Oh, U Want To Get On THIS Couch?

paws 003[Go ahead, make your play. My Eye Blasters are charged and ready. What’s it gonna be?]

(My cat, Oreo, knows his gigantic paws intimidate our other two cats. When our other cat came into the living room this morning, he moved from his curled up position on the coach to this position to be sure she wouldn’t go up the pet stairs, and onto the couch.” -Maureen in MA.)

His Name Is Bentley

So of course he has to be British, correct? Veddy good, sah. “This is my mini dachshund Bentley, took this picture in his winter hoodie before we took him out for a walk. Keeps his little chest dry, being a low rider and all.” -Hannah M., Swindon, UK.


Snorgle This!

Jasper sunbathing“Here’s our ResQte Kitteh Jasper, doing his best to make Snorgling seem like a good idea. But it’s a trap! Touch the belleh at your own risk!” Submitted/photo taken by Lise C., Risk Taker and Loyal Servant.

Been A Long Day

15769747815_9e54465bce_k-930x619[I’m going to bed–see y’all in the morning, OK?]

(From Boing!! Boing!!)

Whatta Lucky Little Monster!

Lucky 2Kristina writes us from The Big G: “Dear Cute Overload, for your Nosevember-Collection, this is my little monster, called ‘Lucky.’ She’s five years old and normally an angel, but she can also be a little devil, e.g. when she’s chewing cables to wake me up, scratching doors or just walking across my face…I would love to see my baby on your page ;-). Greetings from Mainz, Germany.”

This One Finished Marla C. Off, It Seems

“I ran across these two on Instagram and now I’m dead, so…..basically this is a ghost sending you this email. You’re welcome.”

See more of Pippa and The Fonz here.

Do U Nose What I Nose?

Mr. McSkunkersons wanted to make sure we got his schnozzle in for Nosevember- we gotcha, little man!

(Pinterest/Amanda O’Dell.)

Got a Quarter, Mom?

C’mon, Mom, just a couple of quarters so I can ride! Three little quarters, that’s all I ask! I swear, if you let me have four quarters, I’ll never ask for another thing!


Via Sean Loyless.

What a Boring Party

Everybody’s just standing around, nobody talking to one another, nobody talking to me… I know I can be a little prickly sometimes, but not like these guys! Sheesh!


Well, We Were Going to the Park…

… but now it looks like we’re stuck in park instead.


Via Reddit.


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