Friday Night Nosicle

20140809_151249I mean, is this guy getting up IN YOUR FACE, or what? [*Note- I think kids these days say ‘In your grill.’ FWIW. -Ed.] Dublin’s Schnozz taken by Gracie.

[Coming up next--Caturday Greetings from Portugal! -Ed.]

TGIF: Dog Tired

unnamed[Pooped. Finished. Wiped Out. Spent. Weary. Fatigued. Beat. Exhausted. If you think of any others, LMK. Ruckus OUT.]

“I took this photo last night of my friend’s new puppy, Ruckus. He’s a Mini Aussie and full of the dickens until he fell asleep on my lap. My friend and I would love to see him featured on Cute Overload!” -Maggie D.

Relax, Max

maxnoseThis is Max. Remember Max? He Who Loves To Dig In The Sand? Right, that’s the one. Max wants to let you know- he doesn’t approve. Of ANYTHING. From Kaylynn H.

Eight Signs Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You

Kitteh owners- they may be sweet and cuddly–but this is stuff u NEED TO KNOW.


Flashback Friday

Bonus points if you recognize the hoomin in the photo.

Photo as seen on Pinterest.

We’re Quoting Mugumogo Precisely:

-Because they fit so well. Check the hovers for some Classic Mugu-isms™:

[I assembled fire engine-shaped corrugated cardboard.] [*Note: Buy ‘em HERE;, of course. -Ed.]




Andrew Y. saw ‘em here.


Friday Haiku: Name Game

IMGP5195This little frogster
Hopped up on Kitty’s finger
And he needs a name


“Found the tiniest of frogs on the patio. He has no name but open to suggestions!” -Kitty P.

Sad News To Report, People

cuteoberload2Martin “Marty” Mouse has passed away. Details here. RIP little buddy. Best ratty ever.

Holiday Windows Are Grumpier Than Ever

2013.12.02 141In the SF Bay Area? The San Francisco SPCA is once again teaming up with Macy’s for Holiday Windows, the annual event where adoptable cats and dogs are showcased in Macy’s windows in Union Square. This year the Windows will be unveiled by Grumpy Cat, who will be available for photo opportunities! It all starts tonight at 5pm. (PT.)

The 2013 Holiday Windows event was record breaking, both in terms of adoptions and donations. A total of 343 animals found new homes, and more than $100,000 was raised to support the SF SPCA’s year-round life saving programs and services! The 2014 Holiday Windows run tonight through January 4th…here’s a schedule.

2013.12.02 107

2013.12.02 134

2013.12.02 135

2013.12.02 138

If You Go™ + Deets:

*Addy: Corner of Stockton and O’Farrell. (Map.)
*Time: Unveiling ceremony at 5pm: GC at 6pm.
*On-site adoption costs: Adult cats – $50; Kittens – one or two for $125; Adult dogs – $100; Puppies – $250* (-50% for adopters who’ve attended one of the free Puppy Parent Orientation classes.)
*Live video streams will begin after the ceremony- see the bottom of this page.
* Wanna volunteer? Click it! (Or call 415-522-3523.)
* During the holidays, the SF SPCA will be waiving the adoption fees for all animals adopted at its permanent shelter locations in the Mission and Pacific Heights. Hours and locations are here.

*Holiday Windows photos by Rob Schroeder.

Meet Your Gobbling Guests Of Honor…

IMG_5543….at tomorrow morning’s fourth annual Heartland Farm Sanctuary “Thanksgiving For The Turkeys” in Madison, WI. They’re the GUESTS, NOT the main course- and YOU can join them! These Gobbler Guys get a Bountiful Thanksgiving Feast of cranberries, pumpkin pie, and stuffed squash.
(BTW, nice beak Nose up above, big guy.)

You’re also welcome to bring treats for the turkeys (and they promise to share with the other sanctuary critters!)

Your farm animal friends love apples, grapes, cooked or canned pumpkin, kale, zucchini and other dark leafy greens, yellow squash, broccoli, cauliflower, any kind of melon, bananas, and peanut butter! (IE, leave the Kentucky Fried Chicken at home, thanks.)

In the Madison area and interested in attending? (See the If You Go™ deets below.)


Thanks to Shelby D.; Photos by Sarah K. of Heartland Farm Sanctuary.

If You Go™:

*Date: Tomorrow! Saturday, November 22.
*Time: 10am check-in…..10:30am Turkey Feeding Ceremony…..11:30-1 Barn Tours. All times Central.
*Cost: $25/person w. personal turkey sponsorship; $15/person w/o sponsorship; $10/6 and under.
*Addy: 7713 Midtown Road, Verona, WI.


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