National Puppeh Day Is Today!

That’s what they tell us! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a……gang of GOLDIES! Who’s WITH me?? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.

NEW MARU (And Hana) Starring In….

…”Maru&Hana10.” Mugumogu doesn’t spend a lot of time on the video titles, but she DOES know how to capture the fun of these two nut jobs. And she does know how to keep a clean house.

Headline THIS: Labradorable

[*Update 4:37p PT: Sorry for the late update here. Life got in the way. Doug’s “Will Smile For Bacon” was good, but Rhonda B. is right- “Labradorable” is tops. First time I’ve won. -B.]

Scroll down to the comments and leave your best headline- we’ll update about 1pm PT! WHO’s the happiest doggeh? WHO is? YOU are!! #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.


Rats, It’s Monday In London

noodles“Please consider my Sweet Baboo, Noodles, for your next ‘Rats, It’s Monday.’ This photo was taken when he was enjoying a lovely stay at Crumpets Animal boarding in London. Many thanks, Liezl R.”

Lights Out, Little One

And…..that’s a wrap for another week of The Cute here at Cute Overload. Lots of fun stuff ahead on Rats, It’s Monday, like a NEW Maru & Hana, a new Headline THIS!, and..tomorrow is National Puppeh Day! As you prepare to hit the hay, take a minute :46 seconds to watch this Lil’ Furball do the very same thing.

When Pandas Photobomb!!

Smiling panda[PSSST! Hey, kid! Is that a friend of mine you got there on your lap? Tell him to stop by when you’re done wit’ him, K? ’bout some shootin’ some bamboo my way?] (Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

I Want That I Want That I Want That

[Slowly I creep forward……closer…closer…AND….SCORE. THANK YOU. Slowly I creep back…slowly…slowly…]


Bunday BFFs

[Move OVER Cat, I wanna snuggle. Or is it…SNORGLE. Whatever.]

Seen here by Andrew Y.

Got Fish?

[Oh, Rachel! You DO! Mind if I just, ooomph, er, OOOMPH! Get up here and…ahhh. Whew, I could stand to lose a few. OK. All set. Fork it over.]


Bunday: You Say “To-MAY-Toe”…

picdump-1327-21…and I say “To-Mah-Toe.” (DP&F.)


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