It’s Midnight, So We Gonna Let It All Hang Out

Who WOULDN’T wanna let it all hang out with this wee little lass?

“I got a very special gift for Easter. Her name’s Midnight and she’s still itty bitty at just 8 weeks old. She drove almost 800 miles to get to me and was a little tuckered out when she arrived. She wanted to say hi to everyone @ Cute Overload since we had such a nice weekend looking at all the cutez you shared for Easter.” -Susan T.

Look Deeply Into My Eyes

Gizzy’s idea of a blind date means giving an eye exam.

“Hi, Here’s a photo I took of my 2 Peachface Lovebird cuties – Gizzy & Momma. I think I interrupted their kiss! Hope you think they’re as fabulous as I do.” -Anna V.

Tea and No Sympathy

“… and then Leroy, that’s Gloria’s uncle’s cousin’s sister’s youngest (more tea?), well, he up and announces that he’s going to Tibet instead of technical college (how many sugars, sugar?), and I swear you could’ve heard a pin drop… Oh, but listen to me rattle on, I’m not boring you, am I?”


Esther, I’d Look Over Your Shoulder

Looks like SOMEone is getting ready to rumble.

“Shhh. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I believe I’m being stalked by a suburban porch lion. If I close my eyes, maybe I’ll elude capture.” -from Esther The Wonder Pig’s FB.

Pay Up, Casey

unnamedNormally, such a prolific NOSE shot as this would go into the Nosevember File (and there is such a thing..we’ll tag it as such anyway.) But- there are extenuating circumstances. A bet rides on this.

Let’s let Casey S. explain:

“I took a glamour shot of my cat Panza Kitty Baby Fur Fur Baby Kitten Kitten (that’s his full name.) I bet him a bag of catnip that this picture would make it onto Cute Overload. Don’t let me down!”

-Fork over the catnip, Panza Kitty Baby Fur Fur Baby Kitten Kitten wins. And just HOW do you get that entire name onto a little ID tag??

(PS- Panza told us “KONG Naturals Premium Catnip” works for him. Apparently, he’ll love you for it. Or something.)

Heavy Petting Is Encouraged

C.O. NYC Peeps!

There’s a temporary Cat Cafe opening up tomorrow (and only thru Sunday) with kittehs from the North Shore Animal League. All kittehs will be available for adoption. The location is here. Hours are from 10a – 7p.

Musta been some kinda media event today (thanks Zarina)- get the lowdown at The Gothamist.

(*Header sorta stolen appropriated from The Gothamist.)

Heeeeeey, It’s The Fozz*

Fozz, dude, U are in need of serious trim action. Can U even SEE the Golden Gate Bridge over there?



“I don’t know if Fozzy is up to snuff- [R U kidding? -Ed.] -but he would definitely appreciate the attention. Love the site!” -Aaron E.

[*I know U were going for a "Happy Days" 70s reference there..not quite sure you pulled it off, though. -Ed.]

1-2-3, “Awwwwwww.”

You’ve had a bad day:

1.) Boss yelled at you.

2.) They lost the dry cleaning.

3.) Then you get a speeding ticket ’cause you’re mad about 2.)

So you open the door, and see this!

(End of bad day.)


Ultimate Beady Eye Factor

Radar ears on alert.
Dangling paws.
Chubby lower legs leading to..
Teeny tiny pair of feet.

And oh yes, those beady little eyes boring a hole thru your very soul. Take THAT, Interwebs.

Via Reddit.

豚とパパ: The Peegs -N- Papa

“Buta to Otchan,” or “Pigs And Papa” is the title of a book by Toshiteru Yamaji. He spent several years taking these photos of a fellow named Otchan, who has 1,200 pigs at his farm in Marugame, a countryside city of Kagawa. Yamaji self-published the book and won the 13th Japan Self-Publishing Award Graphic Prize for it. You can find it on Amazon and Foil Tokyo. Way more photos here.

(Kinda reminds U of this story, no?)









From RocketNews24.