call, Little Guy

Pretty soon we’ll need to hoist the Punkin up on the kitchen table, dig out the seeds, and carve a spooky face on the front. Or- we could take a clue from this fellow and just roll around on the ground with it.

Either one works.

Poll: What Do YOU Like Best?

*The Foldabuhl Muzzlepowsche.
*Sleeves rolling down over the furry pads.
*Peeping tongue.
*Stubby butt.

[ded.] [Imgur.]


What Do U Want After A Nice, Long Walk?

Personally, I’d settle for a tall glass of cold lemonade- but this Prosh Lil’ Porkster has something else on his mind:


I Don’t Wanna ‘Tock About It

[A terrible day. AWFUL. Started off by going to the Vet. When that’s at the top of the agenda, the day is going straight into the pooper. So then we went to the pet store for a really horrible Halloween costume. I look like a big daisy, if you can believe it. She dressed me up in front of The Cat, who immediately ran off to tell his friends. Time for bed. I’m just gonna plop right down and drool for awhile. Sigh.]


WHOA! What Was THAT?

[Did I just imagine that? Ah, never mind. Back to bed.]

Arbroath. (Nothing to do with.)

And WHY Do We Call It “Toesday,” Marcel? (Part II)

Dr. Kimberly H., DVM checked in with us a few weeks ago to tell us about “Marcel,” a teeny kitteh she rescued.

Today, Kim provides us with an update! “He is growing every day! He likes to hide in pockets (as you can see,) and he also has started hunting and growling at his toys and is generally a rambunctious, Fun Little Guy. He gets his first set of vaccines this week, then hopefully he will be off to his forever home!”

Marcel the Pocket Kitten Spadina Animal Hospital