Don’t Ya Just Hate It When…

…the ice cubes get stuck to your fur?



Wanna Help These Guys? Of Course You Do.

THIS JUST IN from Cuteporter KB: “There’s currently a Sea Lion pup crisis along California shores – so many of them are starving and in need of help. California Wildlife Center in Malibu is one of the facilities rescuing the Bebehs and caring for them until they’re healthy enough to return to the ocean.

Right now CWC’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team gets about 50 rescue calls every day! This weekend they’re doing an urgent fundraising drive to build a Sea Lion pup fund to help the wee McBlubbersons. Here’s the donation link. Every penny helps!”

PS: “Why is this little girl’s head purple? The babies are all marked to help caregivers keep track of rescue location, weight, feeding, medicine and progress.”

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Close Encounters Of The Sqwerly Kind

Photographer Vadim Trunov recently published these photos he took of some local little buddies. Do you think this is what the Furrtographer goes through during a photo session?

Probably not.














(My Modern Met.)

Friday Haiku: Things Are Not What They Seem To Be

Gliding on water
Looks like a Mom Taxi post
But it isn’t one


Man, We’re Out Of Broccoli AGAIN

[Of course, this is the only drawer I’m big enough to look into. They say there’s steak and peanut butter and toll house cookies and orange juice up there. Sigh.]

(Bunnyfood Tumblr.)

TGIF, And This Dude Needs A Name!

And here we are once again, time for our weekly TGIF. A little earlier than the usual 5pm PT post time- we need your help with this one!

“I finally got this little guy to look at the camera,” writes Jennifer from Virginia. “I’m fostering until he finds his forever home. He was found wandering the streets and his owners said ‘they didn’t want him anymore.’

[*Note- WHAT? That’s terrible behavior on their part. Quote me on that. I hope they see this post. -Ed.]

“He’s the sweetest, gentlest Pomeranian I’ve ever fostered, and he has no name. Can the good peeps of C. O. Nation help me name him? P.S. Here’s where to go if you’re interested in adopting.”

Double Rules Of Cuteness

Yesterday afternoon, Poncho The Wah Wah showed off SEVEN big Rules. Miss Waffles shows off just two- but they’re biggies! Notice RULE NUMBER ONE: Putting up a paw is cute. Follow that right up with RULE NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT: If your head looks down, but your eyes look up, it’s cute.


Flashback Friday: Three’s Company

“Késő Esti Mosoly/Late Night Smile.” From Facebook. Fotó: Toni Schneiders: Familienbild, Lübeck, 1950. From Vajda B.

If I Can’t Pick This Frisbee UP….

[….I guess I’ll just STOMP IT to death!!]

(Daily Mail.)

ResQte Of The Week III: Beets!

“Orphaned baby squirrel ‘Beets’ was brought to the local shelter snuggled and cozy inside an oven mitt thanks to his kind rescuer! He’s now at Coast & Canyon Wildlife in Malibu, California and seems pretty fond of the lady who’s feeding him and taking care of him until he’s old enough to be released back into the wild.” -KB.