Massive Disapproval Sighted At Zoo Berlin

Boy, is this Little Asian Small-Clawed Otter giving us The Look Of Disapproval or WHAT? He’s busy with swim lessons at Zoo Berlin.

“These are hilarious! Not only is the Bebeh Otter Cute, but in the first picture he is such a Mr. Grumpypants! Nothing like a Grumpy or Disapproving Cute Bebeh.” -Shannon S.


Now THIS Is A Sticky Situation

Skippy, Smuckers, JIF, Peter Pan, heck it don’t matter- BRING IT ON!!


Once You Give A Goat An Inch….

….he will absolutely TAKE A MILE from you. You’re done.

From Concord Paul & Barb, Temporary Goatees (Goaters? GoGetters?)

Tonight At Midnight PT….It Begins

9938084733_5b9d9778f6_oYou’ve waited a full 12 months for this moment, and now it has returned just like a headache you can’t get rid of to kick off ‘Tocktober. Twenty-Four Hours of ‘Tocks begins at Midnight PT on Cute Overload! (Think you have a photo we can use? It’s NOT too late. Click here and send us those ‘Tocks! Heck, there’s 31 days in the month, ya know.)

“This is my sisters 4-year old bulldog Frankie. We had put down the seat in the back to transport some lumber earlier and had forgotten to put it back up. He tried out both positions for a nap but settled on face into trunk, ‘Tocks out.” -Marie L.

HOW Does Maru DO It?

[I squirm and I squirm and I squirm! ERF! OOMPH! Sigh. Looks like Diet Friskies for me. Again.]

Spotted on the Laughing Squid Twitter.

Flamingo Flashback!

976Cuteporter Deborah U. was kind enough to send us these photos after spotting our recent Flamingo story. “A couple days ago you posted a picture of one of the new Chilean Flamingos chicks at the SF Zoo,” she wrote.

“I happened to be there Friday, and took these.”

“There are 4 chicks (3 bigger, 1 smaller,) and at least one egg I could see.”

“They are adorable little fluff balls!!”


These Buns Can’t Wait For ‘Tocktober

And that’s because they’re a different KIND of Buns. You eat these Doggy Sausage Bread Buns! (Well, you’re ‘sposed to- but they’re so Cute, you might have a problem with that.) Anyway, Ace Cuteporter Andrew Y. sent this our way. You can make these right at home, and here’s the recipe!


The Return Of Shrimp

Shrimp first graced these pages just last week. Now she’s back and it’s time to get wet! Hang on, Shrimpster!

Video from Natalie.

Hello! Is It ME You’re Looking For?

Clipboard01[Welcome to Toesday! I’ll be your host today! And don’t forget- tomorrow is ‘Tocktober First,’ with 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks! BTW, U got any mollusks you’re not gonna eat?]

As seen on @Zappos_Service Twitter. [*Note- Send us your ‘Tock Photos! -Ed.]

We Have An Open Door Policy Here

It’s just that a certain little someone can’t seem to get with the program.


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