Aw, Don’t Be Shy

What are the chances? The Groovy Guinea Pigs finally get their first gig and wouldn’t ya know two of them come down with stage fright.

“Kumquat, Patch, and Wicket are all so cute! Wicket (the one yawning) passed away a few months ago, sadly, so we’re glad we were able to catch this adorable shot to keep and remember him by. He was always such a happy piggy, and loved getting attention from anyone. I hope you find him as cute as we do!” -Lauri S.

Might I Have a My Tie?

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, some pups just can’t make up their mind.

This pup has decided to be undecided. Maybe.

Part of him says yes, part of him says …no.

What do you think? Smart, bold, professional? Or, clearly does not wish to be remembered this way.

“Here are some photos of my dog dressing up. He’s a Shiba Inu, he has his own Facebook page and his name is David Bowie the Dog.” -Michelle K. (PS. Say the title in Lucille Ball voice. ;-))

It’s Awesome Being Twins!

“We’re gonna have so much fun growing up together! We can braid each other’s hair, play pranks on boys, it’ll be sweet. And we’ll always look out for each other too — if the cat tries to get us, I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine… Right?”

Josh K. says: “The pet is Fats (full name: Mr. Monkey ‘Fats’ Parker, but we mostly call him Fats or Fatty). The baby is Phoebe.”

Time To Hit The Hay

Remember that old expression? Does anyone say that anymore? I have no idea why it popped into my head just now.

“This is Stjarni (STYAR-nee), an Icelandic Horse, having a nice roll after riding. Stjarni and his owner Vicka C. hang out in North Reading, MA.” -Lise B.

Abbie On Tanks

We all know Maddie On Things. Now, CO is happy to present, “Abbie On Tanks,” from submitter Quan P. of Tustin CA.

Tank Abbie 4

“I’ve been a big fan of your website for more years than I can remember, and finally I think I have something worth submitting.”

Tank Abbie 1

“My family member/awesome pet/resident bad-ass Abbie (Abigail when she doesn’t listen to us, which if you know Shih-Tzus, is quite often). She’s an 8-year old that we rescued and has been one of the best things to happen to us.”

Tank Abbie 2

“The tank she’s riding is one near my work and once I saw it, I knew I had to take her pictures riding in it!”

Tank Abbie 3

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

Today we learned how to go camping. First we set up our tent.

Then we listened to scawwy storreeeez!

“Cat’s name: Irony (That is not a typo. We actually named our little Himalayan after a literary device.)” -Tricia F

“And Buttons As…The Beaver!”

Buttons is an orphaned bebeh beaver, about 12 weeks old!


She is a current resident of Farasyn Farm’s Wildlife Rescue in Oregon.


Rehabber Kim will care for The Little McFluffersons..


…until she’s old enough to be released back into the wild.

Credited to: Anonymous.

Pigeon Boot Camp

“Listen up, maggot! Your tailfeathers are mine for the next six months! You ain’t in your mama’s nest anymore, where you roll out at noon! In this man’s army, we get up with the chickens! Now get pecking, that’s an order!”

Anry says: “Went to Milan for a few weeks and walked upon a pair of snogging pigeons, was very much amused.”

Oh. My. (2.0)

Still just those two words. Oh. My.




THIS JUST IN: Bundle of Panda Joy

Mama Panda Mei Xiang’s water broke at 3:36pm EST at the Smithsonian National Zoo and we are proud to announce she delivered at 5:32pm! We. Have. A. Cub! Proud Panda Dad Tian Tian was last seen giving out ceegars!

There’s a bit of a line forming at the PANDA CAM. Looks like everyone is sending their best wishes. More info 2 come! Stand by the Panda tweet feed!

Visit the Smithsonian National Zoo Facebook page and share the joy.


OK, now don’t faint or anything, but we got VIDEO of the BIRTH-EO, riiiiight here:

A Super Shout Out and Grand Panda Thank You to superfast Cuteporter Nicole K. who says, “Will you please get a load of that cute little squirmy hairless panda?!?  Mei Xiang is an excellent mom—she immediately picked up the cub and has been cradling it ever since.”, and our own Brinke! Photo: Astrid Riecken/The Washington Post


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