Zap! Pow! Flashback Friday!

1528649_600236796696560_218487573_nYvonne Craig as Batgirl 47 years ago….with a small Bat-Friend, making their second C.O. appearance. As seen on Facebook.

Beans UP!

IMG_0121Maya couldn’t hang on ’til next Tuesday Toesday–she wanted to pass out right NOW. Thanks to Timothy R.

Hey There, Little Buddy!

Of course, the headline is a Gilligan reference for those of you hooked on ME-TV (like me,) but Buddy is also the name of this little critter! Oh, BTW:


Buddy was an early Christmas present to singer Demi Lovato, who posted these photos to her Instagram account. Naturally, he already has his own Instagram and Twitter accounts.



Friday Haiku: Sunny Side Up

photoCuteness Rule Forty:
Sleeping in the sun is cute
We agree with that

“This is my dog Milo, who was featured on your site once before soaking up the sunshine from our living room. In this one I think he wants his tongue to be as toasty as the rest of him. Notice the overflowing toy box – he prefers sunbathing to playing. I took this picture.” -Paula.

You Mock Superman?

It is not wise to mock Superman. My super-ears can detect your suppressed giggles even over hundreds of miles. I might freeze you with my super-cooling breath, or fry you with my super-heat vision. Or perhaps I may flatten you beneath the weight of my super-pounce, or fling you across the room with one flick of my super-tail. But no, I am Superman. I use my super-powers only for good. Therefore, I shall merely throw you some super-shade.


“Just moved into a new apartment. This is my neighbor,” says Redditor aletati.

New Year’s Resolution- Go On A Diet

unnamed“Thanks for another adorable year! Here’s a recent visitor to Providence, Rhode Island…a Harbor Seal balancing on a rock at low tide. Happy New Year!” -Peter G., Providence Raptors.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Can’t A Guy Catch A Few Z’s Around Here?

Maymo wants to sleep, and Penny just doesn’t care. Penny wants to play! And what Penny wants- Penny gets.

Big Dog : Small Bed

I’ll bet he likes to ride around in one of those little Fiat 500 cars, too.


More Happy Mew Year From The Big J

Shiro and the guys make their encore New Year’s Day appearance, continuing the New Year’s Rice Cake tradition in Japan that we saw earlier with Maru. As you can see, it’s quite exciting for them.

Thing One and Two would also like to welcome in the New Year in their excitable style.


ResQte Of The Week: Cam Cuddles

Wanna play with kittehs over the InterTubes? Silly question, I know.

So check this out. “My New Year’s resolution is ‘Waste more time at work by playing with kittens,’ explains Kelly B. “Which I plan to accomplish via this website I found, iPet”

“They have about a dozen animal shelters which set up webcams in the kitten room, and they connected real cat toys to controls the internet viewer can navigate them with, allowing a person to play with real live kittehs from afar. Or… waste time at work more efficiently.”

Top photo from iPetCompanion FB.


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