Chorkie Nosevember Action

sputnik-supercutenoseWell, well, well. We got Double Nosevember Dudes here, don’t we! (OK, a Dude and a Dude-ette.) Take ‘er away, Silke B.

“My Chorkie Sputnik made his Cute Overload debut in July, but since it’s Nosevember I have some new Nose-pics for you!” [Nose..picks? -Ed.]

“Sputnik just turned 8 and loves to sleep in. A few weeks ago he was woken up way too early by the neighbour’s kitten who was playing on our kitchen roof. On top of that his little lady Pushinka (below) couldn’t stop whining about the Kitteh. Poor Sputnik just wanted to get some sleep!” -Silke, Sputnik & Pushinka.


Ivan The Terrible, High Prince Of Moscow

Got two things goin’ on here of note. First and foremost, one of the best names for a puppeh…ever. Then of course, the devastating Side-Eye AKA Rule Of Cuteness #95.

“This is an update on my daughter’s Wiener Dog, Ivan the Terrible, High Prince of Moscow. (Yes, that is his real, legal, and full name.) This is a little beanie she knit him herself. She even caught him “Throwing off a little side-eye.” He is not a fan of his little hat, but it was just too Cute to not send it in before taking it off him!”- Michelle T.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Been a long week and I'm goin' to sleep. Right on this dinner plate. Git yer own.]
“My dog Mika taking a nap…on a plate.” -Lorna L.

Breaking Action Eyewitness News Alert Update Bulletin Thingy!

Police in Catburg have announced they have captured the notorious masked vandal, Pete McPup, suspected of leaving his mark all over town. In this photo, we see the Catburg SWHAP team closing in for the arrest.


New From Calvin Laboratories

In the wake of their success with transmogrification, scientists at Calvin Labs have triumphed again with the dog shrinking machine.

(Sigh,) No I DON’T Sell Insurance

[Why why WHY does everyone always ask me that???]


Awesome Shell, Dude!

Fascinating BBC video (plus fantastic bonus British accent narration) of the pecking order of Hermies waiting in an orderly line to get a new home. Thanks to Wendy M.

Flashback Friday: “Psst- U Know Where They Keep The Cheese?”

8(2)From, 1964. Credit: Walter Chandoha, National Geographic.

Friday Haiku 2: Snailio Iglesias

PicsArt_1414532921741Crawling up the glass
It is a wonderful tale
To be a small snail

“These are our pet baby garden snails. They love munching on lettuce at night and leaving squiggly slime all over their tank. The mini-shells pull at my heartstrings!” -Jessica F.

[*Distant relative to Tailio Iglesias. -Ed.]

What Cats Really See

Cats see things differently than the rest of us. And now we have the proof to back up that long-standing theory, c/o Cole and Marmalade!

From Neatorama.


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