Poll: Cute Or Ugly?

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society* has decided that this creature, the aptly-named “Blobfish,” is the Ugliest Creature In The World.

(*Editorial Disclaimer: I happen to think there is NO such thing as an Ugly Animuhl- they are all beautiful in their own way. Even….spiders.)

What do YOU think? Cute…or Ugly?


*This bunch did a YT video on this. But the video is so bad, not gonna give ‘em a link. Wouldn’t be prudent.

Where Do You Want This, Lady?

You’re pulling us over here, then over there — c’mon, pick a spot already! Look at my partner, he’s so tired he has to sit down!

Behold The Proshness

Quite probably the best commercial ever made.

Submitted by Cuteporter Doris V-N.

Your Move, Pal

You buzz me one more time there, Mr. Hummingbird, and we are gonna have a problem. Capiche?

From the Pixdaus Facebook page.

Bonny Prince Bunny

Greetings. I extend to you my most regal disapproval.

Via Benjamin Watson.

Nice Buns

“Quick, Lady Godiva, pick me up!”, said the hare, “Then we can ride through town together.”

“This is Persey, the Rose City Rabbit. I had to share this ridic eyelashes picture with you taken in front of the Portland Art Museum. Truly the Audrey Hepburn of rabbits.” -Amanda C.

We KNOW Who Started This Trend

Thanks to Cuteporter Andrew Y. who continuously has his finger on the pulse of Japan’s RocketNews24. We have this selection of cats.

In boxes.

(These first three look…familiar.)

















More Photo Assignment Faves

Yet more great entries from our latest Photo Assignment Contest!

“This is Artie, who fell asleep on my lip gloss.” -Allison M.


“While playing Cards Against Humanity, my hamster Ushi decided the box seemed like a good place to fall asleep. We continued putting discarded cards in the box and he just kept moving over to accommodate them.” -Cat S.


“My hairless rat Tizzle fallen asleep on my computer, back in the the day when people used those kind of phones.” -Sarah M.


“This is my sister’s silver Lab, Theodor (Teddy) Euclid, named after the founding father of geometry. Math makes me fall asleep pretty quickly too.” -Emily H. of Stillwater, MN.


Privacy Paw (In The ‘Stan)(CO Follow-Up!)

Nowzad-Logo-FullRemember this photo sent in by Cuteporter Stephanie H.? A puppeh in Afghanistan, right? Well, we went straight to the source and have a few more deets for you. This is from Melissa, the Nowzad Dogs UK & US Office Manager. “The picture on your site was taken in Afghanistan in 2006 and is of Nowzad Dogs founder and chairman Pen Farthing with one of the dogs he befriended and cared for during his tour of duty, named ‘RPG.’ Thank you for featuring the work of Nowzad on your site, we really do appreciate it.”

Pen & Nowzad

Mr. Farthing has written a book about this, too.

Pen Farthing

This is “Dashy.” Snuck in with all the puppehs, I ‘spose. It’s all good.



THIS JUST IN: Saturday Nan The Chick Update!

Here’s the very latest video from Nan The Chick’s FB.

Anyone with info is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.


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