Ouch in the Couch

We always enjoy when Aunt Hildegarde comes to visit. She’s so full of interesting stories about faraway places and fascinating people, that we just lose track of time.

Then she gets up to leave, and we realized that’s not all we lost track of…



‘Tocktober: Get It, Remy!

Nomming your own tail. A terrific way to pass a ‘Tocktober afternoon, is it not? If you, er, HAVE a tail, of course. “​This is Remy at 7 weeks and her Bebeh ‘Tocks!” -Kelly L.

Lisa G., Ya Got Any In-N-Out Burgers In This?

[Y’know, Animal Style? Doesn’t HAVE to be In-N-Out. Burger King, McDonalds, The Colonel, it’s all good to me!”] (It seems as though this Little Guy is in the mood for just about anything.)

Alaska 018
“Hi- this is from Denali NP in Alaska. Loved this little guy. Clearly he was used to eating Hoomin Food, or salt, or backpacks, but we didn’t feed him.”

Alaska 020
“Photos by me Lisa G. :). Love your site- keep up the great work!!”

Let’s Play Cat And Mouse Hoomin

Greg T. and his kitteh Button play Hide & Seek/Cat & Mouse to determine who is in charge of the house and everything in it. Like we don’t already know that, duh.

From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow.

THIS JUST IN: Simon Draws: Toads And Frogs

Just in time for Halloween, Simon Tofield of Simon’s Cat fame shows us how he draws Toads -N- Frogs. And of course, since they’re from the creator of Simon’s Cat…the Toads -N- Frogs are quite Cute. Take notes, there’ll be a quiz later!

Rock On, Turtle Dude!

When they were home alone, Biff and Leroy would often while away many an hour headbanging to “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

Sweets the English Bulldog owns the road. She has nice manners, too.

Header from ZZ Top. Seen on T.O.

ResQte Of The Week (International Edition, Vol. II)

Heidelberg, Germany-based photographer Susanne is back (we also featured her photos in July) with another set of photos she took at the local shelter where she volunteers.

“A lot time passed and I’m still working as a photographer in the animal shelter,” she tells us.

“At the moment they have orphan cats…”

“…that they have to feed with the bottle.”

“They are absolutely adorable and I thought I have to send you those pics.”




The Best Thing About A Leaf Pile?

-When you can jump into it many times, yet not have to rake ’em back up!

Watch Stella The Lab dive bomb (over and over) into this pile of leaves. The YT video says her curious way of flopping down is “just how she cools down on the grass.”

From BuzzFeed Videos.

‘Tocktober Throwback: 10/16/07: Icy Cold, Submerged Paw Pad Edition

It’s like this guy just did a perfect dive and kersplooshed into the pool.

Must have been a triple lindy!

The end!, originally uploaded by ucumari. Regina C., extra points for difficulty.
[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]