Cuteness Ranking: Off The Scale

Maybe turn down the speakers some due to the dopey music, but otherwise this video clip is all kinds o’ awesome.

Seen on Love Meow, and sent from Lisa J.’s iPad.

How To Make A Deal With A Hedgie

1.) Plop Hedgie in your palm.
2.) Ask for permish to shake his/her little paw.
3.) Shake very delicately to seal the deal.

“My Hedgehog’s name is MO and we recently sealed a deal. Negotiations were pretty painful at first. Now we have established a serious commitment to Cuteness!” -Juan and MO.

Ever Feel Like U Have A Monkeh On Your Back?

Don’t worry about it- you’re not the only one. Take two Squirrel Monkehs and call us in the morning.

From Gene A.

Panda Population Is Now +3

Good news to all Panda Fanz! China announced yesterday the birth of very rare Panda Triplets!

628x471 (6)
The three cubs were born July 29 in Guangzhou.

628x471 (2)
Mom Panda Ju Xiao and the three unnamed little dudes are healthy.

628x471 (3)
Quoting the AP report, “The triplets were only the fourth known to have been born in the world through artificial breeding programs…”

628x471 (4)
“..and there are about 1,600 giant pandas in the wild, where they are critically endangered due to loss of habitat and low birth rates.”

628x471 (8)

628x471 (9)

628x471 (10)

628x471 (11)

From Liz L. and Smedley, as seen on SF


This little guy is REALLY getting his fierce on. Must be the Shark Week thing.

Pisuke von Peabody, the intrepid hero (pronounced PEACE-kay.) My nearly 5 pound hero deftly saved the whole family from the “scary scary” birthday present my son received. Our hero!!”

We Want To Believe, Mulder

Show us just how you do what you do.


Pig Pool Party

Clipboard01So you’re a Guinea Pig, and it’s a hot one out there. How do you cool off? Well, grab your friends (and their hoomins,) fill up the ol’ backyard pool, and hop in! As seen on @BuzzFeedAnimals.

Let’s Play “Spot The Puppeh”

unnamedSee if you can find the puppeh somewhere in this photograph! (This is Artek, from Jenna R.)

How ‘Bout…A Bebeh Sandhill Crane?


Sandhill Cranes are born knowing how to do everything – walk, eat, follow the parents. The size of the chicks relative to the parents is amazingly small.” Submitted by photographer Ellen M.

How Do Sheep React To Card Tricks?

Actually….surprisingly well! Let’s head over/up/somewhere to Finland with a fellow named Johannes Malkamäki to see what all the BAAAAAing is about.


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