Photo Assignment Day #4: The Mighty Finn

We just announced Photo Assignment Day #4: Hot Fun In The Summah-time a few hours ago and we’ve already been deluged with email submissions—like Finn!

Victoria tells us: “This is Finn, my husky pup. I submitted a pic of him before he was named and greatly appreciated the wonderful name suggestions! Here’s one of him now, almost 7 months, relaxing by the pool.”


Photo Assignment Day #4: Hot Fun In The Summah-time…

Photo Assignment Day #4 is here! Send us a photo of how your pet (or any animal) likes to stay cool in the summer. We might post them on this here very website. Now pass those Popsicles & turn up the tunes!

“We adopted Wally the Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot when he was 23 years old and had had two previous owners. He will live well into his sixties and I have promised him a forever home!” -Kris B.

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. VII

Last month’s Magilla Glub Glub update introduced us to Lady Bubbles. Which means, naturally, we needed MORE photos of LB, STAT!

“I wanted to pass along some more Lady Bubbles photos. She has completely won us (and GG) over! Her and Glub Glub are fast friends – she even has convinced him to share his basket. Of course, there isn’t really room for the two of them, but somehow, she always finds space. Thanks for keeping it cute!” -Rwanda Cuteporter Bethany H., on the scene.

Piggy Pile

Bubs 1

Bubs 2

You Are Under the Spell of HypnoKitty!

You are getting sleepy… You will give me ear skritchies… and tuna… (yeah, I know the hypnotism isn’t strictly necessary, but I just dig making the hand gestures.)

Via empapel.

Don’t Even Think About It

Get your own twig stick. This one’s mine!

Jasper, my baby Chihuahua, playing fetch with a twig!” -Cally Jane

OK, So Mebbe I DID Use Too Much Gel

We get submissions from all ovah the world! Let’s see what the mailbag has for us today. [Peers through Gmail.] Ah, yes. New Zealand! Take it away, Emma.

“I have a rather floofy looking Affenpinscher called Frank. I attached a pic of him with his usual Einstein-esque hair-do so you can see what a handsome young man he is. I hope you like, and thanks for brightening every day! Yours, Emma (and Frank,) Wellington, New Zealand.”


Darby Blues

My hoomin told me Darby, today’s your lucky day…
You’re gonna be on Cute Overload, no matter what U say.

I said that I am sleepy, and leave Darby alone.
She said I’m takin’ your picture, and you might get a bone.

So here I am with guitar in hand paw, what else more can I do.
I made it on the front of Cute Overload, singin’ them Darby Bluuuuuues.

Photo by D. Assid. Based loosely on Double Bogey Blues from the Tin Cup soundtrack, by Mickey Jones.

THIS JUST IN: Kitten In Crocheted Mushroom Costume

Clipboard01 People, this one was emailed in from Moo sunning lazily on the beach in Hawaii (Must. be. nice.) The subject line said: “Aieeeeeee!”

Well, that’s good enough for me.

What we have here is a rescued kitteh wearing a Crocheted Mushroom Costume. The kitteh’s name is Wasabi-Chan- and she was rescued from an attacking crow! The complete story is here- use Google Chrome to get the translation.

Follow along with The Twitter! ありがとうございました!




I Know We’re ‘Sposed To Be Enemies And All…

But do you mind if I share this with you? Then we could be..FRENEMIES!
(Could be said by either one.)

Submished by Concordian Cute Kokonuts Barbara and Paul, clearly on a roll. With buttah.

Free Sofa!

Too late, the cats have beat you to it.

“The white and black one is “Pepper” and the gray guy is “Fido”. I took this photo on Saturday afternoon when my neighbors put this couch on the front lawn in an attempt to get rid of it. Two of our neighborhood cats decided to take possession before anyone else could claim it.” -Maggi S.


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