Teacher’s Pet?

Oh hai Mrs. Krebs, remember me? Wallabeena Hopper! You were my pouch teacher in 3rd grade. Well, whaddaya think of me now?

“Being a zookeeper, I’m lucky to work with all kinds of cute animals. Hunter, a certified pouch expert, examines my ‘pouch.’ (I’m about six months pregnant in this photo.) If you’re wondering, I passed! (I may or may not have bribed my examiner with apples.)” – Lauren E.

How ‘Bout Some Nice Tofurkey Instead?

Clipboard01(Mr. Turkey says: “I pretty much despise Thanksgiving. Nothing personal, just business.”)

“Time to celebrate turkeys! I wonder if your readers would like to see this adorable rescued baby turkey who looks like a cotton ball? Who needs Butterball, when Farm Sanctuary’s got a wittle cottonball?” -Meredith T.

The Adopt a Turkey Project gives people the chance to sponsor one of the rescued birds who reside at the group’s shelters in New York and California. It’s provided care for more than 1,000 rescued turkeys over the last 25 years.

Cottonball Turkey Baby
To learn more about the Adopt a Turkey Project, visit here or call the Turkey Adoption Hotline at 1-888-SPONSOR.

Binkies Make Everything Better

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and bunnies gotta bink! And bink and bink and bink. Bink, bink, bink.

Hold on to something for this one, ’cause the room’s going to start spinning! Go, Billy, gooo! (makes dizzy eyes)

Cute baby Bunny Binkies via YouTube and A Happy Bunny, via YouTube

This IS My “Game Face”

I got a bad feeling about this game. The Rams can be sneaky. And no, you can’t have my football. Mike Ditka gave this to me!

“I have a 6 month old French Bulldog that I’d like to submit to your site. His name is Beefcake, and he’s a favorite of my friends and family. All photos have been taken by myself (Nicole R.) or my boyfriend (Nick B.)”

Whatcha Doon?

This guy is REALLY coming on strong. Seems as though she could care less.

More here. From Wendy M.

Make Mine “To Go”

“Is this what’s called a ‘doggy bag?’ – Cuteporter Catherine. (Envoyé de mon iPad.)


I Wuz Made For Loffin’ U Bay-Bee

“Outside my office window in Hamburg, Germany I’m frequently visited by a little red squirrel. I was very surprised when the little guy stopped by & started making faces at me. I snapped a few pictures before Gene Simmons (named for obvious reasons) went about his business and left.” -Hendrik B.




Return To Cat Island

We took a look at these maniacs a couple of years back. Now let’s see what they’re up to these days.

“The second I saw this story I was shocked that I hadn’t seen it on the CO site. [See above. Ed] I’ve been an obsessed follower (according to my husband) for several years! This is a great story with amazing photos of an island off Japan where cats totally rule!” XO Ellen F.

10969415155_81fe1f0da7_b - Copy

10969410825_278c46a674_b - Copy















Photos by Fubirai.

Today’s The Big Day, Martie!

From Cuteporter Megan P., who’s prolly very nervous right now: “This is the ‘Save The Date’ photo we used with our pup Martie. Isn’t he the cutest? He was so excited to wear his special little sign and was smiling big all afternoon! Our wedding is coming up quickly [UPDATE: Today at this very moment, BTW: 2pm ET. -Ed] and every time we see this picture we get even more excited!”

Congrats to Megan (& Salvatore) in Orlando, FL.




Photos by Tina Wolf.

Autumn’s Whiskers

Autumn is a lion,
Batting leaves across the ground,

Chasing leaves around and around,

Clawing leaves like a rake,

Hissing like the sound leaves make,

Turning, crunching, tumbling at play,

Lion around brown and gray.

Sender-Inners Shelley C. and Smedley, via Daily Mail


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