Knox The Dox

The Cute Little Face and Floppy Ears pull ya in….and then the Little Duck Shoes finish ya off. BOOM. Done.


Forecast Calls For 100% Chance Of Griffey

Griffey The Weather Dog doesn’t CARE if the camera red light is on. He. Wants. To. Go. Out. NOW.

(Laughing Squid.)

Yep, Still Cold & Snowy Out There…

Happy Puppy in the snow Wallpapers HD 2560x1600…for a large part of the U.S. (In Ithaca, New York- they’re waving the white flag.) Check out this helpful article from the ASPCA (that’s where the images came from, we found ‘em on Mashable) on winter care for your animals.






Mom Taxi XLII: Park It Here, Guys

[Your mom wants to rest for a minute. Go play on the swings.]

From Anna C.

Happy (Late) Birthday, Tri$ha

unnamed[We just got this in on Sunday from Karly and Erik. Sorry we missed your BD, Tri$ha. -Ed.]

“We think it’s about time that you made Tri$ha’s acquaintance and helped to make her first birthday dreams come true by giving her a place in your esteemed palace of cute!
This little ball of fluff and love was born on Valentines Day and lives in Berlin Germany where she spends her days being photogenic, devouring underwear and making everyone around her fall at her feet with adoration.”

unnamed (1)
“She is a Japanese spitz who came all the way from Ireland to make us proud dog parents.”

unnamed (3)
“Being a modern lady, Tri$h also has a Facebook page that you can peruse at your leisure! I hope she makes you guys smile as much as she does to us!”

unnamed (2)

Headline THIS: “Mothership, Commence Laser Targeting Sequence On My Mark…”

unnamed(*Update, 1:05pm PT: Thanks to Kathy_A!)

Look of Disapproval, Impending Doom, there are so many tags to put on this one. But what about a headline? Write yours in the comments section and we’ll update the headline with our fave around 1pm PT. “This is Ripley. She had an op to remove a reoccurring lump from her one of her teats. Thankfully, it came back negative :) for cancer. Suffice to say, she hates the cone, but deep down I’m sure she knows it’s all for the best. One more week and it’s removed!” -Ellie K.

The Zen Of The Capybara III

There’s no sound to this one, but that hardly matters. “My face hurts from watching this,” writes Karen F.

*The Zen Of The Capybara.

*Return To…Zen Of The Capybara.

Geno & Friends

4Why have one cute critter per post, when we can just as easily squeeze three in there? Let’s do it! “Hi there! This is my boyfriend’s adorable new kitteh, Geno,” says Jessica G.

“Here is Geno with his kitteh brother Sid and his doggy sister Jasmine.”

“Prepare to explode from cuteness.”


“But then…the poop *moved*!”

2015-02-16 14.28.51We get emails….and then we get emails.

Like this one from The Mad Cat Lady.

“Look at this little guy!!! OMG! I was walking down the street and first thought it was a bit of doggie poop, but then the poop *moved*! And on closer inspection the poop turned out to have ‘eyes’ and…wasn´t poop at all!”

2015-02-16 14.27.35
“(For the scientifically minded, this is the caterpillar of the rather large (palm-sized, eek!) Tersa Sphinx Moth.)”

2015-02-16 14.27.38

Fat Cat Tuesday Toesday

lNIWZEvery year, we run a photo of Maru for the Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration in New Orleans. Just a coincidence.


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