Lights Out

We say goodnight to all our peeps here at C.O., with a promise we’ll be back for more tomorrow morning- Rats, It’s Monday! (Already.) We get a new video from Bikke The Maniac ‘Munk, Headline THIS!, and…..we find out how Mugumogu keeps her floors clean!


Now- you’re feeling verrrry sleeeepy. Or sleppy, as the case may be.

(From The Squid.)

Henry The Griffon

On this Bunday Evening, please welcome Henry, just the second Griffon EVER on C.O. Looks like he’s got some ouch on his paw there. Feel better soon, G-Man!


From Zosia D.

Newborn Bebeh Blorp

They’re so wrinkled and squashed together, sorta like a bigger Shar-Pei, right? And let’s NOT forget about those Prosh Eye Capsules (Eye capsules are cute.) Anyway, this little dude was born this week at the San Diego Zoo, and he’s ALL THAT.

Spotted on The Boingster.

Seven Adorable Puppeh Facts

Or, as we say here at C.O.: “Totes Adorbs.”

NEXT Time We Play “Fetch”…

[Can we PLEASE use a smaller stick?] (Boing Boing.)

Going Shopping With A Small Puppeh?

Gonna need a small cart.


A What? An….Ezo Momonga?

Well, of course it is. Classic Big J Action, naturally. The Bored Panda article says that these little crazies (sorta a Flying Sqwerl) can only be found on the island of Hokkaido. Which works for me.









Photos originally by Pop Shiretoko-san.

Bunday Morning Request

This bunny makes me smile on a daily basis. - Imgur[Would you mind fixing me carrots for breakfast and bringing it to me here in bed? I’m just too comfy to move. Pllllllease? Thank-you.] (Reddit.)

Bunday Morning Comix

2014-01-07-Business-CatBy Tom Fonder/Rachael Robins as seen on Neatorama.

Sometimes It’s All In How U Look At It

Obviously, this Derpy Doggeh’s photo should be flipped around- but this is the way DP&F ran it, and we like it this way, too!



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