Bunday: Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands Paws!

REMEMBER the old saying: Cleanliness is next to Godliness! And, er, Bunliness. (Is that a word? If not—it should be!)

Bunday Morning Comix

2015-04-22-PromisesFrom The Adventures of Business Cat.

Wah Wah With Binky

20150614_202036“Hello! I was just reading your Toesday post about the cat in the crib. I realized I actually had a picture of a Wah Wah with a binky! This is Mac, and you should know that he found the binky all by himself. This is not a hoomin-organized situation. Mac is accompanied by his brother-in-law, Kevin, and the photo was taken by his sister, Allyson.” -Shannon S.

I’ll Work Out….Tomorrow

As the hot weather drags on throughout many parts of the world- you might find yourself just a BIT unmotivated to get up off the couch for a little exercise. Timo understands, and is here to help!


It’s Caturday night and there’s not a Cat in sight. What’s not to love? Order up a pizza on the speed dial, and punch up some Netflix action!


First photo and second photo from Imgur.


A mighty little pound of fluff gets his bark on. With authority.

C.O. Backyard Decorating Tips

A hummingbird feeder can be a wonderful addition to any backyard. The ability to feed and observe one of Nature’s most amazing creatures can bring tranquility to any summer afternoon. However, if the feeder is not properly located, it can attract unwanted insects, such as the horse-fly.


Via Reddit.

Caturday: “You..WANT…To Get Wet???”

IMG_0548“Gizmo (previously featured on Valentine’s Day) is shocked! Shocked and appalled at my habit of immersing myself entirely in water for cleansing purposes. He does not approve. Not even a little bit.” -Molly D.

If You See the Cabana Boy, I’d Like an Ouzo

Meet Argyro, a Mediterranean monk seal who’s made herself right at home on the beach at Samos Island in Greece. According to Reddit and this article (which is Greek to us), Argyro crawled up one day and flopped into a beach chair, which has now been, ahem, sealed off just for her use.


Caturday: Play With This For Me, K?

[I don’t mean play with it WITH ME. Play with this FOR me. I’ll just watch you, ’cause I can’t be bothered. OK? Get to work, ’cause this is REALLY tiring.]

“Hi Cute Overload! Thought you might enjoy a little Gilbert (the Crocodile Resqte) on this lazy Caturday morning.” -Cheryl C.


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