Does It Need to Be Cute All the Time?

Know what’s wrong with us? We’re in a cuteness rut. We’re all “muzzlepouches” this, and “eyebrow dots” that, but do we ever just look at nature without squeeing?

I mean, look at this picture: it’s a tree. No ‘tocks, no toe beans, just a knotted old tree in the forest. Just this once, could we appreciate a simple thing without going all oochie-goochie on it? Come on, people, let’s broaden our minds, here!

Peter G. says: “Here’s a snuggly rufous phase eastern screech owl i photographed last weekend – wanna share it with the interwebs? More pics here.”

I Want to See My Lawyer!

I didn’t do anything! I was just floating here, minding my own business, when somebody built this cage around me! This is a clear case of entrapment!

Spike S. writes: “Caught this little dude in my “Squirrel Proof” bird feeder last summer, figured he was about 50 sunflower seeds away from becoming a permanent resident.”

Saya’s Internet Slang


Saya c/o Anry as always. (Who has a birthday today BTW.) Yo, look up the defs here, capish?

Are Your Hands Chameleon-Free?

Your hands may look clean, but did you know that one in eight bathrooms has… chameleons? That’s why you need ChameleOff™, the hand soap that removes even stubborn chameleons that blend in. Don’t just get dirt off… Get ChameleOff!

Via Reddit.

Some See The Glass As Half Empty

Ah see eet as half full!

Sent our way by James H.

In-N-Out Animal Style

The In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu is legendary for its many options, including “Animal Style” burgers-n-fries. This is a 2 year old Alaskan Klee Kai named Mischa, wondering juuuuust how close she can get to that Double Double. Sender-Inner Chris V. classifies this photo thusly: “Hunger Level: High!”


Have Pocket Will Travel

My other ride is the sofa.

Marvin K. knows what brown can do for him!

Forget Me Not

Photo by Caninest

Plays Well With Otters

Also demonstrates leadership skills and a positive otter-tude!

Fave Frame:
A+ mmoyerssd1, via YouTube and the San Diego Zoo!

Bath Time for Mr. Peabody!

“I stumbled across this today and it made me squee, so I used your searchy thingy and couldn’t find anything about an owl bath, so here it is – prepare to squee!!! :-D” -Long (LOOOONG) time fan Sylvia W. “Clean Water” written by Joe Hoffmann and performed by The Raptor Project. Watch a live in-studio version of “Clean Water” here, or buy it on iTunes here.


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