Hoppin’ and a-Boppin’ on a Bunday

Time to get movin’! We got a couple floofin’ and groovin’, toe tappin’, finger snappin’, swing time bunnehs, snazzing and jazzing up your sleepy bunday morning!

“My husband and I recently adopted two bunnies. The lop-eared bun is named Oliver (code name: Grumpnugget), and the regal lionhead is Benedict. Here is a short video from playtime this Saturday. Benedict loves basil, and Oliver loves flopping.” -Sarah M., via YouTube (Music, “Here’s Us”, by Nekta)

Photo Assignment 6: Boston Terrier Vs. Cucumber

[Never thought you'd see THAT headline on CO, eh? -Ed]

“This is my sweet girl Mickie (otherwise known as “The Boo.”) I had to fence off the cucumbers in my garden or she’d eat ‘em right off the vine. Sadly we lost her this past July to a nerve issue that caused terrible pain and problems with her heart. :( If you turn up the volume you can hear the Snorfs & Kronches as she goes to town on this poor veggie.” Chris D.

“PS: Thanks for checking this out. LOVE your site!!!”

Daggone MUNI…LATE Again!

[I've been sitting here for an hour. What does a fella have to DO to get the bus to arrive on time???]


Photo 1 from Dee in Mississippi…Y’all. Photo 2 from noideaatall.

Everybody Take Cover!

♪ ♫   ♪ ♫

I don’t know,

Oh, I don’t know,

I don’t know,

Where I’mma gonna go,

When the schnozzola blow!

“This is Doralice Ribeiro. She has a cute white goatee.” -Leila P.
“My best furry friend, Buns (AKA Satchel). Bonus: bunny leeps.” -Joanne P.
“This is my sheltie, Dengar.” -Liisa M.
“My donkey saying hello!” -Jaclyn J.
“Miso!” -Deborah N.
“Volcano” song lyrics by Jimmy Buffett, Keith Sykes, and Harry Dailey.

A Lesson in Cheese

Everybody ready?

Say cheese!

Ahh, the power of cheese!

Everybody loves cheese!

What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

There are so many kinds to choose from!

Now with 50% more CHEESE!

Cheese, cheese, cheese-0-rama!

“Here is my dog Mus (pronounced moose) at his cutest! He hates water but tolerates the boogie board!” -Big fan of your site, Rachel H.
“Chameleon.” -Reddit.
“This is Grady, our 8 year-old chihuahua and she’s loving some sunny weather in Seattle.” -Andie P.
“My cat, Newton, loves cuddles and purrs so hard that he starts to drool. If you look closely you can see it on his right side. Thank you for your site … it is definitely a bright spot in my day.” – Sharon L.
“Cute seal.” -Imgur/Reddit.
“Baby goat at Carl Sandburg National Historic Site in North Carolina, where the legendary poet lived for the last 27 years of his life and his wife had a thriving goat farm on the property.” -Gary and Brenda C.
“Pippa, our 11-year old Chihuahua, turning on that 30-kilowatt charm of hers.” -Arliss R.
“Whale.” -Reddit.

THIS JUST IN: McGoatersons On A #Caturday Why Not.

This bebeh goat is named PICKLES. And that, my friends, is all you need to know.


From Tumblr.

His Honor Back On Duty In Talkeetna, AK!

Remember two months ago, we told you about Mayor Stubbs, the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. He got himself in a tussle with a neighborhood dog and ended up in a bad way. BUT: good news to report! Stubbster is back at work greeting his constituents at Nagley’s General Store at 13650 E Main St..on a PT basis for now, anyway. Check out KTUU.com in Anchorage for more deets.

Photo from KTUU, story tip from Cuteporter Karen R.in Chicago.

Caturday: Anyone Seen Pan?

He was here somewheres. Pan? Where are youuuuuuuu?

“This is my cat Pan hiding in our pillows. He is very handsome but shy.” -Sarah H.

Caturday: Never. Ever. Give. Up.

Good Saturday morning to everyone, and let’s start Caturday off with a trio of videos from The Big J, shall we? First up, this little kitteh is VERY persistent, and he/she keeps, er, plugging along ’til a faint “I surrender” at the end.

Cuteporter Emily W. originally spotted the video here.

Next, Munchkin (we think) has decided he/she wants NEEDS to be on the other side of the fence. Just….because.

And finally, an encore from Munchkin, who possesses in inexhaustible energy supply.


What’s everybody yellin’ about??


Top photo: “Hi there! Here’s an action shot of my dog Milo mid-yawn. I think he resembles a chameleon! Photo by Geoffrey G.” -Frances G.

Bottom photo: From Mail Online. Photo by Nicole S.


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