Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Wouldn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong.

You know it seems the more we talk about it,

It only makes it worse to live without it.

But let’s talk about it!

Various images from Buzz via Imgur/Reddit.

From The Cute Farmers Almanac

With the coming of summer, your kitten seedlings should be large enough to transplant. The tuxedo variety requires an especially large amount of space, and should be moved into a pot with at least six cubic feet of soil, plus jingle ball and rubber mouse.

Via Beckie.

The Puppeh Wuz THEES Beeg!

I swears. He wanted to play but I said OH NOSE.

“This is Gadget, a kitten currently in residence at the kitten nursery of the Peninsula Humane Society in Burlingame, CA.” – Decca


Keen Koala Keesses

“Keen koala is so hooked on kisses from a pretty cafe boss he meets her once a week for an after-hours smooch. Eddie has been romancing Lucy Ziwiski at her home in Noosa, on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, for the past month. He gave her a kiss to say hello and ever since then the koala returns every week for his kiss from the 36-year-old and even turned up on the porch of a neighbour’s house she was visiting.”

Thanks to Cuteporter Deb in NYC – “This is one of the most adorable stories I have ever heard. Pretty incredible!” More at the Metro News.

Ah, Let’s Knock Off Early Guys

It’s quarter ’til five, the weekend is here and I’m pooped. First round’s on me!

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013 entry by Graham McGeorge.

Stay Cool, Furry Friends

The USA West is baking in a heatwave. Chase, though, has just the right idea.

Spotted on MSN Now.

My Show Is On- Can We Talk LATER?

According to NBC News.com, a new study suggests that- despite what we all know to be true – your cat isn’t totally ignoring you.

The key word there is “totally.”

The report’s in the July issue of Animal Cognition. Quoting the website article, “Dogs have evolved, and are bred, to follow their owner’s orders, but cats have not been. So sometimes cats appear aloof, but they have special relationships with their owners.”

(Like, sometimes they MIGHT share the remote with you. Or not.)


Top: Fred Baby, from Avivit B-Y.
Bottom: Coconut, from Jennifer E., photo by N. Kehler.

Friday Haiku: Clear For Takeoff

Bebeh flying friends
Leaving for a day of play
They’ll be back later

From Buzz via Imgur/Reddit.

Red, White, And Baroo

Send us your Red, White, And Baroo-themed photo! We could post it on the Fourth of July for our Red, White, And Baroo celebrashe! Just send it in from now ’til noon PT on July 3rd. (If you could put BAROO in the subject line, it would be apreesh.)

We’d love the photo to have a Baroo IN it, but those are hard to capture, let’s face it. So just make sure it’s got July 4th colors. OK? We’re good?

BAROO [BAH-ROO] (noun) A common animal look expressing: “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by a head tilt and/or wrinkled brow.

Concept by Courtney S. of Hazard, Ky. Image of Princess from Julie H.

Flashback Friday

We’re going back in time! Get it? Going sooo slow that we’re going back-, and it’s Flashback Fri-, and … yeah!

Circa 1960s. Credit Unknown.


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