Yolanda Needs Some Love For Little Diego

photo“I am submitting my poor little Diego. He lost a nail and had to wear this bandage. He gave me this pathetic look all the way home. I love your site and have been a fan since the beginning. Keep up the cute!!! -Yolanda M.

Manny Is Obviously Very Stressed

Mannyupsidedown“Here are a few pics of Manny, who’s the World’s Most Followed French Bulldog on social media!” -Amber C. [If that's the case, he gets his own tag. -Ed.]



It’s the FTD Puppy Bouquet!

Are you in the doghouse with your spouse? Say “I’m sorry” with the FTD Fall Puptacular arrangement, including a gorgeous arrangement of rich fall colors, coffee mug, and a puppy. Yeah, that should about do it.


Via Chris on Flickr.

Heffalumps LOVE Rump Day!

10058579485_496a523f1e_oOur mid-week ‘Tock Celebration is c/o Cuteporter Nicole E. “Here you go! He’s from Chiang Mai, Thailand!”

Simon’s Cat: Hot Water

Simon’s in the shower, so he can’t keep an eye on his cat. And that’s where the trouble begins.

You Can DO It, Trinket!

Trinket the Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppeh decides to tackle those pesky stairs once and for all.

(Please note the Awesome Stumpers.)

Source: Corgi puppy conquers stairs for first time by palakal on Rumble.com

Barknado! The Only Way To Stop It….Is To Adopt It!

In the previous post, we showed you about Maymo battling an inflatable shark- now we take the dog/shark craziness concept one step further.


Learn more about how you can help the ASPCA here!

Maymo Is Ready For Sharknado 2: The Second One

The sequel to the fluky 2013 hit debuts tonight on the SyFy channel. And it appears that Maymo’s inflatable shark won’t be making an appearance in the inevitable Sharknado 3.

And of course, if Sharks aren’t your speed, remember this from last summer?


Hey Munkster, Wanna Go To Timmy’s?

“What best encapsulates Canada? Why a chipmunk drinking Tim Horton’s on a Muskoka chair at the cottage dock of course! We named him Rumpelstiltskin and by the end of our one week stay he was eating almonds out of our hands. Cheers and thanks for the adorable and hard work!” -Alissa.

photo 2

photo 3

OK, We’ll Watch “Lassie.” Again.

LAURA S[But next time, it's the Lion King, OK?] From Laura S., who also submitted this photo of dog Peppo and new cat Marcino for the 2016 C.O. Calendar. You can do it, too!