Happiness Is (Rescuing) A Warm Puppeh

Feels good, too.

Extraordinary photo by Hilary Benas Photography as seen on the Southern Oregon Humane Society FB page. Headline inspired by C. Schulz.

ACK! I Am SO Late For My Flight!!!

[I hope those TSA guyz don’t hassle me ‘cuz I’m short. Somebody is gonna hafta help me with the overhead bin though ‘cuz my arms are too small. Does Boo have to do this on Virgin?


What’s So Great about Being a Zonkey?

Besides being redonk? The best thing about being half donkey and half zebra is, you get to be your own side-kick!

“Saw this extremely rare zonkey baby on the news this morning!” -Holly H. via YouTube.

Just Another Meezer Monday

“A little Meezer Monday Action!!” From Cuteporter Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow, and Sent From Her iPad, too!

(BTW, Ollie The Gabby Chomping Siamese has his own FB. How…surprising!)

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Vol. IV

Gooooooood Monday morning, C.O. Campers! Back with another batch of swell photos from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. First up, Vole in a Hole, by Mark Bridger in East Malling, Kent UK:

download (1)
Llama Photobombs Machu Picchu, by Junichi Masudac in Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru:

download (2)
Please Don’t Eat The Monkey Bars, by Yvonne Booth in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda:

download (3)
Gorilla Surprise by Ying Xiao, also at Volcanoes National Park:

download (5)
Owl Stretch by Mohd Khorshid in Kuwait:

download (6)
Chipmunk Love by Helen Rogosin in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

C.O. Thanx 2 Marilyn T., Chief Researcher at National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Rats! It’s Monday

Another Monday, another Furry Little Goober to greet you. Who might this be? “Hi guys and gals, You asked for it, and here she is, our little Blueberry. My husband and I thought we were Cat People until we rescued two friendly fuzzies. Once you go rat, you never go back. Share the love for these smart, funny and adorbs little companions. Enjoy! Nieta & Steven from Montreal, Quebec.”

unnamed (1)

Goodnight, Interwebs

It’s late on a Sunday night..we’re gonna have more stuffs for ya tomorrow morning!

From The Panda of Boredom.

U Just KNOW A Baroo Is Next

“Do ah turn to the left, or the right? Wait. Which is which? Is left that way, or is that right? I haz a confuse. Maybe I shall take a nap and think about it later.”

“This is my parents’ dog: Tib! (Their first two dogs were named Betsy and Tacy. It was only fitting she was named ‘Tib.’) She is a Havachon…half Havanese and half Bichon Frise. And 100% terror!” -Jessica R.

Now, Back to Celebunny Apprentice

“Tyra, I’m very disappointed in your work. The carrot cake you baked was not sufficiently moist, plus you spilled Starbucks on the marble-with-gold-inlay floor of my three-million-dollar hutch on Long Island. You’re fired.”


Bunday: Bunbun & Sophia Action!

Yes, yes, Easter BunDay was LAST weekend, when we had LOTZ of Bun Posts. Today we’re back to a regular non-holiday Bunday, so let’s check out what Cuteporter Scott Y. has for us.

“These are my two baby blue-eyed white baby Holland Lop Bunnies. A boy named Bunbun, and a girl named Sophia. They are 3 weeks old, and apart from being Super Cute, they are full of energy and curiosity!”

[Imagine THAT. -Ed.]

(This is Bunbun.)



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