And The Award For Best Synchronized Nomming Goes TO…

….Guinea Pigsters Rufus (Grey Rex) and Stanley (Brown Crested)! [*Note: Speakers UP for the Crunching and Snorting. -Ed.]

From Su-May.

Whatta Little SHRIMP U Are!

image (2)“This is our Quaker Parrot, Shrimp! She is absolutely the greatest pet ever,” says Sender-Inner Natalie.

image (3)
“She loves to be on our shoulder as often as possible, enjoys road trips, raisins and peanuts, playing with her toys and giving lots of kisses and snuggles.”

image (1)
“She loves everyone and is just starting to talk!”

image (4)
“She is very tech savvy.”

image (5)
“Always wanting to sit on the iPhone or iPad and boss us around.”

image (6)

UK ‘Paca Action!

DSCF1339[We simply don't have enough Alpacas on Cute Overload. Can someone look into this astonishingly inept performance? -Ed.]

“Attached are a few photos of Alpaca that I hope you will consider posting,” reports Krista K.

“My boyfriend and I ran across an Alpaca Farm on the moors of Devon when I was visiting his childhood home in the UK. The Cutest of them all was this Bebeh Alpaca (above) poking his nose through the fence to get a better look at us. In the photo below, this guy gave us an especially inquisitive look; the way he (or she) had that grass positioned in his (or her) mouth reminded me of a scrutinizing, old farmer chewing on a piece of straw.”

Alpaca on the Moors

Move OVER, Yer Crowdin’ Me, Ivy!

tux8“Jennifer W. sent us the following email (and the great photos, natch:) “These are my adorable ResQte tuxedo twins Ivy and Jackson. They were feral orphans rescued from the street when they were a few months old. Since they missed the short window for socialization as babies, they remained semi-feral and terrified of humans when I met them a few months later as a new volunteer at their shelter. I managed to draw them out of hiding to play with the toys I brought with me, and slowly they started to trust me.”

“Soon I had fallen in love with these timid sweethearts and knew I had to adopt them. They have settled in beautifully, spending their days playing, snoozing, snuggling, and bird-watching. This brother-sister duo is the best of friends! I would be thrilled if you shared them on Cute Overload!”


Toesday Avec Un Teeny Blanc Kitteh

[Since the YT video has French captions, went for the French header here, yo. -Ed.]

Watch this great video featuring a VERY teeny kitteh and his totally enslaved hoomin. Close-up Toebean Flash commencing at :39.

From Lisa J and her iPad via Love Meow.

U Must Have Speakers Up For This One. Maybe.

You’re either gonna love the crazed music that goes along with this, or you’ll tear your hair out hit the MUTE button awful quick. Seems just bizarre enough to come from The Big J, bit this is a Frîncu Mihai special. (And as I suspected- that’s Parry Gripp on the soundtrack.)

Dateline: Lamu, Kenya!

Peeps, this is THE VERY TEXTBOOK definition of the term “BFF.” You will LOFF this one.

Submitted by Anonymous.

♬ Jump JUMP For My Loff ♫

“…..Eef you don’t take my hairballs in the night then jump JUMP for my loff!”








From Neatorama and Bored Panda.

Another Day, Another Cat Café

Update: Last Saturday, we told ya about Chat L’Heureux, a new Cat Café that was due to open soon in Montreal. We just got a tweet from them, and they report “We will announce the opening date in the coming days. Actually, we are in pre-opening!”

And today, we know of another Cat Café open- predictably, in The Big J. So let’s go 6455.8 miles and see what’s what. Here’s a map and man, it was TOUGH to find.

It’s called Cat Café Monta. Fair enough.

Looks like your standard surgically clean Tokyo Cat Café.

At this point let’s thank Andrew Y. for the RN24 find.

Quoting RN, “Customers can stop by for as little as 10 minutes, for which the charge on weekdays is 200 Yen…..”

“A full hour on a weekday will cost you 1,000Y.”

“You can get a full-day pass for 2,000 yen (3,000 on weekdays.”)

A full day pass. Works for me. Now I just need to convince our family CFO my wife to spend the money for two airfares.

Wait- it’s a business expense! We can write it off.

Gotta try and sneak this by Meg on the monthly expense report.

If You Go™: (again, bows East towards The Great RocketNews 24:)

Cat Café Monta / ネコカフェ MONTA
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Hanakawado 1-5-2, Satellite Fuji Building 8th floor
東京都台東区花川戸1-5-2 サテライトフジビル8F
Open 11a-8p.


This Video Rated ***** Five Ribbits

What do a bunch of Frogsters do for entertainment? Oh, just punch up a WORM VIDEO on their smartphone. Ribbit.

The Squid.


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