[U Haven’t Been Brushing Twice A Day Like I TOLD U!]

IMG_4749[LOOK at these teeth! I BET U have a cavity, mister. Your father is going to be SO disappointed in you!]
(“The prairie dogs at the Smithsonian National Zoo are in a low walled area and they often come close enough to practically touch. The most important thing about this is that you can closely examine their totally stubtacular ears.”) -Guppy Momma.

Frankie Says “New Rule!”

image[*Note: Headline refers to 1980s MTV one-hit wonders. Google it. -Ed.]

So what do we have here? It’s not a uni-brow- those go all the way across. It’s a…well, let’s let Cuteporter Jami G. explain.

“Hi, not sure if this is a Rule yet but it should be- animals with distinct facial features. My recent rescue, Frankie girl not only has the one eyebrow down pat but the black lipstick to go with it! She attracts cats, dogs and humans everywhere we go!”

image (1)

image (2)

Disney Ducksters

Can’t say that I recall Disney’s Duck Tales. Oh, it ran from 1987-1990? That must be why. Regardless of that fact, anytime you get a bunch of Fuzzy Little Ducks running around wearing hats….that’s Cute. (A new Rule?) Catchy song, too- sounds like Huey Lewis.


Wanna Nap In The Garden – Need Pillow – Whadya’ Do?

image (2)Well, you improvise, of course.
(“Hello Cute Overload! Molly Moo wants to say thank you for sharing her previous videos by sending you this photo. She absolutely wubs the sun!” -Molly’s Mummy & Daddy.

Cows Love Trombones- But Deer Love French Horns!

Remember this video from last month? A farmer serenades his cows with his trombone.

And now, a sequel or two, from…Japan. This fellow does the same thing at Nara Park, with the park’s 1,200 much-revered Sika Deer.

Feeding time? NOOOO problem-o.

The Squideroo.

The Mice Bucket Challenge

It seems the ice bucket challenge craze of the summer is fading- but not quite YET:

Speakers Up For THIS One, Oh You Betcha

Guess what kinda noise this Prosh Lil’ Pigster makes when it flops over and YOU TICKLE ITS BELLEH WITH A FEATHER DUSTER? (U also get some bonus UK accent narration, too. Free of charge.)


Poll: Can Snakes Be QTE?

Good question. Today is as good a day as any to Go Polling!



Pssst! Hey…You! Wanna Win A Couple O’ 2015 C.O. Calendars? “Maybe If I Dip It In Chocolate?”

We’ve got another pair of 2015 Cute Overload Calendars to give away!

All ya gotta do is crank out a terrific headline for the Bebeh Monkeh photo shown below. At 2pm PT, we’ll update this post with the winner!

UPDATE: And today’s winner is Mer! Congratulations!



Just Another Manú Monday

Actually- this is the first Manú Monday. But anything to work that Bangles lyric in, right? Anyway, Manú the Kitteh has an easy way to fall asleep. No Kitteh-sized Excedrin PM™ for him, no! He just asks his hoomin to give him a few keeses on the wips, and it’s lights out by :25. BOOM! Game Ovah!



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