‘Tock To The Buttfeather!

First-time Cuteporter Ragnhild N. sent us an email to clue us in on Felix, a “Congo African Grey living an ordinary life with subtitles,” according to his FB page. “You seriously need to check out Felix. The most influential bird on Facebook,” she writes.

It looks like Felix has the ‘Tocktober Concept down pat, eh?



Our ResQte Of The Week Is Lurking

[I is thinking of a number between one and ten. Go ahead and guess what it is! I haz time.]

This is my foster kitten Murphy. He’s a VOKRA rescue who will be up for adoption VERY soon!” -Sharon D.

‘Tocktober: U Wanna Biscuit With That?

Halfway through the Month Of ‘Tocktober and the ‘Tocks keep a-comin.’ Who do we have here?

Laika tock
“Hi! I would like to submit my dog’s ‘Tocks for ‘Tocktober- this is Laika (The Giant Schnauzer Puppy.) A good caption I thought of for the first photo is, ‘Two piece thighs. You want a biscuit with that?’ -Victoria L.

Laika nubbin tail
[*Note: ROC #32 on the second shot: “If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.” -Ed.]

‘Tocktober: Indy The Guinea Peeg

“Hi! Here is a picture of Indy’s perfectly round ‘Tocks. I’m hoping they will be cute enough for ‘Tocktober. My husband and I love C.O. almost as much as we love our little guy!” -Debbie H.

(Late Breaking BONUS: And as long as we’re on the subject of Pigsters, let’s check out their FRONT ends, too. This video c/o Erin B.:)

Starbucks™ Drive-Thru Disapproval Action!

You’re sitting there in the line, idling in neutral and waiting to pull up and get your coffee, when suddenly….you feel a little beady pair of eyes locked in on you. Like Ava did.

“I was waiting in line this morning in a Starbucks™ drive-thru when I saw this Cute little friend right outside my window. I know she looks like she has a look of disapproval here but she gave me a few Baroos before I took this shot of her :).”-Ava.


Wednesday Can Be BUNDAY, Too!

Nora B. says, “I wanted to send a couple pictures (feature photo above and #1 photo below) of the Bunneh I just adopted yesterday (his name is Merry, of course!) He has some spectacular Splayage!”

2014-10-13 12.47.46
“I wanted to send you these pictures of my other Bunny’s Fluffy ‘Tocks in celebration of ‘Tocktober! My boyfriend will never understand why I have so many Bunny-Butt pictures on my phone, so I want to share with those who will appreciate it! His name is Pippin, (below) and he has been an endless source of Cuteness since I adopted him in May.”

2014-09-05 18.17.34

Batman Heads: Tascha And Georgo

Don’t these two look like a small furry pair of Caped Crusaders? Without, of course, the leetle kitteh kapes.



“Their names: Tascha and Georgo :), photos by me, Nicole Caroline G.”

‘Tocktober: “Adorable Pants”

“This is our Corgi Murphy, blending in with our hardwood floors. Just call him Camouflage dog :). Besides having adorable pants he is a Total Snuggler. Hope he makes the cut. Thanks for all the fun posts!” -Kristina C.

[*Note: Once again, we see ROC #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute. -Ed.]

Holy Hairballs, It’s Cat Man!

Today’s Big J lesson is about “Kyushu Neko Ojisan.” Also known as “The Cat Man from Kyushu.” Basically, there’s this fellow who has nine Chinchilla and Himalayan cats. He gathers them up, stuffs them in a BABY STROLLER, and then takes them for a walk in Tokyo. RN24 and Jezebel have more deets.

And of course, there’s the FB and Twitter pages, too. (IF you understand Japanese.)

“Redonk cat walk TIMES NINE,” says Stephen T.

“The Best Wombat Movie Ever Has Been Made”

….and what we have here is about 2:57 of a Chubby Lawnmower doing what he does best. I can live with that.

A Smedley find.