THIS JUST IN: The Simon’s Cat Story

Ever wonder how Simon’s Cat came to be? Wonder no more, with this new video JUST OUT.

So About the 2014 Calendar…

A lot of you have been writing in, and hollering things like HEY! WHERE IS THE 2014 CUTE OVERLOAD CALENDAR!? I NEED ONE FOR MY AUNT/COUSIN/MOTHER-IN-LAW ETCETERA!

Well People, I’m afraid to be the bearer of bad news – we don’t have one this year!


Why? When the twins arrived last year, and all attention focused on them, I knew we wouldn’t have time for the calendar project. Something had to give, People! I’m sorry we don’t have one this year, but there are other calendars we’d highly recommend instead. More posts to follow on that topic.

Fear not, Peeps. There will be a 2015 Cute Overload Calendar—we just finished it! (Like, literally, today. That’s a sneak image preview below.)

Now if you will excuse me, I hear two small mouths yelling for supper. Amazing lung capacity for their size.

2015 Calendar image by Sakurako Shimizu.

Boo Radley

Cuteporter Quinn E. sent this great photos in. “This is our ResQte dog, Boo Radley,” she says. Prime Nosevember MATERIAL!

boo nose lick
“November 10th was the 1-year anniversary of adopting this snuggly mutt!”

“It would be a dream come true to have his shiny, black, extremely boopable schnozzle featured on Cute Overload for Nosevember!”

happy boo
“These photos were taken by my husband, Aaron E.”

Happy Birthday, Dave!

“This is Dave my dapper tuxedo-ed cat lusting after a plate o’ ribs! He didn’t get any of this but it didn’t stop him from staring! Sooo cute! ”

“Dave’s 2nd birthday is today and it’s his birthday wish to be featured on Cute Overload!” -Rachael S.

Cambodian Fur Bumps!

Let’s check in on a corner of the world that…rarely gets checked in on. “My husband and I are traveling around the world. We ran into these fur bumps while crossing from Thailand into Cambodia,” says Roving Cuteporter Betsy A.

“They’re orphans (hence the bottle feeding), and we think they’re among the cutest pups in the whole world. We ought to know because we’ve sampled!”

image (1)
“If you decide they’re worthy, (*We do.)’re welcome to link to our blog. (*We just did.) My husband Zach Z. is the photographer. I provide artistic direction. (Like, ‘We need more photos of Cambodian puppies, stat!’)”

Hazel Conks Out

“I met little Hazel here at an adoption event run by the Maryland Animal Sanctuary. She’s 8 weeks old and was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina. She was so sleepy she just conked right out in my arms. Keeping it Qte in B’more, Sue.”

IMG_0892 (1)

The Zen Of Russell

Russell? Oh, Russell? There’s a feather on your snoot. In case you wanted to know. If not, then we’re all good. OK?

“This is my seven-year-old French bulldog, Russell. He lives in London and is generally oblivious to the things that get stuck to his face.” -Caitlin C.

THIS JUST IN: First Puppeh Ever Scales Mt. Everest!

Will you LOOK AT THIS! This puppeh is named Rupee. He was found in bad shape at a DUMP in Ladakh, Northern India.

Dog climbs Everest
Now, he has scaled Everest with new owner hoomin Joanne Lefson.

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest
HUGE CO Kudos to Eagle-Eyed Cuteporter Catherine C. for this!! Caters with the great photos.

Vintage Cliché Spoiler

For countless generations, anyone expressing incredulity or skepticism could rely upon the phrase “I’ll believe that when pigs fly.” By absurdly granting the common pig, perhaps that most earthbound of animals, the gift of flight, the maxim became a plainspoken, potent expression of the impossible.

And then this happened.

An Appeal for Decency

This Nosevember, we at Cute Overload wish to address a serious topic: nose hunting. Each year, dozens of innocent animals are hunted just to turn their noses into trophies. We urge you to contact your elected representative to demand an end to this barbaric and wasteful practice, and also to do something about the CIA satellites that beam show tunes directly into my head. Thank you.

Via Reddit.


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