Caturday: “Do U Want My Purr Purr?”

If you got a poopy cat, then you know where it’s at. Or….something.

As spotted on Mashable.

One Year Later

C.O. and Greyball The Kitteh remember those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.

From The Furrtographer via Wonder Cat Rescue.

How did the Spider Monkey get its name?

Oh look, here’s one now. Let’s ask. So what are you, a spider or a monkey? One or the other, you can’t have it both ways!

My name is a combination of the word spider, which is Latin for AAAAIIIIEEEEE! [Psycho music], and the word Monkey, which is a made-up word that is cute to say.

Hula Skirt Monkey would have been nice. That Carl Linnaeus sure has a lot to answer for.

Baby spider monkey learns to leap, via Zooborns.

Bear And Scoot

Bear admits surrender as Scoot dives in to snarf up his puppeh chow.

From Cuteporter Emily P.

(Hoo Boy, Am I in Trouble)

(We just had a big screwup on the factory floor, and now I gotta go into the boss’ office and explain how he’s stuck delivering eight pallets of G.I. Joes with matching heels and handbags, and 50,000 Barbies with kung-fu grip.)

Kathleen H. writes: “Please find attached a photo of our rescue puppy Pedro. He’s of the Heinz 57 variety, and was found abandoned on the highway in San Pedro in Spain, earlier this year. Now he lives in the North of England where he is very confused by the weather and lack of churros. Please feel free to post his pic. He is incredibly vain, and would love that!”

Flashback Friday

A cat wearing cat-eye glasses, from the Department of Fashion Redundancy Department.

1961, black cat Hollywood movie star from Tales of Terror, a 1962 film starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone. More photos and full story about the Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood via Catsperella. Photo by Ralph Crane. Via LIFE Photo Archive.

12 Days of Milo: Milo Elf

A new surprise video each day from the Milo Man. Here’s Day One!

Dashing Through the Snow

Over the fields I go,
I don’t really know the words,
So I’m making something up,
Laughing all the way, ho ho ho ho!

Let it snow, let it snow,
Jack Frost nipping at your nose,
Tiny dogs with their eyes all aglow,
In a wonderland of snow.

Outside the snow is falling,
Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, let’s go,
Oh what fun it is something,
Something something about snow, Hey!

‘ZIGGY’ -Heather L.

Superstition Ain’t The Way

[Me? Superstitious? No. Why you ask?]



Photos of Jojo by The Furrtographer : Music by Stevie Wonder.

Friday Haiku: Yule Dog

Tazz gets brightly lit
At Christmas time every year
(He does it for treats.)



“I figured I’d submit another couple of pictures of Tazz with the Christmas lights I wrap him in every year. He has the patience of a saint and doesn’t mind being wrapped up for a couple of minutes for me to snap some photos. Plus he gets lots of treats and some bacon for being such a good boy!” -Hannah W.


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