The Peeps Have Spoken: Announcing Rule Of Cuteness #58!

RULESCERTIFICATE1Gigi The Cat Lady: “I vote YES! ‘One Flap Up’ should be a new Rule Of Cuteness!!”

G Mac: “‘One Flap Up’ isn’t ALREADY a Rule?!?!! It definitely should be because it’s TOTALLY Qte!”

debg: “Love this sweet goggie. And I second (third?) the requests for a new ROC– ‘One Flap Up’ is pure win.”

Shelley: “I can’t believe ‘One Flap Up’ is not a ROC!?! This must be fixed…”

Smartypants: “Another vote for ‘One Flap Up’ – definitely cute!”

Faye: ‘One Flap Up’ = good ROC.”

Kristin: “I vote YES to the ‘One Flap Up’ Rule — simply one of the cutest things ever!”

Rachael: “One Flap Up’ simply MUST be a ROC! The world demands it!”

Clare: ‘One Flap Up’ HAS TO BE A RULE.!! And not just because my own rescue pup has independent, individuated, graduated single-flap control!! PUHLEEZE make it a Rule.”

(This post was inspired by THIS post. The sheer desperation of Clare AND THE ALL CAPS is what shoved this one through, BTW.) Anyway. To welcome in Rule # 58, (“If You’re Flyin’ With One Flap Up, That’s Cute” aka “The Paisley Rule,”) we have this email just in from Holly H. “If ‘One Flap Up’ is going to be a thang, let me introduce Luigi. He came to visit us on while we were shooting ‘Home Free in Atlanta‘ and we kept him cool in the makeup trailer. His ear fringe is delightful! He was a master of ‘One Flap Up’ and looking a bit guilty!


That’ssss Jusssst Sssssick

Since he was never fond of his mother, Stanley Sidney Samuel Saperstein Slytherton Snake took unique inspiration from the adage “step on a crack, break your mother’s back.”



Kodak™ Moments

Yeah, I know no one uses film anymore, but this fellow is named Kodak™! Can you EVEN stand it.



From Tara S.

I Think We Know Who The Chief Is Around Here

Just one more day left in July, and then the Dog Days roll into August. Chiefie doesn’t seem to mind at all. Sender-Inner Kate R.’s comments are in the hovers.

Chiefie awake in chair

Chiefie side eye

Chiefie in chair

Chiefie Paws Up

What ARE U..Some Kinda “Einstein?”

20150726_171102Well, yes- that IS his name. “This is Einstein. He’s not very happy I put him in this t-shirt,” says Priscella T.

Paisley: ResQte Of The Week

IMG_9598One Flap Up (above) isn’t a Rule..but maybe it should be? Hmmmm. Let’s hear from Meaghan S.

“Hello Cute Animal Lovers,” she writes. “My dog Paisley would LOVE to be featured on Cute Overload!”

“She is my Cute Vizsla Mix Rescue who is impossibly Cute.”



#TBT: 07/30/2007: Happy Birthday, Meg


Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Meg Moo,
Happy Birthday to You!


Chief Sister Officer

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™; today IS her birthday, just add 8 years. -Ed.]

Happy Birthday, Jia Jia!

worlds-olderst-panda-celebrates-37th-birthday-4Happy 37th Birthday (well, it was yesterday, sorry) to Jia Jia, the world’s oldest Panda!

She got a big veggie ice cake, but stuck to her favorite bamboo shoots!


(Bored Panda.)

Hey! Get Outta Here! Go On, Shoo!

Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster has decided to chase some pesky swallows in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Not a bad way to pass the morning!

The Shichon Phenomenon Continues

oscarIt’s been a day or two since we’ve had a new Shichon photo, right? No prob, Kimberly O. to the rescue.

“I’ve actually never heard of a Shichon either…typically the Shih-tzu/Bichons are called “Teddy Bears,” she writes. “This is a birthday cake I made for my husband John….he said he wanted a cake that looked like Oscar, so…that’s what he got.”

“He is ball obsessed and pretty much always has one in his mouth.”



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